One More Day / Un Día Más

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OK, THE TITLE should really be “Two Months More,” but no one wrote that song. Monday afternoon, I was back at the orthodontist for my monthly appointment. I got my first set of Invisalign braces in October 2016. I was told the entire course would last between 18 and 20 months. Now, 39 months later, I’ve been told I have just two months to go. I guess that was 18 to 20, more or less.

At least I no longer have the sets of plastic braces to remove every time I want to eat or drink something. When the orthodontist attached this one final wire to six of my bottom teeth two months ago, she told me I would have it for two or three months, which I figured meant six. I don’t like her math(s) skills but I finally understand. Besides, I love how my teeth look. Also, the price was fixed. So I haven’t paid a single centimo in 19 months.

San Geraldo usually drives me over and I walk home. It’s only about 3.5 km (2+ miles), but the entire staff was very concerned this time because I didn’t have a hat, hood, or gloves for protection and it was extremely cold outside. I assured them I’d be OK and would even stop and buy a hat if I found the weather too harsh. I toughed it out, though, and arrived home without frostbite — in the 15C (59F) chill. Oddly, my ears were cold by the time I got home.

Tuesday morning I woke with the crag martins to another dramatic winter sunrise on the Alboran Sea, our part of the Mediterranean Sea. One more dawn.

Go ahead. Click the images and watch the sunrise with me.


OK, EL TÍTULO realmente debería ser “Dos Meses Más”, pero nadie escribió esa canción. El lunes por la tarde, volví al ortodoncista para mi cita mensual. Obtuve mi primer frenillos Invisalign en octubre 2016. Me dijeron que todo el curso duraría entre 18 y 20 meses. Ahora, 39 meses después, me han dicho que me quedan solo dos meses. Supongo que fue de 18 a 20, más o menos.

Al menos ya no tengo los juegos de aparatos de plástico para quitar cada vez que quiero comer o beber algo. Cuando el ortodoncista conectó este último cable a seis de mis dientes inferiores hace dos meses, me dijo que lo tendría durante dos o tres meses, lo que supuse que significaba seis. No me gustan sus habilidades matemáticas, pero finalmente lo entiendo. Además, me encanta cómo se ven mis dientes. Además, el precio fue fijo. Así que no he pagado ni un solo céntimo en 19 meses.

San Geraldo generalmente me conduce y, después, yo camino a casa. Son solo unos 3,5 km (2+ millas), pero esta vez todo el personal estaba muy preocupado porque no tenía sombrero, capucha, o guantes para protegerme y hacía mucho frío afuera. Les aseguré que estaría bien e incluso me detendría y compraría un sombrero si el clima fuera demasiado duro. Sin embargo, lo saqué y llegué a casa sin congelación, en el frío de 15C (59F). Curiosamente, mis oídos estaban fríos cuando llegué a casa.

El martes por la mañana me desperté con los roqueros con otro dramático amanecer invernal en el Mar de Alborán, nuestro parte del Mar Mediterráneo. Un amanecer más.

Adelante. Haz clic en las imágenes y mira el amanecer conmigo.


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18 thoughts on “One More Day / Un Día Más”

  1. Another day in paradise, enjoy. Glad up you survived the long walk in the cold, and somehow avoided frostbite.

    1. David,
      Walking home from dinner last night, we could see our breath. How cold doesn’t have to be for that?

  2. waking up on this side of the grass and seeing a sunrise is what you ALWAYS want to happen!

    1. Bob,
      Maybe Carlos would like it. I get out of bed too early just to take pictures. If I go back to bed, I DO sleep half the day.

  3. Lovely, just lovely (like I talk like that). The top one looks like a picture of a distant fire. Oh, right! It’s the sun so it is a very distant fire. Fifty-nine degrees? My house is colder than that in the morning 🙂

    1. Deedles,
      SG sets the thermostat at 77! Thankfully it’s not on 24 hours a day. AND they’re in separate rooms. Dudo loves to spend the day and night in SG’s office

      1. Oh dear lord! Another hothouse plant! My son has a room set up for us with a fan and a window because they keep their house at 74 during the night and I can’t take it! Balder Half sleeps dressed like he’s in the arctic while I’m nekkid under a fan, and this is without hot flashes 🙂 Separate rooms are sooooooo nice!

      2. Deedles:
        Now that we’re sharing a bedroom again, I’ve had to adjust to a bit more heat. But SG has also adjusted down and doesn’t leave the heat blasting all night. He used to create a micro-climate in his bedroom. Fog and everything! He now turns on the heat to “get the chill out” of the room. Then quickly turns it off and uses a portable radiator on his side of the bed. He sleeps under a down comforter. I sleep with a top sheet at most… and nothing else. After 38 years, it’s working.

  4. I’m glad to hear you paid a fixed price for the whole braces procedure, because otherwise I’d suspect your orthodontist of gouging you. Glad you’re nearly done though — what a relief it must be to see the light at the end of the tunnel! And speaking of light, what gorgeous photos!

    P.S. I am not going to pull my usual schtick of pooh-poohing your frigid +15C weather. I’m not going to mention that all this week our highs have been -30/-35C and our lows -40C. No, not a word. I’m living for Saturday, when it’s finally going to warm up to -15C. Bikini weather!

    1. Debra,
      You’re a lot tougher than I. But 15 does feel oddly cold here and I think it’s more than just our thin blood from years in warm climates. I told some locals this morning about your -40. They didn’t know it was possible except in the Arctic.

    1. Walt the Fourth,
      Apparently, I chose the wrong orthodontist. I like her, but my friends who go to others don’t have the same frustrations. The office is called Millenium. I think she has Y2K problems.

  5. Gorgeous! Grorgeous! I refer to the photos though I’m sure your teeth are now reaching a state of gorgeous also.

    The whole temperature thing is a matter of degree! And right now I envy you. We are under storm alert – travel only if necessary. Wind chill of -30c and blowing snow with 90km/h winds. The mainland has been cut off from the Island with the closure of the bridge. Damn storm coming up from New England! Bloody yanks!

    1. Willym:
      Will have to go read the latest on your storm. Hope you’re doing well there. I’ve visited South Dakota a few times in middle of storms like that. Can’t imagine living there!

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