When you wore a tulip / Cuando usabas un tulipán

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WORK BEGAN THIS MORNING ON our parking lot. A complete renovation. What we really need is for them to double the size. But at least it will be a visual improvement. Parking in any “blue zone” in our neighborhood is free. This morning, San Geraldo couldn’t find a space and didn’t feel like spending too much time trying, so we’re paying for parking today. This is supposed to take 10 days (more or less). I hope we don’t have to pay for parking the entire time.

The Le Creuset box remains on my office floor. It makes me, with my borderline OCD, a bit crazy. Dudo loves the box, which sits in front of the closet. Dudo requires one of the closet’s sliding doors to remain partially open at all times. That also makes me a bit crazy (I like closet doors to be closed). But Dudo’s borderline OCD is taking precedence over mine. So far.

At a late point during his years living in Seattle, Washington, in the 1970s, San Geraldo shared a good friend’s house with him. The friend had been renovating the house (beautifully) and a local photographer came by one day to capture the project. San Geraldo had forced a bunch of red and yellow tulips to bloom and the photographer took a few pictures of the flowers in the sunlight. A year later, SG was in San Francisco with another friend when they walked into a card shop in the Castro District. There were “his” Seattle tulips. “My tulips!” he bellowed. He bought their entire stock of cards. Since it was time to replace our [sweet] yellow tulips, I was delighted to find San Geraldo’s tulips Friday at the flower kiosk. When he woke from his siesta to see them on the dining room table, he said,  “My tulips!”


EL TRABAJO COMENZÓ ESTA MAÑANA en nuestro estacionamiento. Una renovación completa. Lo que realmente necesitamos es que dupliquen su tamaño. Pero al menos será una mejora visual. El estacionamiento en cualquier “zona azul” de nuestro vecindario es gratis. Esta mañana, San Geraldo no pudo encontrar un espacio y no tenía ganas de pasar demasiado tiempo intentándolo, así que hoy pagamos por el estacionamiento. Se supone que esto tomará 10 días (más o menos). Espero que no tengamos que pagar por el estacionamiento todo el tiempo.

La caja de Le Creuset permanece en el piso de mi oficina. Me vuelve un poco loco, con mi TOC limítrofe. A Dudo le encanta la caja, que se encuentra frente al armario. Dudo requiere que una de las puertas corredizas del armario permanezca parcialmente abierta en todo momento. Eso también me vuelve un poco loco (me gusta que las puertas de los armarios estén cerradas). Pero el TOC límite de Dudo está teniendo prioridad sobre el mío. Hasta ahora.

En un momento tardío de sus años viviendo en Seattle, Washington, en la década de 1970, San Geraldo compartió con él la casa de un buen amigo. El amigo había estado renovando la casa (maravillosamente) y un fotógrafo local vino un día para capturar el proyecto. San Geraldo había obligado a florecer un ramo de tulipanes rojos y amarillos y el fotógrafo tomó algunas fotos de las flores a la luz del sol. Un año después, SG estaba en San Francisco con una buena amiga cuando entraron en una tienda de tarjetas en el distrito de Castro. Allí estaban “sus” tulipanes de Seattle. “¡Mis tulipanes!” gritó. Compró todo su stock de tarjetas. Ya que era hora de reemplazar nuestros [dulces] tulipanes amarillos, me encantó encontrar los tulipanes de San Geraldo el viernes en el quiosco de flores. Cuando se despertó de su siesta y los vio en la mesa del comedor, dijo: “¡Mis tulipanes!

• He never goes inside this closet, but he has to do a visual inspection.
• Nunca entra en este armario, pero tiene que hacer una inspección visual.
• I assume this man rescued and raised a local monk parakeet.
• Supongo que este hombre rescató y crió un periquito monje local.
Friday night. / Viernes noche.
Saturday morning. / Sábado por la mañana.
• San Geraldo’s original tulips.
• Los tulipanes originales de San Geraldo.


Cuando llevabas un tulipán
Un dulce tulipán amarillo
Y yo llevaba una gran rosa roja.
Cuando me acariciabas
Fue entonces que el cielo me bendijo,
Es una bendición que nadie conoce.
Hiciste la vida alegre
Cuando me llamaste querida
Fue abajo donde crece la hierba azul.
Oh, fue más dulce que el julepe
Cuando llevabas un tulipán
Y yo llevaba una gran rosa roja.

Author: Moving with Mitchell

From Brooklyn, New York; to North Massapequa; back to Brooklyn; Brockport, New York; back to Brooklyn... To Boston, Massachusetts, where I met Jerry... To Marina del Rey, California; Washington, DC; New Haven and Guilford, Connecticut; San Diego, San Francisco, Palm Springs, and Santa Barbara, California; Las Vegas, Nevada; Irvine, California; Sevilla, Spain. And Fuengirola, Málaga..

32 thoughts on “When you wore a tulip / Cuando usabas un tulipán”

    1. David:
      There’s a bed in SG’s office closet, a bed on the bottom of one of my bookshelves, two beds in the bedroom (plus our bed), a chair in the LR with a throw on it for the cats, the sofa, the sofa and divan with throws for the cats, the living room rug, the dining room rug, a kitty condo in SG’s office, a kitty condo on the terrace, plus every other piece of furniture in the house for which they have dibs (SG even regularly gives up his office chair to Dudo… who insists). So, I’m not putting that cardboard box in my closet. See how in charge I am? (Besides, I think Dudo likes where it is because he can keep me company.)

    1. Janie:
      The tulips are a rare treat. They don’t grow here, so I wait every year for their arrival at the florists. Dudo and Moose come first in everything. They’ve trained us well.

  1. The tulips are gorgeous.

    And you’re a nicer cat daddy than I am; when we leave a box on the floor for each cat to inspect and sleep in, it stays for about a day before I take it to the garage. And when Carlos says, ‘But the cats love that box,” I say:
    “When they start paying the mortgage, they can fill the house with boxes!”

    1. Bob:
      I might SAY what you say, but the box would remain anyway. I’m a pushover for these two cats.

  2. I’m so with you on open closet/cupboard doors. Drives me crazy, too. But you are a good kitty person to leave one open to satisfy Dudo’s need (perhaps like a kiddie who thinks there might be a monster under his bed). You are also a good partner, buying the oh so lovely tulips for SG. Imagine SG finding that card and knowing they were “his” tulips…amazing.

    1. Mary:
      When I close my closet door, Dudo will come into my office, paw at the door and meow until I open it. I open it. He peaks inside for a brief moment. And he leaves the room. He probably goes out and high-fives Moose.

    1. Debra:
      The Le Creuset casserole weighs a ton and cost a small fortune. The box had better be good.

  3. I have missed looking at your pictures on your blog. They always inspire me to take more photos of my own. I love tulips and those pictures of them put a smile on my face. Thank you.

    1. mcpersonalspace54:
      I love when you visit. So I’m glad you had it in you to stop by. I also love tulips. We used to grow them in Connecticut. Had mini naturalilzing ones in these same red and yellow colors, too.

  4. you would hate my house: boxes around for the cats, cat beds, cat toys. they can even open some of the kitchen cabinets. pretty tulips!

    1. anne marie:
      We have make-shift beds for the cats in every room, and I’ve adjusted (I even created three of them). But cardboard boxes is above and beyond for me. AND, it’s still here!

  5. It looks like the card with SG’s tulips is from Palm Press in Berkeley. A few years ago I was a freelance caption writer for them until they got bought out by a larger company. They didn’t pay a whole lot and my captions weren’t always chosen (there were about 30 of us writers), but they would give me two cards for free of each caption of mine. I think it’s nice that his tulips are immortalized like that and how nice he just happened to come across them in that shop.

    1. TexasTrailerParkTrash:
      I love your connection with Palm Press. Six degrees… SG has always had magical connections like that moment in the shop in San Francisco.

  6. Gorgeous tulips! To me, tulips are one of the few flowers that look good at all stages – from tight bud to blown wide open to petals fallen around a naked stem. No tulips here, but the erythrina tree are blooming.

    1. Wilma:
      The tulips are now sweeping the table in all directions. I followed the florist’s advice and trimmed the stems. They immediately drooped and haven’t perked up. I should have simply added water like I did with the first bunch. Those lasted a week! I love how they perk up (normally) and stand straight in the cooler evening and sweep the space in the warmth of the day.

  7. Aww, this made my heart swell and my eyes well up. Those tulips are beautiful. I’ve never seen any up close and personal. Do they have a scent ( the word, smell, sounds too skunky) ?

    1. Deedles:
      These tulips do have a very slight scent. The trash in the kitchen smells.

    1. Jim:
      These cats are especially spoiled. They’ve always had us around to do their bidding more than our other cats did (because we were both working). But this past year has really put Dudo and Moose in charge of everything.

  8. Beautiful tulips. Your building is going through a lot of renovations, it will be quite nice once completed.

    1. Laurent:
      The building interior needs a major make-over and that’s not happening this year. Most of the owners don’t really care because these are their second homes. So, they only agree to improvements that directly benefit them or, as in the case of the elevators, that are required by the city. Fortunately, because we’re right on the beach, the city requires the exterior of the building to be even better maintained than in other parts of twon.

  9. Beautiful Tulips ! SG should have gotten credit for the flowers along with the Photographer on the card back.

    1. Parsnip:
      I thought the same thing. The caption should have read “San Geraldo’s Tulips!”

    1. Mistress Maddie:
      I momentarily thought, “I didn’t know Maddie played the organ!“ I’m listening to the jack-hammering right now. Oh joy.

  10. The pool is inviting! And, beautiful tulips. My home town has an annual tulip festival to celebrate its Dutch origins. They pick a tulip queen (curiously, always a female), dress in wooden shoes, and wash down the main street with push brooms.

    1. Walt the Fourth:
      Wouldn’t it be great one year if the tulip queen was non gender-conforming!

  11. You have a beautiful (and very neat) home there and those tulips are gorgeous! My first thoughts about Dudo and his orange box was “he doesn’t seem to ask for much, he hasn’t chewed the box to pieces, so why not let him keep it?” … until I read about all of his and Moose’s other perks, LOL! Maybe Dudo’s loss of interest in the box will have to be “encouraged” after all.

    1. Tundra Bunny:
      Of course, I only take pictures after the place has been cleaned. But it does tend to be at least neat… except SG’s office, which is neat once a week. The rest of the week, entering is hazardous.

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