One Night Stand / Aventura de Una Noche

La versión español está después de la versión inglés.

I KNOW WHAT you’re thinking, but I didn’t say a one-night stand. I said one night stand. No hyphen. Different meaning. Punctuation is important. Although nightstand is really one word — but that would have screwed up my joke.

It all started when San Geraldo said he wanted to sleep with me. Well, come to think of it, it DID all start that way. But that was more than 38 years ago. This time around, he said he wanted to get rid of his bed and turn his room into an office instead of an office/bedroom. We could then, he said, replace the big bed in the master bedroom with new beds like the ones we had in the hotels in Norway (side by side, but separate and with separate bed covers so we didn’t disturb each other).

We got the new beds and we’re blissfully back to sleeping together after years of mostly sleeping separately. We then bought a new sofa bed for the living room (a sofa/chaise combo), which gives us an extra bed if we should need it — like when someone snores too much or turns the heat up too high or someone else kicks or swings out in the wrong direction or someone, any someone, isn’t feeling well.

Our friend Pedro disassembled the very nice trundle bed that had been in SG’s office and took it to their house. And now SG is slowly rearranging and organizing his more spacious office — so he can quickly make a mess again.

We’ve had two different dining room tables since our move to Spain in 2011. After using the second one twice in our first two years in Fuengirola, we decided to get rid of it and buy a piano (the second dining table of glass and chrome is now my very large desk). Since I don’t play and San Geraldo (who DOES play) only used the piano for a year before getting bored, we thought we’d sell the piano and buy a new dining room table and chairs for those rare times we actually feel like hosting. So, that and a new comfy chair for the living room are still in the works. The cats are adjusting well to our sleeping arrangement. But they’re a bit bent out of shape at the disappearance of their day bed and their chairs and sofa.

I BOUGHT A SMALL, FUNKY cabinet a while back in Sevilla that now works perfectly as a night table. But I’ve yet to find another one like it, except online. I found a perfect complement in town for 500 euros. But I thought that was kind of steep for a one-night stand.


SÉ LO QUE estás pensando, pero no realmente dije (en inglés) una aventura de una noche. One-night Stand significa una Aventura de Una Noche. Pero, One Night Stand, sin guión, significa Una Mesita de Noche. La puntuación es importante. Aunque mesita de noche es realmente una palabra en inglés (nightstand), eso habría arruinado mi broma.

Todo comenzó cuando San Geraldo dijo que quería acostarse conmigo. Bueno, ahora que lo pienso, todo comenzó literalmente así. Pero eso fue hace más de 38 años. Esta vez, dijo que quería deshacerse de su cama y convertir su dormitorio en una oficina en lugar de una oficina/dormitorio. Entonces podríamos, dijo, reemplazar la cama grande en el dormitorio principal con camas nuevas como las que teníamos en los hoteles en Noruega (una al lado de la otra, pero separadas y con sábanas separadas para que no nos molestemos).

Tenemos las camas nuevas y estamos felices de volver a dormir juntos después de años de dormir en su mayoría por separado. Luego compramos un nuevo sofá cama para la sala de estar (una combinación de sofá/chaise), que nos da una cama adicional si la necesitamos — como cuando alguien ronca demasiado o sube la temperatura demasiado alto o alguien más patea o balancea fuera en la dirección equivocada o alguien, alguien, no se siente bien.

Nuestro amigo Pedro desarmó la muy bonita cama nido que había estado en la oficina de SG y la llevó a su casa. Y ahora SG está reorganizando y organizando lentamente su oficina más espaciosa, para que pueda volver a hacer un desastre rápidamente.

Hemos tenido dos mesas de comedor diferentes desde que nos mudamos a España en 2011. Después de usar la segunda dos veces en dos años, decidimos deshacernos de ella y comprar un piano (la segunda mesa de vidrio y cromo ahora es mi escritorio muy amplio). Como yo no toco y San Geraldo (que toca) solo usó el piano durante un año antes de aburrirnos, pensamos que venderíamos el piano y compraríamos una nueva mesa y sillas de comedor para esos raros momentos en los que realmente sentimos organizando una cena. Entonces, eso y una nueva silla cómoda para la sala de estar todavía están en proceso. Los gatos se están adaptando bien a nuestra disposición para dormir. Pero están un poco deformados por la desaparición de su cama de día y sus sillas y sofá.

COMPRÉ UNA CAJONERA PEQUEÑA Y moderna en Sevilla hace un tiempo que ahora funciona perfectamente como una mesita de noche. Pero todavía tengo que encontrar otra similar, excepto en línea, por lo que es posible que tenga que pedir una. Encontré un complemento perfecto aquí en Fuengirola por 500 euros. Pero pensé que era un poco caro para una aventura de una noche.


Our one nightstand.
Nuestra una mesita de noche.

Author: Moving with Mitchell

From Brooklyn, New York; to North Massapequa; back to Brooklyn; Brockport, New York; back to Brooklyn... To Boston, Massachusetts, where I met Jerry... To Marina del Rey, California; Washington, DC; New Haven and Guilford, Connecticut; San Diego, San Francisco, Palm Springs, and Santa Barbara, California; Las Vegas, Nevada; Irvine, California; Sevilla, Spain. And Fuengirola, Málaga..

23 thoughts on “One Night Stand / Aventura de Una Noche”

    1. How nice that you have to come all the way to my hometown to find out that you could sleep in the same room again 😀 🥰

    2. Anne Marie,
      They love the new chaise and the shared bedroom. But Moose is really ticked off there’s no longer a bed in SG’s office. Something will be adapted for him.

  1. How nice that you have to come to Norway (Sortland) to find out that you could sleep in the same room again 😀🥰

  2. Anonymous my… 🙄 Do not know why it came up like that, but I’m sure you know that it’s me, your cousin Elin that’s posting this 😋😋😀

    1. Judy,
      I’m trying to be patient but I really want to get everything done now. (That way we can redo it all a lot sooner.)

    1. Debra,
      Thanks. I like be change. So if we can’t move every 2 years like we used to, at least we can redo the place… again and again. I’d be out shopping right now but 2 days of it has SG burned out.

  3. Pretty nightstand, and the boys are killing me. Carlos and I share a bed, but there is an issue with covers and pulling them off me, but I believe that’s mostly the cats!

    1. Bob,
      SG has a top sheet and comforter (or three). I have a top sheet at most, but that would always get tugged off me. And the comforters would spread over and suffocate me. This is so much better.

  4. I never have had matching nightstands. I like mix and match ones that fit what you need.
    Your home is lovely and the best part is the wonderful kitties !

    1. Parsnip,
      We’ve had matching nightstands only a few times… which made me stop and think how many times we’ve changed our bedroom furniture over the years!

    1. Urspo,
      Exactly. We wouldn’t want to be misunderstood when we’re looking for a one-night stand

    1. Walt the Fourth,
      And now more shopping to do! The table is presenting challenges. We know what we’d like. I found some. My favorite is €14,000. I didn’t bookmark it.

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