There is nothing like … / No hay nada como …

La versión en español está después de la versión en inglés.

SAN GERALDO WAS ABOUT TO go to the supermarket Friday and asked if I needed anything. “Chocolate,” I said. “I need chocolate.” He complied. He also bought ice cream for dessert — lunch or dinner — but we kept forgetting we had it and instead had the torrijas (click here) he had also purchased.

We’re now out of torrijas. But we’re also out of ice cream — after dinner last night and lunch today. And there’s no chocolate chip banana bread in the freezer. We might actually have fruit for dessert tonight.

Today’s title was inspired by San Geraldo. As he prepared lunch, he remembered we still had the second halves of our pints of ice cream. So, he began to sing about it to the tune of “There’s Nothing Like a Dame” from the musical “South Pacific” — because he’s San Geraldo. He sang, “What ain’t we got? We got ice cream!” It got worse. He continued with what he thought were the real lyrics, “There is nothing like a goil” (New Yorkese for “girl”). As I said, this is San Geraldo. As the song really goes (no it doesn’t), “What ain’t we got? We ain’t got ice cream!” However, there’s still chocolate.

We had wild surf for several days but are now back to calm seas, and blue skies adorned with clouds. It’s beautiful. I still have to battle with myself to get out of (and stay out of) bed. I just keep reminding myself, like my friend’s 3-year-old granddaughter, “I’m fierce.” Are you feeling fierce, too?


SAN GERALDO ESTABA A PUNTO de ir al supermercado el viernes y me preguntó si necesitaba algo. “Chocolate”, dije. “Necesito chocolate.” Él obedeció. También compró helado de postre, almuerzo o cena, pero seguíamos olvidándonos de que lo teníamos y en su lugar tenía las torrijas (haz clic aquí) que también había comprado.

Ahora nos hemos quedado sin torrijas. Pero también nos hemos quedado sin helado, después de la cena de anoche y del almuerzo de hoy. Y no hay pan de plátano con chispas de chocolate en el congelador. De hecho, esta noche podríamos comer fruta de postre.

El título de hoy se inspiró en San Geraldo. Mientras preparaba el almuerzo, recordó que todavía teníamos las segundas mitades de nuestras pintas de helado. Entonces, comenzó a cantar sobre eso con la melodía de “No hay nada como una dama” del musical “Pacífico Sur”, porque él es San Geraldo. Cantó: “¿Qué no tenemos? ¡Tenemos helado!” Se puso peor. Continuó con lo que pensó que eran las letras reales, “No hay nada como un goil” (New Yorquino para “girl”). Como dije, esto es San Geraldo. Como dice realmente la canción (no, no es así), “¿Qué no tenemos? ¡No tenemos helado!” Sin embargo, todavía hay chocolate.

Tuvimos un oleaje salvaje durante varios días, pero ahora hemos vuelto a mares tranquilos y cielos azules adornados con nubes. Es bonito. Todavía tengo que luchar conmigo mismo para salir (y permanecer fuera) de la cama. Me sigo recordando, como la nieta de 3 años de mi amiga, “soy feroz”. ¿También te sientes feroz?

• A bridge over a runoff channel.
• Un puente sobre un canal de escorrentía.
• Early season has begun. The lifeguards are here.
• Ha comenzado la temporada. Los socorristas están aquí.
On the terrace. / En la terraza.
• Magnum Double Sea Salt Caramel Ice Cream.
• Magnum Helado Doble de Caramelo con Sal Marina.


Thanks to wickedhamster for finding this video for me!
¡Gracias a wickedhamster por encontrarme este video!

Author: Moving with Mitchell

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21 thoughts on “There is nothing like … / No hay nada como …”

    1. Anon:
      I had never even heard of the minis. But I’d just eat four of them anyway.

  1. Wow, that ice cream looks amazing! I got the song reference in the post title, but even SG does a better job with the lyrics than I would. I only know, “There is nothing like a dame, nothing in the world. There is nothing you can name, that is anything like a dame!” I seem to remember my high school drama club did South Pacific one year, now that I think about it.

    1. Steve:
      Nope, you’ve still better with lyrics. I’ve never heard SG correctly complete more than the first line of any song.

  2. I have chocolate-covered coconut easter eggs, but no ice cream. and there are 4 dames in this house (me and the 3 cats). love the blooming cactus!

    1. anne marie:
      The cactus has been really happy in its spot on the table outside. Ooh, chocolate-covered coconut Easter eggs. SG would hate them (he hates coconut). More for us!

  3. From time to time, we all need chocolate. Luther had interesting taste in jewelry, I have never noticed that before.

    1. David:
      From January thru December, I need chocolate. Funny you should mentioned that necklace. I never thought about it until watching the video this time. Very fashion forward.

    1. wickedhamster:
      Thanks so much for the link! I love this version and searched for it without luck. I saw the image and thought it was just “I’m Gonna Wash That Man Right Out of My Hair.” I’ve added to the bottom. It’s the one I really hoped to use in the first place.

  4. Speaking of chocolate……we found this chocolate Babka and have almost devoured it all!! You guys are becoming a very bad influence on us! lol
    Early summer season, eh? Happy for you……seriously! (as we had freezing rain and hail today).

    1. Jim:
      Does freezing rain and hail qualify as April showers? Currently 16 and very cloudy here — which would be a day at the beach for you!

    1. Kirk:
      And now I’ve got THAT earworm. Funny that I sing that song in Ezio Pinza’s accent. Ditto, “Stairway to Paradise”; I sound just like Georges Guétary — well, in my head. Ahll beeld a stairway to PAH-RAH-DICE!

  5. San Geraldo’s lyrics are better than the real ones. I’m sorry it’s still hard for you to stay out of bed. I guess I’m fierce. I’ve started to feel so good it makes me think something is wrong with me.


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