Chocolate Therapy / Terapia De Chocolate

La versión español está después de la primera chocolate.

I’M BORED AND moody. I’m not supposed to do much (doctor’s and San Geraldo’s orders) and, because of my usual allergies, I’m taking antihistamines to keep myself from having a sneezing fit and popping my new eye out. Antihistamines knock me out. Inactivity is not my strong suit.

After Luke’s birthday (click here), we had a bowl of extra chocolate buttercream frosting in our refrigerator. So, San Geraldo picked up a chocolate, chocolate chip cake at the supermarket and after lunch, he piled chocolate frosting on top. I adorned the frosting with M&Ms. The cake and frosting only lasted two days, which was a relief to us both.

But then our next door neighbors gave us two boxes of Quality Street chocolates from England. And our friend Lulu arrived one morning with a box of Dumle chocolate caramels from Finland. One box of Quality Street remains. But then there’s the Lindt Chocolate advent calendar from Pedro and Kathleen.

Oh, and San Geraldo came home with another chocolate chocolate-chip cake yesterday.

They understand.


ESTOY ABURRIDO y del mal humor. Se supone que no debo hacer mucho (las órdenes del médico y de San Geraldo) y, debido a mis alergias habitual, estoy tomando antihistamínicos para evitar un ataque de estornudo y sacar mi nuevo ojo. Los antihistamínicos me eliminan. La inactividad no es mi fuerte.

Después del cumpleaños de Luke (haz clic aquí), tuvimos un cuenco de glaseado de crema de chocolate en nuestro refrigerador. Entonces, San Geraldo recogió un pastel de chocolate con chispas de chocolate en el supermercado y, después del almuerzo, colocó encima un glaseado de chocolate. Adorné el glaseado con M&Ms. La tarta y el glaseado solo duraron dos días, lo que fue un alivio para ambos.

Pero luego nuestros vecinos de al lado nos dieron dos cajas de chocolates Quality Street de Inglaterra. Y nuestra amiga Lulu llegó una mañana con una caja de caramelos de chocolate Dumle de Finlandia. Queda una caja de Quality Street. Pero luego está el calendario de adviento de Lindt Chocolate de Pedro y Kathleen.

Oh, y San Geraldo llegó a casa ayer con otra tarta de chocolate con chispas.

Ellos entienden.

My final slice. San Geraldo decided to forego the M&Ms the second day. Such self-control! / Mi última rebanada. San Geraldo decidió renunciar a los M&Ms el segundo día. ¡Qué autocontrol!


And we didn’t win this last night at Mesón Salvador. / Y no ganamos esto ayer en Mesón Salvador.
But I almost forgot that tarta de la abuela (“Grandma’s Cake”) at Mesón Salvador the other night. / Pero casi olvido esa tarta de la abuela en Mesón Salvador la otra noche.

A Matter Of Size

I have finally found a chocolate truffle that’s the perfect size for the limits of my appetite. Amazingly, the chocolate is made by Lindt and, as you can see from the photo, one fits perfectly in the palm of my hand.

(Go ahead, size queens, click the images.)

While we’re on the subject of size and quality, Meson Salvador re-opened after an 8-week renovation project that left nothing of the original restaurant except the amazing staff and food.

Elena’s birthday was in November but we decided to extend the celebration, so we had another birthday dinner at Meson Salvador Thursday night. Our waiter, David, gave Elena the royal treatment. She ordered ribs and he made sure they were super-sized.

After dinner, Elena asked for a teensy bit of cinnamon ice cream for dessert. David got carried away but provided a size-appropriate spoon.

Did you know that cinnamon is considered (by some) to be an aphrodisiac? Elena happened to mention that. It was news to the rest of us. We all dipped our spoons in her ice cream.

The Sea And Cake

Paula, the daughter of our friends Elena and Tynan, celebrated her 14th birthday Wednesday along with a bunch of her friends at an afternoon party on the beach. San Geraldo told Paula he would bake the birthday cake. What did she want? Chocolate!

As is always the case when San Geraldo bakes something, it was beautiful and mouth-wateringly delicious. Adorned with fresh strawberries, the cake had two layers with strawberry preserves between. It was covered in two layers of chocolate frosting (a “dirty” layer and a finish coat) made with nearly four large Lindt Supreme Dark Chocolate bars (and, of course, butter and sugar).

But don’t worry, it was better than it sounds.

(If you click the images, you can almost taste it.)


San Geraldo made more than enough frosting to put between the cake layers, as well. But he then decided to use strawberry preserves instead. So, we have a bowl of left-over frosting.

What ever shall we do?