An Odd Ungulate and Sand Scorpions / Un Ungulado Impar y Escorpiones de Arena

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IT WAS JUST another day at the beach here in Fuengirola. My favorite local sand sculptor, Paul Blane, still has his nativity scene on display (click here). But another local sand sculptor, Ivo, has a couple of other things going on that I haven’t yet shared.

Ivo’s latest is a rhinoceros, an odd-toed ungulate (taxonomic order Perissodactyla). Rhinos, like zebras, have an uneven number of toes and support almost all their weight on only one toe. I can’t believe I’ve lived this long without knowing that. I couldn’t confirm that Ivo’s rhino was digitally correct; he’s lying down. This may be the first sand rhino I’ve ever seen.

Further along the beach, I saw that Ivo is still maintaining the five Sand Scorpions he created months ago. They come with their own music. When I took my picture, they were ‘performing’ “Take me to the magic of the moment… where the children of tomorrow dream away.” Timely.


FUE SOLO OTRO día en la playa aquí en Fuengirola. Mi escultor de arena local favorito, Paul Blane, todavía tiene su belén (haz clic aquí)en exhibición. Pero otro escultor de arena local, Ivo, tiene un par de cosas más que todavía no he compartido.

El último de Ivo es un rinoceronte, un perisodáctilo. Ellos, como las cebras, tienen un dedo central más desarrollado en cada pata, que les sirve de apoyo principal, y dos dedos menores a los lados. Son mamíferos ungulados que se caracterizan por la posesión de extremidades con un número impar de dedos terminados en pezuñas, y con el dedo central, que sirve de apoyo, más desarrollado que los demás. No puedo creer que haya vivido tanto tiempo sin saberlo. No pude confirmar que el rinoceronte de Ivo fuera digitalmente correcto; él está acostado Este puede ser el primer rinoceronte de arena que he visto.

Más adelante en la playa, vi que Ivo todavía mantiene los cinco Escorpiones de Arena que creó hace unos meses. Vienen con su propia música. Cuando hice mi foto, estaban ‘actuando’ “Llévame a la magia del momento … donde los niños del mañana sueñan”. Oportuno.


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15 thoughts on “An Odd Ungulate and Sand Scorpions / Un Ungulado Impar y Escorpiones de Arena”

  1. How can you tell it’s a he? It’s laying down so you can’t see whether it has a digit or not 🙂

    1. Deedles,
      Sorry. I should have said “it.” However, I hope that’s not the digit “he” stands on! Anyway, I’d call that an extremity … or his unit.

  2. The Rhino is magic. As for the Scorpions, I was not expecting the group, always one of my favorite. You’d really have to know the band thought to recognize them lol. His own tribute.

    1. Cheapchick,
      Ivo is great with animals. Not great with portraits, which he seems to prefer. He works diligently from photos and I rarely see any similarities. But it’s entertaining.

    1. Susan,
      They were around a long, long time. Hard rock, heavy metal, which was only rarely my taste. But they did some very powerful ballads. A strange thing to see on the beach here.

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