The tail end / La parte trasera

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THE CREW IS MAKING QUICK work of our new parking lot. As you can see from the top photo, they’re nearing the end. They’ve already begun to pour the new cement. The photo isn’t the best quality; it was taken with my phone through a dirty window on the first floor.

We were out for coffee and to visit Tynan this morning. But it was chilly, raw, and windy, so we didn’t last very long. Even I had my hood up and wished I had gloves. The sun has suddenly appeared and the wind has died down, so it should be much more pleasant now.

I finished off the Lindt chocolates (click here). I hope you appreciate the sacrifice I made to get the final photos. There were four remaining yesterday afternoon. I wanted to share the “innards” with you, in case you hadn’t seen the inside of a Lindor truffle with an extra dark shell and a dark truffle filling. I ate the first one without thinking. No pictures. Because it was important to show you, I unwrapped another, took a picture, and then bit into it thinking I could show you the interior. But it was impossible to display once I bit into it. So I unwrapped a third one and sliced it open. Voila! I have no excuse for eating the fourth one.


EL EQUIPO ESTÁ HACIENDO RÁPIDO el trabajo de nuestro nuevo estacionamiento. Como puede ver en la foto superior, se están acercando al final. Ya han comenzado a verter el cemento nuevo. La foto no es de la mejor calidad; fue tomada con mi teléfono a través de una ventana sucia en el primer piso.

Salimos a tomar un café ya visitar a Tynan esta mañana. Pero hacía frío, crudo y ventoso, así que no duramos mucho. Incluso yo tenía mi capucha puesta y deseaba tener guantes. El sol ha aparecido de repente y el viento se ha calmado, por lo que debería ser mucho más agradable ahora.

Terminé los chocolates Lindt (haz clic aquí). Espero que aprecien el sacrificio que hice para obtener las fotos finales. Ayer por la tarde quedaban cuatro. Quería compartir las “entrañas” contigo, en caso de que no hubieras visto el interior de una trufa Lindor con una cáscara extra oscura y un relleno de trufa oscura. Me comí el primero sin pensarlo. No fotos. Como era importante mostrarles, desenvolví otro, tomé una foto y luego mordí pensando que podría mostrarles el interior. Pero fue imposible mostrarlo una vez que lo mordí. Así que desenvolví un tercero y lo abrí. ¡Voila! No tengo excusa para comerme el cuarto.

• Yesterday at the entrance to the parking lot.
• Ayer en la entrada al parking.
• Yesterday just after sunrise.
• Ayer justo después del amanecer.
• Walking on the beach yesterday, before I was “guapo.”
• Caminando en la playa ayer, antes de que era “guapo.”
• Yesterday, late afternoon. Blue sky.
• Ayer, al final de la tarde. Cielo azul.
• San Geraldo this morning.
• San Geraldo esta mañana.
• You’re welcome.
• De nada.

Author: Moving with Mitchell

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28 thoughts on “The tail end / La parte trasera”

  1. Funny time of year…….never know what to expect weather-wise. We always bring along more than we need…..just in case.
    That chocolate looks delicious!

    1. Jim:
      We haven’t had your extreme changes in temps, but yesterday had a raw feel we haven’t had for a while. Scarves would have down the trick for us both yesterday.

  2. Your tremendous sacrifice in eating the chocolates is greatly appreciated. 🙂

    Sure have been having some wicked weather swings there. Hopefully it warms up soon. Poor SG must be getting very tired of wearing that jacket and other layers.

    1. Mary:
      It was truly a privilege to suffer so much chocolate for my friends. I’d do it again today… if I could.

  3. The sacrifices we make for our art. Looks yummy. Great surf. Try to avoid frostbite.

  4. Wrong blog post to read on my very first day without sugar…. Guess I’ll try again mañana. Hehe

  5. Boy…what a shot to be greeted with, the first blog I comment on today!!!

    That sea looks angry.

    1. Mistress Borghesse:
      The sea is wild again today and it looks like we might have a number of days of this. I love that palm tree underwear.

    1. Debra:
      Oh, they are. I wonder what excuse I’ll come up with the next time I want to inhale them.

  6. Oh how I would love a truffle! We went grocery shopping yesterday for the first time in a month and I FORGOT TO BUY CHOCOLATE! Obviously, I was suffering a memory lapse due to low blood sugar. But we did get our photos taken so we could send our passports off for renewal.

    Stay warm!

    1. Wilma:
      I forget a lot of things when I grocery shop, but never chocolate. And it’s not as if you can run downstairs and pick-up what you missed. I feel for you!

  7. Nice drawers for the worker.
    Nice of you to finish off the chocolates.
    As George Costanza might say, well, he did say:
    The sea was angry that day my friend, Like an old man trying to send soup back in a deli.

    1. Bob:
      Oh the quotes from Seinfeld. I really should keep those in mind when I’m writing titles.

  8. One needs no excuses for eating chocolate. I have spoken! Next to chocolate covered cherries (the ones with the clear liquid nestling the cherry), truffles are my absolute favorite 🙂 Oooh, I also like the little chocolate bottles that are loaded with liquor! And, and……never mind. Thank you for your sacrifice, dear, selfless Scoot.

  9. thank you for the chocolate pix. and the angry sea pix. and the butt shot. at least he was wearing undies.

    1. anne marie:
      It would have been so great had he NOT been wearing undies. But the palm tree underpants were a treat.

  10. We need an addition to the food pyramid for all things chocolate–part of a good diet. Dark chocolate is especially important. I want one of those truffles right this minute. We have a good weather pattern going on with warm, sunny days and cool nights. If only it would last . . .


  11. Jim surprised me with a chocolate treat today….. we devoured it. |Sometimes a good wallop of chocolate makes the world’s issues go away!

    1. Ron:
      I really need a chocolate treat today. But maybe I’ll just hold out at this point for the chocolate chip banana bread SG just put in the oven.

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