Bubbles, baking, and ugly appliances / Postre, burbujas, y aparatos feos

La versión en español está después de la versión en inglés.

SAN GERALDO MADE A NEW (to us) cake last night. He found a video on Recipe Arabes’ YouTube channel (click here), transcribed it, and tried it out. It’s a novel approach to applying the top layer of dough, and the difference in texture made it very pleasing. We’re both enjoying it (after dinner last night, after lunch today, so far) but agree the yogurt filling could use a bit more punch. So, he’s going to try it again with a different filling. The ball of dough in the second photo in the series is what was grated over the filling. Held in SG’s enormous hand, it looks much smaller than it actually was. (He could never have been a hand model, whose hands tend to be smaller than average.)

This morning, I headed out for a walk — it wasn’t nearly as warm as yesterday — and received a text from Cristina that she and Maria were on their way to Mesón Salvador. I said I’d stop by after my walk (if I wasn’t too smelly) in the hopes that they’d still be there. I smelled as fresh as a daisy. My secret? Instead of deodorant, I spray my cologne under my arms. When I sweat — excuse me, when I perspire — I smell like my cologne, which is currently YSL L’Intense.

But back to Cristina. She and Maria were still at Mesón Salvador, as was Alfonso, although they had planned to soon leave. Cristina was just about to go outside with Maria to blow bubbles (that, of course, she carries in her bag). I asked Maria — in English — if I could come with her and she grabbed my hand and led me out the door. What a rush! And, no, I didn’t touch anything until I used my hand sanitizer. Cristina ran out of bubbles around the same time Maria ran out of steam. Good timing. When we walked back inside, San Geraldo, who was on his way to the pharmacy, was enjoying a soda with Alfonso. So I had iced coffee and we all sat around for a while longer.

I haven’t worked at all on San Geraldo’s book this weekend. I’ve decided to pretend it’s my job and only work weekdays. Since it’s almost dinner time, you can probably surmise I’ve had a fairly lazy day. As is often the case when we’re with Alfonso and Cristina, we talked about English and Spanish expressions that don’t translate into the other language.

Like SG, Alfonso uses a lot of expressions peculiar to where he grew up. Unlike SG, Alfonso uses the expressions correctly. We learned a new one today which I’ll have to remember to use as often as I can: “Más feo que un frigorífico al revers.”

Uglier than the back of a refrigerator.


SAN GERALDO HIZO UN NUEVO pastel (para nosotros) anoche. Encontró un video en el canal de YouTube de Recipe Arabes (haz clic aquí), lo transcribió, y lo probó. Es un enfoque novedoso para aplicar la capa superior de masa, y la diferencia de textura lo hizo muy agradable. Ambos lo estamos disfrutando (después de la cena de anoche, después del almuerzo de hoy, hasta ahora), pero estamos de acuerdo en que el relleno de yogur ligero podría necesitar un poco más de ponche. Entonces, lo volverá a intentar con un relleno diferente. La bola de masa de la segunda foto de la serie es lo que se rallaba sobre el relleno. Sostenido en la enorme mano de SG, parece mucho más pequeño de lo que realmente era. (Él nunca podría haber sido un modelo de manos, cuyas manos tienden a ser más pequeñas que el promedio).

Esta mañana, salí a caminar, no hacía tanto calor como ayer, y recibí un mensaje de texto de Cristina diciendo que ella y María estaban de camino a Mesón Salvador. Dije que pasaría por allí después de mi caminata (si no olía demasiado) con la esperanza de que todavía estuvieran allí. Olía tan fresco como una margarita. ¿Mi secreto? En lugar de desodorante, rocío mi colonia debajo de los brazos. Cuando sudo, huelo a mi colonia, que actualmente es YSL L’Intense.

Pero volvamos a Cristina. Ella y María todavía estaban en Mesón Salvador, al igual que Alfonso, aunque tenían planeado irse pronto. Cristina estaba a punto de salir con María a hacer burbujas (que, por supuesto, lleva en el bolso). Le pregunté a María, en inglés, si podía ir con ella, me tomó de la mano y me condujo hacia la puerta. ¡Qué prisa! Y no, no toqué nada hasta que usé mi desinfectante de manos. Cristina se quedó sin burbujas casi al mismo tiempo que María se quedó sin vapor. Buen tiempo. Cuando regresamos al interior, San Geraldo, que se dirigía a la farmacia, estaba disfrutando de un refresco con Alfonso. Así que tomé café helado y nos sentamos todos un rato más.

No he trabajado para nada en el libro de San Geraldo este fin de semana. He decidido fingir que es mi trabajo y solo trabajo los días de semana. Como es casi la hora de cenar, probablemente puedas suponer que he tenido un día bastante flojo.

Como suele ocurrir cuando estamos con Alfonso y Cristina, hablamos de expresiones en inglés y español que no se traducen al otro idioma. Al igual que SG, Alfonso usa muchas expresiones propias del lugar donde creció. A diferencia de SG, Alfonso usa las expresiones correctamente. Hoy aprendimos uno nuevo que tendré que recordar usar tan a menudo como pueda:

“Más feo que un frigorífico al revers.”

• Yes, Duchess Deedles, a whisk would be helpful.
• Sí, duquesa Deedles, un batidor sería útil.
• Maria found her shadow (and her reflection in the windows) as fascinating as the bubbles.
• María encontró su sombra (y su reflejo en las ventanas) tan fascinante como las burbujas.

Author: Moving with Mitchell

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40 thoughts on “Bubbles, baking, and ugly appliances / Postre, burbujas, y aparatos feos”

  1. How wonderful! These joyful photos are so sweet to see, and I love the idea of the pie crust done that way.

    1. Judy:
      I was surpised at what a nice texture it made for the top. A lot like a crumble.

    1. Jim:
      Maria’s joy is easily capture. And it’s contagious. She makes strangers smile.

  2. Mitch! What are you doin’ to me! These are adorable to the nth degree + 1. That is what we say when we are super impressed ++++!

    1. Ron:
      I thanked Cristina and Alfonso yesterday for sharing Maria with us. She makes the days better.

  3. Lovely photos!!! And lovely time with you!
    This evening after dinner, maría said: Quiero ir Mitchel 😂😂😂.
    Thanks for including us in your great blog! 🥰

    1. Cristina:
      She and you both make me so happy. Thanks again for sharing your vacation with us.

  4. Oh that little Maria! She looks like a happy little fairy creature. I’ll have you know, mister Scoot Magoo, I now own a whisk. It came with the little canister holdy thingy along with spatulas, spoons, tongs and whatnot. All red. I use it as a room accent. I will only eat this if someone else makes it. Just to be polite, you know.

    1. Deedles:
      You are so well-mannered. Before I met SG (107 years ago), I had a little canister filled with odd things. For decorative purposes only. I gave it away fairly quickly. I got tired of dusting it. Maria is the best medicine.

      1. What is this dusting of which you speak? The tools in my canister are useful for some purposes. I find a fork works for me better than a whisk so that particular tool is decorative. So is the slotted spatula shaped like a ladle. What is a curved spatula used for? The stuff I use is in a drawer whereas the canister stuff just sits there on the counter, along with the matching red toaster and coffee maker. I finally have my splash of red!
        As for dusting (I googled it), if I did that, however will I grow my houseplants and potatoes? Sheesh!

      2. Deedles:
        My aunt had a housekeeper for a long time who told her she had never worked in a house where all she had to do in the kitchen was dust.

    1. David:
      I’m glad you noticed. I didn’t notice the tank top until I was cropping photos.

  5. Great action shots of Maria. She’s even wearing a little bubble suit (that’s what we use to call that romper style). Just right for the occasion. Cristina is a wise mama. Always carry a bag full of distractions when out with your children–especially toddlers.

    1. Mary:
      I had forgotten those were called bubble suits. I have to tell Cristina. She’ll love that.

    1. Oh, and I forgot to say — I LOVE that expression, “Uglier than the back of a refrigerator.” I have to remember it and work it into conversation some time!

      1. Steve:
        Sometimes, our expressions are lost in translation. This one was not. I love it.

    2. Steve:
      Aren’t those hair-action shots wild? As for the cake, I didn’t mention that the top crust (the grated dough) was filled with the zest of an entire lemon. SG needs to come up with a filling worthy of the crust.

  6. SG’s cake looks even prettier than the one in the video. It looks a little complicated for me, but I might try it.

    1. Carole:
      The filling could be more flavorful. But the texture was wonderful and the crust is delicious.

      1. What are your or SG’s suggestions to add to the filling to improve the flavor?

      2. Carole:
        SG hasn’t given it any thought. Maybe fruit added to the yogurt?

  7. I must try that cake. I am trying to eat the computer at this moment.
    The adorable Maria is full of joy and great hair. Plus i love the Bubble outfit.

  8. She is such a beautiful child but I have to say, that last shot was brilliant! And that cake…..I am on an all you can eat whatever you want diet so….

    1. Cheapchick:
      SG enjoyed preparing the cake, too. So a win all round. As for Maria, I can’t get enough of her. She’s become my pal and asks for me when I’m not with them.

  9. Maria is a little angel. You really capture her in your photos. I bet that cake would be good with fruit–blueberries or strawberries.


    1. Janie:
      Maria is so sweet… and she talks to everyone. Last night she tried to take a bottle of water from a woman walking by. A boy of about 8 was carrying a big ball and she strode right up to him, took it out of his hands, and walked away. He was a very nice kid. Her father told her to give it back and she did. And the boy said “thank you”!

      1. Janie:
        Her parents are very clear with her and don’t back off. As for strangers, yep, whatever Maria wants. However, she is already very thoughtful and has a strong belief in sharing (and not just to her benefit like with the water and the ball). She even offered to share her ice cream with me. Um, no thanks.

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