Old Scratch / Necesita Ser Rayado

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I RECENTLY TOLD you about some new furniture we bought for the living room. Dudo and Moose (the cats) approve of everything. Dudo loves to lounge on the divan when the sun is shining. He follows the sun around the room and can later be found on one of the recliners, or on the rug. I often find both cats perched atop the backs of the recliners, which offer great views to the sea as well as to the front door.

To make room for the new dining room table, we moved their indoor kitty condo (they have another on the terrace) into San Geraldo’s office. They love it and can be found there often on these “cold” winter days. Dudo spends as much time as he can because SG always has the heat on.

When we had their indoor kitty condo in the dining room (that we didn’t use as a dining room), the cats completely stopped clawing at the furniture. Since we moved it into the office, however, Dudo has transferred his clawing to the new recliners before heading into SG’s office and using the old scratching post, as well.

So, I had the brilliant (I thought) inspiration to buy a cat scratcher that could be attached to the wall between the living room and dining room. I knew that Dudo would see it whenever he came in from the terrace and he’d stop scratching the chairs. The first afternoon, he inspected it and then turned around and clawed the nearest chair.

I later placed one of their toy mice on the top edge. He walked over. He stretched up with his right front paw on the narrow carpet frame of the scratcher and knocked the mouse to the floor with his left front paw.

Just a moment ago, Dudo and Moose were running a bit wild, as they usually do after breakfast. Dudo attacked one of the chairs. I yelled. He sat down on his haunches in front of the chair and simply stared at me. I muttered, “You little F#@%&R.” He’s still staring at me. I think he’s just waiting for me to be out of view so he can give me the finger and claw the chair.

They get even more adorable if you click the photos.


HACE POCO LES conté algunos muebles nuevos que compramos para la sala de estar. Dudo y Moose (los gatos) aprueban todo. A Dudo le encanta descansar en el diván cuando brilla el sol. Sigue el sol alrededor de la habitación y luego se puede encontrar en uno de los sillones reclinables o en la alfombra. A menudo encuentro a los dos gatos encaramados en la parte posterior de los sillones reclinables, que ofrecen excelentes vistas al mar y a la puerta principal.

Para hacer espacio para la nueva mesa del comedor, trasladamos su condominio interior para gatitos (tienen otro en la terraza) a la oficina de San Geraldo. Les encanta y se pueden encontrar allí a menudo en estos días de invierno “fríos”. Dudo que pase tanto tiempo como pueda porque SG siempre tiene el calor encendido.

Cuando tuvimos su condominio interior de gatitos en el comedor (que no usamos como comedor), los gatos dejaron de arañar los muebles por completo. Sin embargo, desde que lo trasladamos a la oficina, dudo que haya transferido su garra a los nuevos sillones reclinables antes de dirigirse a la oficina de SG y usar el viejo poste para rascar.

Entonces, tuve la brillante inspiración (pensé) para comprar un rascador de gato que se pudiera unir a la pared entre la sala y el comedor. Sabía que dudaba que lo viera cada vez que entrara desde la terraza y dejara de arañar las sillas. La primera tarde, lo inspeccionó y luego se dio la vuelta y arañó la silla más cercana.

Luego puse uno de sus ratones de juguete en el borde superior. Me he acercado Se estiró con la pata delantera derecha sobre el angosto marco de la alfombra del rascador y golpeó el mouse contra el suelo con la pata delantera izquierda.

Hace un momento, dudo y Moose estaba corriendo un poco salvaje, como suelen hacer después del desayuno. Dudo que haya atacado una de las sillas. I grité. Se sentó sobre sus cuartos traseros frente a la silla y simplemente me miró. Murmuré: “Gilipollas.” Todavía me está mirando. Creo que solo está esperando que esté fuera de mi vista para poder darme el dedo y arañar la silla.

El titulo en inglés es “Old Scratch” (Viejo Rasguño) que es un seudónimo de el diablo. “Scratch” (rasguño) es de la palabra nórdica, “skratte,” que significa demonio o duende.

Se vuelven aún más adorables si haces clic en las fotos.

Author: Moving with Mitchell

From Brooklyn, New York; to North Massapequa; back to Brooklyn; Brockport, New York; back to Brooklyn... To Boston, Massachusetts, where I met Jerry... To Marina del Rey, California; Washington, DC; New Haven and Guilford, Connecticut; San Diego, San Francisco, Palm Springs, and Santa Barbara, California; Las Vegas, Nevada; Irvine, California; Sevilla, Spain. And Fuengirola, Málaga..

25 thoughts on “Old Scratch / Necesita Ser Rayado”

  1. It is so nice of the cats to let you live there. As they say, dogs have masters, cats have staff.

    1. David:
      Well, Moose at least likes to share spaces with us. Dudo still pushes SG out of his chair… once he’s warmed it up. They’ve both got us very well trained. (Did I mention I’m “required” to kneel on the floor next to Moose and pet him while he eats? Every single time he eats!)

  2. cats in boxes. cats scratching furniture. cats sleeping in sun patches. normal behavior.

    1. anne marie:
      I would like abnormal cats, I think… well, no I wouldn’t. I love these guys.

  3. We have gotten two different kinds of scratching apparatus and she just loves …. one of the living room chairs.

    I feel your pain.

  4. Better move that cat condo back to the living room area or your new furniture is doomed, DOOMED! Cats can be VERY fussy about what they want to claw.

    1. Debra:
      Oh well, then the new furniture is doomed. That kitty condo takes up more room than one of the recliners. So it’s either the cats or a dining room table! The little shits!

  5. Hey, Scoot, you spelled flower wrong. It should be F#@%&R . You left out the & but being the helpful person I am, I fixed it for ya 😉

    1. Deedles,
      Thank you SO much. Fixed! I should have at least realized I was missing a letter even though I didn’t know how to spell it given it was the first time I ever used such fuckin’ language… Really. I fuckin’ swear.

  6. Cats..and dogs can be little bastards. When I tell Buddy no he just looks at his Dad and ignores me. Yes, he knows Dad is the weakest link

    1. Cheapchick,
      Dudo, I think, knows I grew up in NYC and SG grew up in South Dakota. When SG calls him to come in from the terrace, he stares and it looks like he’s doing his Al Pacino, “You talkin to ME?” SG says, “Mitchell!” I say, “Come on, Dudes.” And he comes right in.

  7. Moose honestly looks like he’s about to ascend to the heaven’s there – a voice from above! We bought a special cover for the sofa to protect it. The first thing the Hounds from Hell did was burrow under it – we’ve tried stretching it, weighing it down et al but to no avail. It is simply meant to snuggle under on the sofa!

    1. Willym,
      OK. I’ll cancel my order for that special cover! I DO love your Honda from Hell. How does Felines of the Inferno sound? Or better yet The Infernal Felines!

    1. Walt the Fourth,
      And this cat is now one day post cat post within a cat post! You and I would be dangerous in a room together, I think

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