Prickly heat / Calor espinoso

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YESTERDAY WAS A BEAUTIFUL DAY to be on the beach or at the pool (and in the water). We had all the windows open and the breeze through the apartment was refreshing but, suddenly in the afternoon, the breeze went from cool to hot. We closed all the windows and turned on the air-conditioning.

Today, I thought I’d head out for an early walk, but it was already 30˚C/86˚F when I woke up and, although it wasn’t dangerously hot, that just didn’t feel like the walking weather I was hoping for. There are extreme heat warnings again today. It could possibly reach 38/100, although a bit more comfortable for us right here on the beach. Given the weather, I thought I’d share photos of the plants on the terrace (cacti and succulents), many of which are prickly and love the heat. There are more in the front hall that I’ll share another day.

This afternoon, after an indoor workout, I’m going into major production mode on San Geraldo’s book. I got all the bugs worked out with one sample chapter and can now do the rest. Very exciting.

But, speaking of prickly, I saw Maria and family for coffee again this morning. Maria, although tired from all the activities they’ve had over the last two days, was not at all prickly (as she was yesterday). And we’re adjusting to getting reacquainted from a safe distance.


AYER FUE UN DÍA HERMOSO para estar en la playa o en la piscina (y en el agua). Teníamos todas las ventanas abiertas y la brisa que atravesaba el piso era refrescante pero, de repente, por la tarde, la brisa pasó de fría a cálida. Cerramos todas las ventanas y encendimos el aire acondicionado.

Hoy, pensé en salir a caminar temprano, pero ya hacía 30˚C/86˚F cuando me desperté y, aunque no hacía un calor peligrosamente, eso no se sentía como el clima para caminar que estaba esperando. Hoy vuelven a aparecer advertencias de calor extremo. Posiblemente podría llegar a 38/100, aunque un poco más cómodo para nosotros aquí mismo en la playa. Dado el clima, pensé en compartir fotos de las plantas en la terraza (cactus y suculentas), muchas de las cuales son espinosas y adoran el calor. Hay más en el pasillo que compartiré otro día.

Esta tarde, después de un entrenamiento bajo techo, voy a entrar en modo de producción mayor en el libro de San Geraldo. Resolví todos los errores con un capítulo de muestra y ahora puedo hacer el resto. Muy emocionante.

Pero, hablando de espinosos, vi a María y su familia a tomar un café nuevamente esta mañana. María, aunque cansada de todas las actividades que han tenido durante los dos últimos días, no estaba en absoluto irritable (como ayer). Y nos estamos adaptando para volver a conocernos desde una distancia segura.

• One of two planters filled with happy crown of thorns.
• Uno de los dos maceteros llenos de feliz corona de espinas.
• Yesterday, a rare (and momentary) sight, Maria, a bit prickly.
• Ayer, una vista rara (y momentánea), María, un poco espinosa.

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27 thoughts on “Prickly heat / Calor espinoso”

    1. Cristina:
      Thanks for sharing lovely Maria! I had such a good time this morning.

  1. The plants look very content and happy. I think they are in a perfect location.
    Debated today if we ought to put on the AC……..been hot and humid here…….held off for now.

    1. Jim:
      You’re both made of sterner stuff, I think. It’s those Canadian winters!

  2. Love the photos of your plants. You certainly seemed to have mastered those prickly plants. (Notice I behaved myself and not just saying you mastered the pricks.) Oops. Said it. 🙂

    The photo of Maria is a real tearjerker. She looks sooo sad. Cute as heck, but sad!

    1. Mary:
      The problem now is some of those prickly plants need to be transplanted… and I dread it! Damn pricks. Maria was a joy again this morning (and yesterday). She even had some sweet and funny moments when she was prickly.

  3. So far August has been treating us well with tolerable temps and rain falling (mostly) at night. At this moment it is a mostly sunny day with a light breeze. Lots of bird song. Your cacti are quite happy looking! Enjoy your book assembly.

    1. Wilma:
      Never did get to the book yesterday and I think I’m going to wait for Monday to start up again.

  4. Well, no one can be in a good mood ALL the time, I guess. Love all your cacti — they must be happy with the heat. (Though 100º F is pretty intense!)

    1. Steve:
      Well SG and I are in good moods ALL the time. (That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.)

  5. I’m not going to talk about your pricks and succulents, because I’m a lady. Whoa, whoa ,whoa, I’m a lady. Maria is totally adorable no matter what side of the bed she gets up on.

    1. Deedles:
      Well, there are all kinds of ladies, you know. Wait until you see some photos of Maria from today. She grabbed my hand to go outside and play and I melted.

      1. Tis only the meaning of my name, dearest Scoot 🙂 Donna not Deedles, heh.

  6. Cactus and succulents always look so alien to me. I had some succulents once and killed even them. I’m good with outdoor plants and when it comes to inside…it’s a funeral home.

    1. Mistress Borghese:
      We amassed more and more cactus and succulents because they seem to be the most resistant to all the bugs. However, some of them regularly get scale and SG hand washes them — because he knows I would destroy myself if I did it. What a guy. (Two are overdue for a washing.) SG’s mother had a black thumb. He would buy her a big plant for her living room once a year when he visited (to replace the dead one from the previous year).

    1. Walt the Fourth:
      I don’t tend to them as well as I should, but I’ve been trying to be more attentive and it seems to be working.

    1. David:
      We usually have a house filled with plants. This time, we have two orchids in the living room and all the rest of the plants are on the terrace or in the hall. Many of them actually survive.

  7. Those eyelashes!
    Hey, how often do you actually sit out at the table on your terrace? Often, or only occasionally? We have a table on our deck, and I imagined spring and summer dinners out there, but… no.

    1. Judy C:
      Same here. We have not had a single meal at that table and rarely sit there.

  8. I am so envious of your cactus. I wish mine looked as wonderful but with our heat and smoke they just dry up and die and I live in Arizona !

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