Middleton One Row

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I RECEIVED THE below photo at left from my sister, Dale, in 1972. It was sent from Darlington, South Yorkshire, England, where she was living with her new husband. With the photo was a letter telling me she was pregnant. Three months later I was there for a visit and we went together to the same spot. What memories a photo can illicit.

The place is called Middleton One Row. I thought at the time that it was the name of the street across from the river and hillside. I just learned, after nearly 47 years, that Middleton One Row is the name of the village, which is near the city of Darlington. In Medieval times, villages normally had houses on facing sides of the village green. Because this village drops off immediately to the River Tees on the south, it only had one row of houses (as seen in the postcard at top). Hence, Middleton ONE ROW. Fascinating, huh?

RECIBÍ LA FOTO de abajo a la izaquierda de mi hermana, Dale, en 1972. Fue enviada desde Darlington, South Yorkshire, Inglaterra, donde vivía con su nuevo marido. Con la foto había una carta que me decía que estaba embarazada. Tres meses después, estuve de visita y fuimos juntos al mismo lugar. Qué recuerdos puede sacar una foto ilícita.

El lugar se llama Middleton One Row [que significa Middleton Una Fila]. En ese momento pensé que era el nombre de la calle frente al río y la ladera. Acabo de enterarme, después de casi 47 años, que Middleton One Row es el nombre del pueblo, que está cerca de la ciudad de Darlington. En la época medieval, los pueblos normalmente tenían casas en los lados de la plaza del pueblo. Debido a que esta aldea cae inmediatamente al Río Tees en el sur, solo tenía una fila de casas (como se muestra en la tarjeta postal en la parte superior). Por lo tanto, Middleton ONE ROW. Fascinante, ¿no?

Author: Moving with Mitchell

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24 thoughts on “Middleton One Row”

    1. Deedles:
      We really did look a lot a like. I had a friend from college who stopped by one spring break when i wasn’t home. She met Dale and told all our mutual friends about her. Paraphrasing: “They look so much alike. It’s unbelievable. But she’s perfectly built and not skinny. And their eyes are the same except hers are bigger and more beautiful. And her hair is much nicer. And they have the same shape face, but hers is more perfect and her nose is more delicate. She’s like a beautiful version of him.” (i.e., what I would have looked like if things had come out correctly!!!)

  1. Happy times………so fortunate you have these to help get you through the loss.
    And interesting ‘history lesson’, Teach!!! Missed your calling.

    1. Jim:
      I’m kind of embarrassed it took me all this time to look up Middleton One Row and learn about it. I’ve never forgotten the place. It was so peaceful to just sit on the riverbank and talk with Dale. I also would go there alone and write.

  2. 19 and not pregnant? Shouldn’t you been in DC wearing a red hat while mocking Native Americans on your mission trip to hate women.

    1. David:
      My hair had been getting shorter that year. It was past my shoulders when Dale got married. A year later, I lopped it all off (not like now… there’s was still plenty of flopping hair on top of my head).

    1. Debra:
      That’s what they say about Americans, too. Have you ever been to Flushing in Queens, NY? Or Ozone Park? And of course there’s always Blue Balls, Intercourse, and Bird In Hand, Pennsylvania. AND… Chili, NY, outside Rochester, is pronounced Chai-Lie! Bergen is Burgeon! Uh oh, see what you started?!?

  3. Always very practical the English in naming their villages/towns… though I must admit that Upswich always puzzled me… just saying…

      1. It was not to be confused with Downswich, Onswich or Offswich. I shouldn’t try and make with the wordplay late at night.

      2. Willym:
        I might have gotten it had you started with Onswich and Offswich. I love that!

  4. Oh, I don’t think I ever saw this post about Dale, and Middleton One Row. I was looking back in the archives to see what King Day photos you had that I could share with mis estudiantes, and stumbled upon it :).

    1. Judy:
      Sorry I didn’t have any more good Three Kings photos this year. It’s basically Disney on Parade here in Fuengirola! Did you find what you needed?

  5. Hi! Just stumbled upon this post.. I am currently researching information about Middleton One Row as I have just moved to the village! How humbling it is to know how many lovely memories people hold in their hearts from here. We are so happy here and feel like we never want to move! Sending huge love to you from MOR xx

    1. Maria:
      Thanks so much for your note. What a beautiful place to live. That was such a long time ago for me, but I can picture it clearly. My sister loved to go to enjoy the peace and beauty. I spent 5 weeks with her and we went together regularly. We just sat on that hillside and talked. That photo of her has sat on my desk ever since. Enjoy your life there!

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