Fjordsteam Bergen

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San Geraldo is coping fairly well with having a cold and being tired. That seems to be the extent of his Covid symptoms. He’s miserable, but he’s managing. He doesn’t have an appetite, except for sweet things. He thought creamy soup sounded good yesterday, so I brought back two choices. He had a couple of spoonfuls of each, but that was all he could manage. When I went back out he asked if I could bring back a chocolate malt or shake. That’s what his mother always brought him when he was sick and it became his comfort food. So, I stopped at McDonald’s and picked up one for each of us. He enjoyed every last drop. I’ll do that again today. There are no Covid restrictions in Norway. So, we went down together for breakfast. He was masked. And we sat far away from anyone else. He didn’t eat much and came upstairs quickly. Anyway, he’ll survive and we’ll eventually have a good time together. I picked up pizza last night. Today I’ll meet cousin Andreas and family for festivities at the port. Fjordsteam Bergen began Thursday and ends tomorrow. It’s “the largest festival in Europe for historic ships, vehicles, planes, trains and trams.” Today is the harbor party: “Ships arriving from the districts. Demonstration of old ways and techniques…. Classic car parade”, fireworks, and more.” I wandered yesterday among the masses of people. Today will be better (i.e., worse). Just as well San Geraldo doesn’t have the energy for the outing today. He wouldn’t have much patience for all the people anyway. Cruise ship passengers, ugh! (Sorry to any considerate cruise ship passengers out there.) Here’s some of what I saw during my wanderings yesterday. A surprising day filled with glorious sunshine. Lots of people and traffic, and plenty of opportunities to escape them.


San Geraldo está lidiando bastante bien con el resfriado y el cansancio. Ese parece ser el alcance de sus síntomas de Covid. Es miserable, pero se las arregla. No tiene apetito, excepto por las cosas dulces. Ayer pensó que la sopa cremosa sonaba bien, así que traje dos opciones. Tomó un par de cucharadas de cada uno, pero eso fue todo lo que pudo. Cuando volví a salir, me preguntó si podía traer una malta de chocolate o un batido. Eso es lo que su madre siempre le traía cuando estaba enfermo y se convirtió en su alimento reconfortante. Entonces, me detuve en McDonald’s y compré uno para cada uno de nosotros. Disfrutó hasta la última gota. Lo haré de nuevo hoy. No hay restricciones de Covid en Noruega. Entonces, bajamos juntos a desayunar. Estaba enmascarado. Y nos sentamos lejos de cualquier otra persona. No comió mucho y subió rápidamente. De todos modos, sobrevivirá y eventualmente pasaremos un buen rato juntos. Compré pizza anoche. Hoy me reuniré con el primo Andreas y su familia para las festividades en el puerto. Fjordsteam Bergen comenzó el jueves y termina mañana. Es “el festival más grande de Europa para barcos, vehículos, aviones, trenes y tranvías históricos”. Hoy es la fiesta del puerto: “Barcos que llegan de los distritos. Demostración de antiguas formas y técnicas… Desfile de autos clásicos”, fuegos artificiales y más”. Ayer deambulé entre las masas de personas. Hoy será mejor (es decir, peor). Menos mal que San Geraldo no tiene la energía para la salida de hoy. De todos modos, no tendría mucha paciencia con todas las personas. Pasajeros de cruceros, ¡uf! (Lo siento por los pasajeros de cruceros considerados). Aquí hay algo de lo que vi durante mis vagabundeos ayer: un día sorprendente lleno de un sol glorioso, mucha gente y tráfico, y muchas oportunidades para escapar de ellos.

• Three intersections, three green lights. No going.
• Tres intersecciones, tres luces verdes. No van.
• Bryggen (The Dock), built after The Great Fire of 1702.
• Bryggen (El Muelle), construido después del Gran Incendio de 1702.
• SG’s attempt at breakfast. That would put me off food, too.
• El intento de desayuno de SG. Eso también me alejaría de la comida.

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Author: Moving with Mitchell

From Brooklyn, New York; to North Massapequa; back to Brooklyn; Brockport, New York; back to Brooklyn... To Boston, Massachusetts, where I met Jerry... To Marina del Rey, California; Washington, DC; New Haven and Guilford, Connecticut; San Diego, San Francisco, Palm Springs, and Santa Barbara, California; Las Vegas, Nevada; Irvine, California; Sevilla, Spain. And Fuengirola, Málaga..

33 thoughts on “Fjordsteam Bergen”

    1. David:
      Normally not at all bad for driving. The festival brought in a lot of people… and cars.

    1. You can’t have a proper breakfast without them! We think eating bacon with pancakes is a disgusting combination, but each to their own… Jx

      1. How odd – I am signed into WP yet both my comments posted as “Anonymous” again. Sigh. Jx

      2. Jon:
        You are clearly not American… and I’m happy for you. But bacon and pancakes are perfect together. As for baked beans, I prefer to live my entire perfect life without them.

      1. Once again you show yourself of man of intelligence, taste, and breeding! (Which is to say, you agree with me.)

    1. Frank:
      Poor SG. Not very happy right now, but we’ll get this out of the way and he’s got another 23 days to enjoy.

    1. Debra:
      Normally, traffic in Bergen is very manageable. The festival made a mess of things. You’re right. Yuck! I do think I already had Covid and gave it to SG, so I’m not worried about myself.

  1. I’m so sorry SG has Covid! I’m just getting caught up with blog reading and I just found out. I hope he continues to have mild symptoms, and I hope you don’t get sick, too. Take care of each other!

    1. Jennifer:
      I think I already had Covid, despite testing negative, and I passed it to SG. He’s back in bed right now.

  2. SG said that you were a saint for getting him that shake, not to mention sweet. He’s right about that, Scoot. I always thought that milk products (shakes, creamy soups) helped produce more flim..flem..phlem.. uh, snotty stuff one coughs up with a cold. That’s not good, is it? PHLEGM! Sheesh!
    I’ve never met an inconsiderate cruise passenger (including me) except for that bunch of Brazilians in the Caribbean. Very rude. I don’t count the 7-year-old cutie travelling as her Japanese grandmother’s sometime translator. She (the cutie) eyed my plate and asked innocently if I wasn’t afraid of getting fatter if I ate the whole thing. I choked on my eggs laughing.
    Beans and bacon don’t sound bad for breakfast. I’d ditch the eggs though.
    Those photos are absolutely stunning!
    You two enjoy your adventure. SG, feel better soon.
    Oh, thanks Scoot, for taking the time to keep us informed. That is what this blog is about isn’t it? 🙂

    1. Deedles:
      I’ve always been surprised by his desire for a shake when he’s got cold symptoms. But it always helps him. I bought him another yesterday. Maybe cruise ship passengers are more pleasant onboard. When they arrive in droves in a particular port, it’s a different experience for those of us already on land. Beans and anything for any meal… blech!!!

  3. Wonderful photos, Mitchell! I’m just tickled that you are in Norway, because… who (over here) ever thinks of going to Norway? And, yet, it’s beautiful and historic.

    1. Judy C:
      Thanks to SG’s extended family, whom we didn’t meet until our first visit here in 1998, this has become our second home. A truly spectacular country and people. (And family.)

    1. Bob:
      I do walk everywhere when I’m here. The festival ends today, so it should much calmer around town. SG was feeling much better yesterday. He’s kind of miserable today, but I think it will soon pass. He at least has his appetite again.

  4. I too am sorry to read about poor San Geraldo getting Covid. Especially after all this time of you two being so safe and such and now he gets it. While in this most beautiful place. Here’s too hoping he feels better.

    1. Mistress Borghese:
      Poor guy did eat a good breakfast this morning. But he’s back in bed. Hope he wakes up feeling much better.

  5. Bring in the the cooler temps is my motto right now. SG needs some good ol’ lovin’ care! For sure

    1. Ron:
      I bought him another chocolate shake yesterday and will do so until he’s all better. CSC, the chocolate shake cure.

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