Lights, Camera… And Inaction

Here are a couple more photos along with video of the show we caught in Plaza de San Francisco the other night. For filming, I stood on a cast-iron “plug” (I have no idea what those things are called that separate the cars from the pedestrians) and I nearly fell off a few times, as you will clearly see at a few key moments. The rest of the time, I was fairly stable.

As for the “Inaction” in the blog title, that refers to our continued lack of hot water and repairs in our apartment. I’ve already submitted our first set of expenses to the building manager, and there are plenty more to come. We appear to have a permanently assigned room at the hotel Espacio Azahar.

The first video below is 10 minutes long and is what I captured on camera the first night when San Geraldo and I stumbled onto the show. We went back Friday night with our nephew Matt and his wife Lindy who just arrived for a visit. So the second video is the final two minutes of the show (which I didn’t capture the first time around). You can enjoy both if you have time or just watch the final two minutes when the Three Kings arrive (and the building looks like a shape-shifter).

Author: Moving with Mitchell

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26 thoughts on “Lights, Camera… And Inaction”

  1. That would have been mind-blowing to see it 'live'! Thanks so much for sharing it here Mitch. I totally enjoyed it and was taken away!!
    Yes, you know what an incredible experience you are having there in Sevilla! Always something for the citizens to see and do.

  2. The show was absolutely magical! Thank you for sharing it. I saw a video of something similar projected onto Harrods in London once but it was no where near as beautiful and spectacular.

    So how are the two cats doing amidst all the household turmoil?

    1. Ms. Sparrow:
      The cats are doing fine right now, since no repair people have been here for days. Hopefully, for our sakes not the cats', their lives will be more disrupted this-coming week.

  3. It's absolutely AMAZING! I have only watched the shorter one so far, but it's incredible! I'm so happy for you two that you ran across it.

    As for the water situation… amazing as well… in such a less good way 🙁

    1. Judeet:
      I've gotten so good at heating hot water (cooking?) for quick washing up every day. Sure am grateful to have the hotel room nearby. The situation is ridiculous, but at least we've got a roof over our heads.

  4. Spectacular! Not only a celebration of classics but of new inventions too. And a great way of using the facade of city hall, and it's "clock work".

  5. That was amazing! I want to come and visit,soon.

    Hope you get the hot water situation resolved this week.

  6. O~~M~~G……Mitch this blew my mind (lol)….I can't believe what I just saw! You really have opened my mind up to something I know I'd never ever have a chance to see!

    Many Thanks!

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