I Hope You Dance

There will be no whining in this post. It’s been a week of ups … and downs. And there’s really no telling what will make me feel “up” and what will make me feel “down.” But, that’s OK; there are ups. I took a 3-hour walk Saturday along the beach and paseo and then up to the castle to enjoy the view. As I passed the port, I came upon a group of locals singing and dancing. Because they felt like it.

(Click any image to get your fill.)


It was a heartwarming and heartbreaking walk. That’s just the way my brain chemistry works right now. It will settle back down soon, I’m sure.

Still, I’m grateful. And my walk, and my ups and downs, and my gratitude despite it all, made me think of a particular friend I call “the tattooed lady,” (although I don’t think she really has many tattoos).  So this is dedicated to the tattooed lady and to all of you who sometimes fear those mountains in the distance.

When you get the choice to sit it out or dance…

Author: Moving with Mitchell

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