What’s to eat? / ¿Qué hay para comer?

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Wednesday night was dinner at Mesón Salvador with Nick and Alyson. The food was, of course, perfect. I can’t remember what San Geraldo had, and somehow I didn’t get a photo of it. But I’m sure it included a potato (although not chips/French fries). I was saintly and had a huge serving of vegetables. Alyson had flamenquin, an Andalusian specialty that can be known to look somewhat phallic. Click here to see the kind we used to get in Sevilla.

Saturday was a paella lunch at the home of Luke and Beckett’s parents (Pedro and Kathleen). Pedro makes the best paella. It was exquisite. Even Pedro, who always finds something in his superb cooking to apologize for, had to admit it was excellent. There was another pre-birthday celebration for me (the first was Thursday with Nick and Alyson — with photos still to come). Cheesecake and candles. I had a bagful of gifts for the boys (and even for Pedro) that I’d been saving for months. More on that another day.

Saturday, I had no physical activity except a 5-minute walk uphill to Pedro and Kathleen’s after we parked the car. When we got home, I had a long siesta. I’ll be making up for that today. There are more food stories and photos, and more Málaga stories and photos still to come. I’ve been blogging just about every day recently because I’ve fallen so far behind on all the things I want to share.


El miércoles por la noche fue una cena en Mesón Salvador con Nick y Alyson. La comida era, por supuesto, perfecta. No puedo recordar lo que tenía San Geraldo, y de alguna manera no obtuve una foto de eso. Pero estoy seguro de que incluía una papa (aunque no papas fritas). Yo era un santo y tenía una gran porción de verduras. Alyson tenía flamenquín, una especialidad andaluza que se puede saber que luce un tanto fálica. Haz clic aquí para ver el tipo que solíamos conseguir en Sevilla.

El sábado fue un almuerzo de paella en la casa de los padres de Luke y Beckett (Pedro y Kathleen). Pedro hace la mejor paella. Fue exquisito. Incluso Pedro, que siempre encuentra algo en su magnífica cocina por lo que disculparse, tuvo que admitir que era excelente. Hubo otra celebración previa al cumpleaños para mí (la primera fue el jueves con Nick y Alyson, con fotos aún por venir). Tarta de queso y velas. Tenía una bolsa llena de regalos para los niños (e incluso para Pedro) que había estado guardando durante meses. Más de eso otro día.

El sábado, no tuve actividad física excepto una caminata de 5 minutos cuesta arriba hasta casa de Pedro y Kathleen después de que estacionamos el auto. Cuando llegamos a casa, dormí una larga siesta. Lo compensaré hoy. Aquí hay más fotos y historias de comida. Y más historias y fotos de Málaga por venir. He estado blogueando casi todos los días últimamente porque me he retrasado mucho en todas las cosas que quiero compartir.

• Nick’s 26-ounce steak at Mesón Salvador.
• La ternera de 750 gramas de Nick.
• My 300-gram beef tenderloin.
• Mi solomillo de ternera de 300 gramas.
• Alyson’s flamenquin.
• El flamenquin de Alyson.
• Mesón Salvador always has delicious olives.
• Mesón Salvador siempre tiene ricas aceitunas.
• My Pionono (like Bailey’s Irish Cream only better, click here). San Geraldo gave his to Nick (instead of to me); I was not pleased.
• Mi Pionono (como Bailey’s Irish Cream solo que mejor, haz clic aquí). San Geraldo le dio la suya a Nick (en lugar de mí); no estaba contento
• Kathleen’s reused birthday candles. Luke was perplexed. “Why 40?”
• Las velas de cumpleaños de Kathleen, reutilizadas. Lucas estaba perplejo. “¿Por qué 40?”

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28 thoughts on “What’s to eat? / ¿Qué hay para comer?”

  1. Looks yummy! It has been wonderful hearing from you nearly every day. Happy 40th Birthday sometime soon

  2. I didn’t realize the numbers looked so different in Spain … 40?
    Food porn, is that the paella up top … yummy, and Pedro[?] porn-lite.

    1. Bob:
      That’s it. It’s just a difference in the way the numbers are written here. And, yes, the paella and Pedro!

    1. Jim:
      Pedro always made excellent paellla but he made some additions to the recipe and I’ve never had better.

    1. Judy C:
      And Pedro can cook! He’s served up some delicious Spanish traditions.

  3. OMG, that steak frites looks AMAZING. Isn’t it great to have something to blog about every day? I don’t always have something to blog about but somehow I always manage to squeak out a post. LOL

    1. Steve:
      I spend a lot of time taking, selecting, cropping, and sometimes editing photos. So, a daily post is time consuming. But I do enjoy it. And it’s become my journal, too.

    1. Debra:
      I had a friend in NYC who had started counting from 21 again when she reached 40. It’s been 42 years, so I think she’s now 26. The cheesecake was surprisingly good.

  4. Is that 40 in dog years, LOL? Just kidding, you look great for your age! And so do those steaks, shrimp, olives and cheesecake… why must you torture us so?!

    Happy Birthday, Mitchell!

    1. Tundra Bunny:
      For my age, huh? In dog years, what would that be? 190?
      The food is SO good. And SG cooks up a storm at home. What a life.

      1. One dog year equals 7 human years, but I’m going to take Will Rogers’ advice here: “When you find yourself in a hole, stop digging!”

      2. Tundra Bunny:
        What that means is I’m really about half as old as Methuselah.

    1. Urspo:
      We don’t tend to eat expensive. But we could cut back. SO good, though.

  5. OK so I understand that your 40th Birthday is coming up and this picture is a way of saying look I’m 40. Happy Birthday by anticipation.

    1. larrymuffin:
      I should have gotten a shot of Luke’s expression when he saw the “40” candles. He knew I didn’t look 40.

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