I feel pretty / Me siento lindo

La versión en español está después de la versión en inglés.

I STOPPED YESTERDAY AT THE nearby garden and pool supply shop to pick up a new (i.e., clean and rust-free) pair of clippers for our desert roses. When I walked in the door, the sun reflecting off the protective plexiglass divider at the desk made it impossible for me to see if anyone was there. I saw the clippers on a rack to my right and headed for them when I heard a woman’s voice call out, warmly and clearly, “¡Hola, guapo!” [That means “Hi, handsome!”] From my new position, I could see her behind the plexiglass but, before I returned the greeting, I realized she was on the phone. I went back to making my selection and, by the time I reached the counter, she had hung up.

I told her that when she said, “Hola, guapo,” I thought she was talking to me. She laughed and said, she calls everyone “guapo,” but for me she’d be telling the truth. In my mask and cap, there wasn’t much to see, but, I thanked her anyway. As I was leaving, I said, “Hasta luego, guapa!” [See you later, beautiful!]. She laughed again, said I brightened her day, and then she told me she loved me before laughing some more. She brightened my day, too, and I enjoyed the blooming goodness around town. The hazy skies weren’t ideal for photos, but I think you can get the idea.


AYER ME DETUVE EN LA tienda de suministros para el jardín y la piscina para comprar un par de tijeras nuevas (es decir, limpias y sin óxido) para nuestras rosas del desierto. Cuando entré por la puerta, el sol que se reflejaba en el divisor de plexiglás protector del escritorio me impedía ver si había alguien allí. Vi las tijeras en un estante a mi derecha y me dirigí hacia ellas cuando escuché la voz de una mujer gritar, cálida y claramente, “¡Hola, guapo!” Desde mi nueva posición, podía verla detrás del plexiglás pero, antes de devolver el saludo, me di cuenta de que ella estaba hablando por teléfono. Volví a hacer mi selección y, cuando llegué al mostrador, ella había colgado.

Le dije que cuando dijo “Hola, guapo”, pensé que me estaba hablando. Ella se rió y dijo, llama a todo el mundo “guapo”, pero para mí estaría diciendo la verdad. Con mi máscarilla y mi gorra, no había mucho que ver, pero le agradecí de todos modos. Cuando me iba, dije: “¡Hasta luego, guapa!” Se rió de nuevo, dijo que le alegré el día y luego me dijo que me amaba antes de reírse un poco más. Ella también iluminó mi día y disfruté de la bondad floreciente de la ciudad. Los cielos nebulosos no eran ideales para las fotos, pero creo que puedes hacerte una idea.

CARPENTER BEE. The flowers were waving in the breeze and from the weight of the bee. The bee was almost constantly in motion. Ten attempts later, I captured this photo. Males have no stingers. Females only sting when seriously threatened. Note to Self: Get new EpiPen.
ABEJA CARPINTERO. Las flores se agitaban con la brisa y el peso de la abeja. La abeja estaba casi constantemente en movimiento. Diez intentos después, capturé esta foto. Los machos no tienen aguijones. Las hembras solo pica cuando está seriamente amenazada. Nota Personal: Obtenga un nuevo EpiPen.
• Do you remember the orchid tree? (Click here for earlier post). Just look at it now!
• ¿Te acuerdas del árbol de las orquídeas? (Haz clic aquí para ver el post anterior). ¡Míralo ahora!


• If you want to get right to the song, just drag the bar to 4:47.
• Si desea ir directo a la canción, simplemente arrastre la barra hasta 4:47.

Author: Moving with Mitchell

From Brooklyn, New York; to North Massapequa; back to Brooklyn; Brockport, New York; back to Brooklyn... To Boston, Massachusetts, where I met Jerry... To Marina del Rey, California; Washington, DC; New Haven and Guilford, Connecticut; San Diego, San Francisco, Palm Springs, and Santa Barbara, California; Las Vegas, Nevada; Irvine, California; Sevilla, Spain. And Fuengirola, Málaga..

38 thoughts on “I feel pretty / Me siento lindo”

  1. Perfect timing! We are studying bees this week! If you find a hive, we would love to see it… Buy the EpiPen first though!

    1. Kathleen:
      If I see a hive, EpiPen or not, I’ll get as far away as I can before I text you the address.

  2. I had heard of Carpenter bees before but never seen them. This year they are prolific. They were out and about here on the forsythia in February which is when I first saw them. We also have Mason bee houses and they too are numerous this year. Good news for the bees. Let’s hope too that Honey bees are plentiful this year.

    How many different ways can you say ‘lots of’?

    1. Karen:
      I didn’t know this was a carpenter bee until I looked it up. I took a chance that it was like the bumble bee and not aggressive. I’ll leave the versions of “lots of” to you. You’ve already done a good job. How many ways can you say it in Spanish?

  3. Love the spring color, guapo.
    And love that video. High-larious, and I’ll be singing the song all day!

    1. Bob:
      I’m still singing the song and imagining myself dancing like those robots. They can really move (and they’re in the groove). Thanks, guapo.

  4. the shop lady has good eyes! and spain is certainly awash in pretty spring flowers!

  5. Hello, handsome! 🙂

    When I first saw the picture of the orchid tree I thought it looked like a crepe myrtle, until you showed a close up of the flowers. So pretty!

    1. Debra:
      Yes, I was very proud of myself. I didn’t know what it was exactly but thought it might similar to a honey bee and not aggresive. I was right, but I was also probably stupid to do it without my EpiPen on hand.

  6. Beautiful flowers, and I love the carpenter bee. Isn’t it great when you can have just a passing interaction with someone and be left with a smile on your face? (And likewise, leave a smile on their face!)

    1. Steve:
      It made me feel even better to know that I improved the quality of her day. It can’t be easy to sit masked and behind plexi-glass all day.

  7. Scoot, sweetie, all a person has to do is see those gorgeous eyes of yours to know that you are beautiful. I always had a problem with guapo and feo. I got the two mixed up constantly. Guapo just sounds like something that’s gooey sitting in a bowl. Or. worse yet, something that shoots out of the rear of a bat 🙂 Feo sounds prettier. I learned to keep them straight after a lot of practice.
    Love the flora! I recognized the lantana. That’s the name of my street, and that’s one of the few plants that I’m able to grow without traumatizing it. Very pretty pictures.
    Funny thing, I woke up this morning humming I Feel Pretty. Don’t know why, but it bolstered my mood.

    1. Deedles:
      I love your vision! I never even heard the word guapo until coming to Spain, so it’s easy for me to remember. It’s amazing how often you hear it when people greet each other. Feo was easy for me anyway because it sounds like feh. Lantana grows like a weed. YOU should wake up every morning singing I Feel Pretty!

      1. Yeah, that song was a nice change of pace. It’s usually Why Me, Lord.

    1. David:
      Those kinds of exchanges make me feel so good. I hope the mood carried her for the rest of the day.

  8. Pretty is as pretty does…and you do pretty well! What a great exchange. 🙂

    Thanks for the flower photos…orchid tree is spectacular, especially close up.

    1. Mary:
      I’m still riding on the breeze of that exchange. I love making someone’s day better. There are two orchid trees on that street that are in glorious bloom. I love them.

  9. Hi handsome! Great encounter.
    LOVE that bee photo and I appreciate the patience required to get a shot.
    Queen Anne’s Lace? Surprised it grows there.
    What can I say…….that orchid tree is breath-taking!

    1. Jim:
      Back atcha, handsome! I was surprised by the Queen Anne’s Lace, too. You’re right about the orchid tree!

  10. Beautiful colors! As a freshman in high school, I had to take a Spanish class because the district we lived in didn’t offer French. We moved after two months back to a district that did, so I went back to French (which I had started in 6th grade). The only thing I remember from my two months of Spanish is: el chico es guapo, la chica es bonita.

    1. Walt the Fourth:
      I never even heard the words guapo/guapa until we came to Spain. So strange. Also funny that you were taught guapo/bonita. I began French in 4th and 5th grade when we lived on Long Island. Then we moved to Brooklyn and we weren’t offered a language until 7th grade (and that was only for advanced classes). I was automatically given Spanish and was really annoyed at the time. But it has all worked out (except that I loved French and wish I could speak it.)

  11. I wouldn’t have recognized that as a bee, since I expect one to have stripes. I probably would have gotten stung.

    1. Kirk:
      I thought it was similar to a bumble bee, so I took my chances. I looked it up when I got home. They’re not known for being at all aggressive, but I really shouldn’t take chances without an EpiPen on hand.

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