Treasure chest and animal print / Cofre del tesoro y estampado animal

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I REGULARLY TAKE THINGS TO our nearest charity shop — some things old, and many things new that we changed our minds about. While I’m there, I browse. A couple of weeks ago, I noticed a large metal jewellery box that looked, to me, very cool. I have a lot of earrings for the two holes in my ear, as well as some rings and wrist bands (aka bracelets) that have been stuffed in a small turquoise velvet jewellery box that I brought back from my mother’s in 2016 simply because I needed something. For 12 euros, I now have something that can be organised and looks great on the dresser. And the charity shop had, briefly, turquoise velvet.

I mentioned recently that the small, limited El Corte Inglés department store in our neighbourhood has become an outlet. It’s so much better. I found a shirt for San Geraldo and a sleeveless cardigan for myself. The next day, I found a rain jacket to replace mine that stopped being waterproof while I was out in the rain. I’ll share photos soon.

San Geraldo ordered some clothes online from a company I had never heard of. The prices were surprisingly low. There was a reason. After seeing what arrived, I don’t recommend ordering from I now have two new shirts (fun style, poor quality). They were supposed to be American XXL but are a tight, and nice, fit on my XL body. Photos of those are still to come.

San Geraldo also ordered a pair of sweat pants for lounging around the house. Those were supposed to be XL, but are snug (and, I must admit, flattering) on me. I considered taking them immediately to the charity shop, but they’re comfortable so I might keep them — although they will never be seen on the street. SG said they had an imitation Nike logo. You’ll see from the photo below that he missed the details.

The photo at top is a pair of real Nike gym shorts that I did not buy at the El Corte Inglés outlet. They were standard fit and not slim-/modern-fit. I’m thoroughly modern.


REGULARMENTE LLEVO COSAS A NUESTRA tienda de caridad más cercana, algunas cosas viejas y muchas cosas nuevas sobre las que cambiamos de opinión. Mientras estoy allí, navego. Hace un par de semanas, me fijé en una gran caja de metal para joyas que me pareció muy guay. Tengo muchos aretes para los dos agujeros en mi oreja, así como algunos anillos y muñequeras (también conocidas como pulseras) que han sido metidos en una pequeña caja de joyería de terciopelo turquesa que traje de mi madre en 2016 simplemente porque necesitaba alguna cosa. Por 12 euros, ahora tengo algo que se puede organizar y queda genial en la cómoda. Y la tienda benéfica tenía, brevemente, terciopelo turquesa.

Hace poco mencioné que los pequeños y limitados grandes almacenes El Corte Inglés de nuestro barrio se han convertido en un outlet. Es mucho mejor. Encontré una camiseta para San Geraldo y una rebeca sin mangas para mí. Al día siguiente, encontré un impermeable para reemplazar el mío que dejó de ser impermeable mientras estaba bajo la lluvia. Pronto compartiré fotos. San Geraldo encargó algo de ropa en línea a una empresa de la que nunca había oído hablar. Los precios eran sorprendentemente bajos. Había una razón. Después de ver lo que llegó, no recomiendo realizar un pedido en Ahora tengo dos camisetas nuevas (estilo divertido, mala calidad). Se suponía que iban a ser American XXL, pero quedan bien ajustados y bien en mi cuerpo XL. Las fotos de esos aún están por llegar.

San Geraldo también ordenó un par de pantalones deportivos para holgazanear en la casa. Se suponía que eran XL, pero me quedan bien (y, debo admitirlo, halagadoras). Consideré llevarlos de inmediato a la tienda benéfica, pero son cómodos, así que podría quedarme con ellos, aunque nunca los verán en la calle. SG dijo que tenían un logo de imitación de Nike. Verá en la foto de abajo que se perdió los detalles.

La foto de arriba es un pantalón corto de gimnasia, realmente Nike que no compré en el outlet de El Corte Inglés. Eran de ajuste estándar y no ajustados ni modernos. Soy completamente moderno.

The imitation Nike logo.
Imitación del logo de Nike.
• At 9:40 this morning, the cats had their 10:30 treats (that used to be their 11:30 treats and before that their 2 p.m. treats) because, well, Dudo sat like that for a half hour, while Moose paced in front of him meowing non-stop. I just couldn’t take it anymore.
• A las 9:40 de esta mañana, los gatos tenían los aperitivos de las 10:30 (que solían ser los aperitivos de las 11:30 y antes las de las 14:00) Porque, bueno, Dudo se sentó así durante media hora, mientras Moose paseaba delante de él maullando sin parar. Simplemente no pude soportarlo más.

Author: Moving with Mitchell

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38 thoughts on “Treasure chest and animal print / Cofre del tesoro y estampado animal”

  1. Nice box! You should go back for the shorts, wear them with something in pastel green in a check or plaid, you will look like a local next summer. There is a YouTube channel produced by a couple of leather queens from San Francisco that did several unboxing videos of “toys” bought on Wish, pretty funny.

    1. David:
      I would have bought the shorts if they weren’t standard fit [no I wouldn’t]… but I do like the idea of adding a bit of plaid, and maybe some blue and white Norwegian knit socks and my red, black, and white sneakers.

    1. Kathleen:
      They once had a stunning set of fish dishes in the window. I wish I had bought them.

  2. nice jewelry box! you really should have purchased the leopard print shorts. I do SO love dudo’s pose AND the imitation nike logo.

      1. yes they are a horrible company I have not bought any nike stuff for over 40 years I should post something on my blog one day

      2. Parsnip:
        I would like to know in what ways they’re a horrible company. I tend to be particular about who I do business with.

    1. Wilma:
      I do love the jewellery box. I AM a pushover. However, despite the fact that both cats were demanding treats at 9 this morning, I made them wait until 10:30.

  3. I love your new jewellery box – that was a great find. As for the track pants….lol. I’ve seen wish and wondered what they were about, now we know

    1. Cheapchick:
      I don’t order from any company whose ad suddenly shows up on my Facebook feed. is one of those.

      1. To really add to the effect you wear bright print boxers under them that hang out two or three inches below the leg openings. You will be the belle of the boardwalk, people won’t be able to take their eyes off of you.

      2. David:
        Well, I suppose attention is attention. So, now I have to buy bright pink boxers (my pink briefs won’t do).

  4. That’s a swanky jewelry box! And OMG, that “Nike” logo is hilarious. When I lived in Africa I used to see a lot of guys wearing clothes with dubious logos like that — cheap imports from China but quite funny. I’ve found that buying clothes online from unknown companies is almost always a bad bet, particularly if I found them advertising on Facebook.

    1. Steve:
      I agree about buying from companies that advertise on Facebook. Fascinating how many advertisers suddenly appear and then just as suddenly have “liquidation sales” that they claim are a result of the pandemic.

  5. I like that jewelry box! Perfect for what you need.
    Dudo looks like he was supervising Moose in his efforts to suck you in for treats! And they won! What a team!!

    1. Jim:
      I think Dudo and Moose do good cop/bad cop. Dudo tends to hover quietly and stare while Moose meows and yowls and paces.

  6. Hell, I would have bought the thing just for the elephants on it, but probably not used it otherwise. I’m not a jewelry person, well…except for when it comes to drag. The only thing I wear every day or watches and bead bracelets. I can’t stand wearing rings, so I hope I never marry.

    And yes…most of these companies online or through Instagram, you have to watch. Items are made extremely on the cheap and good quality materials are not used. I had a friend who got sucked into one site, ordered a coat and the thing split of his third time wearing it. A coat that is $58, brand new should tell you it’s not going to stand wear. I only will shop for clothes in person in a shop. And after I’m familiar with them, will I only order from their online site. The only one I use online really is Scotch and Soda. But Im not a online shopper by any means.

    1. Mistress Maddie:
      I have some rings I used to wear all the time that I now haven’t worn in ages. Ditto the bracelets, although I still always look in shops. Earrings? I’d be naked without them — especially with my once again closely cropped beard and the buzzed head. I do enjoy online shopping during these times, but only from places I know well.

  7. I couldn’t wait to scroll down and see the missed details of the Nike symbol. SG did not disappoint! 🙂 I love the unique jewelry box, as well! It’s so fun finding things like that rather than something you see everywhere.

    Someone else in the comments beat me to suggesting that you buy the print shorts and mix them with a nice plaid shirt in the summer. 🙂

    1. Michelle D:
      The minute I saw the jewellery box (and the price) the decision was made. So happy to have it. The turquoise velvet box didn’t even last an hour on the shelf; that made me feel good.

    1. Kirk:
      This charity shop always has great stuff. It’s rare for me to find things I like in other shops, but I always do here… although I don’t tend to buy anything other than something I actually need.

  8. I love the jewelry box. Now I’m glad I never ordered anything from Wish–though I was tempted a few times. Franklin and Penelope always try to move supper time from 5 p.m. to anything earlier than 5 p.m.


    1. Janie:
      I don’t know why but they weren’t as annoying as usual this morning and lasted until 10:30. Yeah, these companies that advertise online, especially on Facebook, look so good until you get the products home. I haven’t gotten good photos of the shirts yet but will. One of them is already coming apart at a seam!

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