Washboard Chocolate Bar / Tableta de Chocolate

La versión español está después de la versión inglés.

WE WERE BACK last night at Santorini, our favorite Greek restaurant here in Fuengirola. And we had the pleasure once again of being served by both Antonio and Jad. You may remember Jad as the magician who charmed us the last time we were there (click here). Well, he charmed us again. And, of course, the food was exceptional. As usual, we had dolmades (stuffed grape leaves) to start. And, as usual, I was so excited to eat them that I forgot to take a picture. They were beautiful! So was my chicken souvlaki (which I did remember to photograph).

Jad couldn’t think of a new magic trick to perform, so he instead decided to scare the crap out of San Geraldo.

JAD GAVE US A Spanish lesson. He pulled up his shirt to proudly display his midsection (but I wasn’t allowed to take a picture!). He taught us that the Spanish term for washboard abs is “tableta de chocolate” (chocolate bar). He commented that his “chocolate bar” had melted in the Costa del Sol sun.


VOLVIMOS A NOCHE en Santorini, nuestro restaurante griego favorito aquí en Fuengirola. Y una vez más tuvimos el placer de ser atendidos tanto por Antonio y Jad. Puede recordar a Jad como el mago que nos encantó la última vez que estuvimos allí (haz clic aquí). Bueno, nos encantó de nuevo. Y, por supuesto, la comida era excepcional. Como de costumbre, teníamos dolmades (hojas de uva rellenas) para comenzar. Y, como de costumbre, yo estaba tan emocionada de comerlos que olvidé tomar una foto. ¡Eran hermosos! Así fue mi souvlaki de pollo (que recordé fotografiar).

Jad no pudo pensar en un nuevo truco de magia que realizar, por lo que decidió asustar a San Geraldo.

JAD NOS DIO UNA lección de español. Se levantó la camisa para mostrar con orgullo su sección en medi0 (¡pero no se me permitió tomar una foto!) y expliqué que es una tableta de chocolate. En inglés, “tableta de chocolate” significa “washboard abs” (abdominales de tabla de lavar). Él comentó que su tableta de chocolate se había derretido en el sol de la Costa del Sol.

And here I am doing my version of “Most Muscular,” the bodybuilding pose that shows off my chocolate bar.

Y aquí soy yo haciendo la pose de culturismo que muestra mi tableta de chocolate.

The First Cut Is The Deepest

I had a little accident Friday morning while getting ready to face the world.

My beard was in serious need of a trim. We were meeting old friends Steve and Hector for dinner in Málaga and I had to look my best.

So, after breakfast and before my shower, I pulled out my trusty beard trimmer, set the blade height, and took a first broad upward swipe just right of center — from chin to the corner of my mustache.

Important Reminder: 
Always double-check the trimmer settings before using your beard trimmer.

Instead of neatening the uneven growth, I created a trail of bald. Oops!

Not one to cry over spilt milk (usually), I figured I could just leave the soul patch and mustache. But after trying that, I decided it wasn’t a good look for me. Nor, I decided, was a lonely mustache.

So, I buzzed it all off to stubble.

Unlike the hair on top of my head, the hair on my face still grows back.

P.S.: Selfies always make my nose look enormous! (Or maybe I just never realized it really is enormous.)