Seamen style / A la marinera

La versión en español está después de la versión en inglés.

We recently had an aggressive wildfire less than an hour from us (northwest of Marbella) that required the evacuation of possibly 3,000 people. Firefighters managed to get it “stabilized” within a couple of days, but more than 1,235 acres (3,500 hectares) were destroyed and 3 firefighters were injured. Two-hundred firefighters were still at work the day after it was stabilized. This is the same area of a truly devastating wildfire last year and, again, the origins are suspicious (last year’s was started by arson). So glad it’s under control.

For the first of my pre-birthday dinners, Thursday of last week, we went to a nearby restaurant (there are so many nearby) that we had never tried before. It’s been here for ages and is quite large and spacious. We always avoided it because we assumed it would be touristy and impersonal.

Our downstairs neighbors (who are often here from Córdoba and whom we like very much) told us it’s their favorite restaurant in all Fuengirola. So, finally, we went to La Carihuela Chica with Nick and Alyson. It’s so close, we could clearly see our terrace from the table (photo above from our terrace to the restaurant, just beyond the ice cream parlor). The welcome was warm and personal, the service was exceptional, and, oh my god, the food! The servings were enormous, as were the dishes they were served on.

San Geraldo and I chose two different monkfish dishes. Mine was grilled (a la plancha). He told us his was “seamen” style. I, of course, misunderstood. “Did you say semen style?” I asked. “Yes,” he innocently replied. Monkfish in Spanish is “rape,” [RAH-peh] which made it even worse.

Check it all out below. I just looked at the photos again and my mouth began to water.

Nutrition and Fitness Report
Stretching: Once a day.
Walking: 7 km / 4.5 miles Sunday.
Gym: On may way for chest, back, and legs workou


Recientemente tuvimos un incendio forestal agresivo a menos de una hora de nosotros (noroeste de Marbella) que requirió la evacuación de posiblemente 3.000 personas. Los bomberos lograron “estabilizarlo” en un par de días, pero se destruyeron más de 3500 hectáreas (1235 acres) y 3 bomberos resultaron heridos. Doscientos bomberos todavía estaban trabajando el día después de que se estabilizó. Esta es la misma área de un incendio forestal verdaderamente devastador el año pasado y, nuevamente, los orígenes son sospechosos (el año pasado comenzó por un incendio provocado). Me alegro de que esté bajo control.

Para la primera de mis cenas pre-cumpleaños, el jueves de la semana pasada, fuimos a un restaurante cercano (hay tantos cerca) que nunca habíamos probado. Ha estado aquí durante mucho tiempo y es bastante grande y espacioso. Siempre lo evitamos porque asumimos que sería turístico e impersonal.

Nuestros vecinos de abajo (que suelen venir de Córdoba y nos gustan mucho) nos dijeron que es su restaurante favorito de todo Fuengirola. Entonces, finalmente, fuimos a La Carihuela Chica con Nick y Alyson. Está tan cerca que podíamos ver claramente nuestra terraza desde la mesa (foto de arriba desde nuestra terraza hasta el restaurante, justo más allá de la heladería). La bienvenida fue cálida y personal, el servicio fue excepcional y, ¡Dios mío, la comida! Las raciones eran enormes, al igual que los platos en los que se servían.

San Geraldo y yo elegimos dos platos diferentes de rape. El mío fue a la parrilla (a la plancha). Nos dijo que el suyo era estilo “seamen” [marinero]. Yo, por supuesto, entendí mal. “¿Dijiste estilo semen?” [que se pronuncia exactamente igual en ingles] yo pregunté. “Sí”, respondió inocentemente. En inglés, “rape” signficia “violación sexual,” lo que lo hizo aún peor.

Compruebe todo esto abajo. Acabo de mirar las fotos de nuevo y se me hizo la boca agua.

Informe de Nutrición y Estado Físico
Estiramiento: Una vez al día.
Caminando: 7 km / 4.5 millas domingo.
Gimnasio: En camino para pecho, espalda, y piernas.

• From our table around 9:00. The smoke from the fire.
• De la mesa alrededor las 21:00. El humo del infierno.
• My grilled monkfish.
• Mi rape a la plancha.
• San Geraldo’s monkfish with seafood seamen style.
• Rape a la marinera de San Geraldo.
• Alyson’s chicken.
• Pollo de Alyson.
• Nick’s 18-ounce grilled beef tenderloin.
• Solomillo de ternera a la parilla de 500 gramas de Nick.
• Nick’s cheesecake.
• Tarta de queso de Nick.
• San Geraldo’s tiramisú.
• El tiramisú de San Geraldo.
• Alyson’s flan.
• El flan de Alyson.
• My chocolate coulant (molten lava cake) with vanilla ice cream.
• Mi coulant de chocolate con helado de vainilla
• Three airtankers Thursday evening.
• Tres aviones cisterna el jueves por la noche.
• Sunrise Friday.
• El almanecer del viernes.

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33 thoughts on “Seamen style / A la marinera”

  1. I can think of rude jokes (aren’t we really just older 12 year olds?) The seaman style looks wonderful. And the desserts – one of each.

    1. David:
      Everything was perfect. I didn’t taste SG’s marinera, but he said he was delicious. We’re going back with other friends Thursday for my actual birthday!

  2. We have only had 2 major fires near our home over the past 15 years and I sure hope it stays that way. Stress levels are quite disturbing when you think something/one can actually take away from you by someone’s selfish actions.
    Desserts and food ~ I must say you have snagged a great place to begin your BD week celebration. Now for monkfish ( fishing-frogs, frog-fish, and sea-devils) ~ sorry I could never attempt them. Love the sunset!

      1. mcpersonalspace54:
        More food pics on the horizon. SG loves tiramisú and he said this very generous serving didn’t disappoint.

    1. Ron:
      They’re still fighting the fire but it does remain under control and contained. Sickos! The manager of the seafood tapas bar below our apartment in Sevilla called it monkeyfish.

  3. I bet you’re kicking yourselves now for waiting so long to try that restaurant! The food all looks delicious. Personally, I am lusting after that lava cake and ice cream.

    1. Debra:
      Nah, as long as we made it there, we’re happy — and we’re making up for lost time by going back this week. The lava cake was the best I’ve had. Freshly filled and heated.

  4. Oh the things I might have snickered at like a child at that table.
    Sidenote: I have also heard monkfish called Poor Man’s Lobster.

    1. Bob:
      I had heard “poor man’s lobster,” as well. Forgot about that. Believe me, this one lived up to the name. My niece and her husband were here from England some years ago and he was really confused by the signs on one chiringuito. He asked me about a sign he read that said something about rape and horny. What he saw was monkfish and horno (oven).

  5. There’s nothing quite like a dish served seamen-style, dear…

    It all looks delicious, and – much like the flamenquin yesterday, has my stomach rumbling. Jx

    PS That is a very dramatic sky, indeed!

  6. After my foot-in-mouth comment yesterday, I ain’t touching this with a 10 foot pole, LOL!

    1. Tundra Bunny:
      Oh, you didn’t put your foot in your mouth… nor anyone else’s. Do you HAVE a 10-foot-pole?

      1. No, but I could scrounge up a 6 foot long sharpened hockey stick if needs be, LOL!

  7. The grilled monkfish would have been my choice, too, although I would gladly eat any of those dishes. Yikes about the fire. With climate change, wildfires are becoming a possibility in our region, although I haven’t heard of any. People are saying that the forests are drying out, trees are dying (our back yard is a prime example), and it’s not raining as much. We’re currently in an official drought.

    1. Walt the Fourth:
      I love monkfish and this was possibly the best I’ve ever had. Our area is very much like Southern California. Nature-induced wildfires are always a concern. It doesn’t help when there are idiot arsonists (or just careless, irresponsible people) around.

  8. All right, now I KNOW you’re just trying to bait me into saying something naughty with that Blog title…

    I’m glad you two weren’t displaced by the fire. How scary.

      1. Sassybear:
        Thank you. The planets are again in alignment.

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