Oh, crud, Covid / Ay, mierda, Covid

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I’m feeling much better every day. But San Geraldo woke up this morning and said he wasn’t feeling quite right. He took a Covid test and tested positive. I took another and tested negative, again. I was taking Paracetamol every day, which really knocks me out. So I should begin to feel significantly more energized without it. SG, on the other hand, popped a pill this morning and will probably spend the day, unhappily, lounging in our room — with its large terrace and spectacular view. So, there’s at least that. We even have slivers of blue sky this morning (above photo). But it’s supposed to continue to be cloudy and rainy the rest of our time in Bergen. I hope SG recovers quickly, so he can enjoy more of the city. Norway no longer has special regulations surrounding Covid. Just some simple recommendations as with other illnesses, like flu. Sadly, we had to cancel our weekend plans with cousin Andreas and his wonderful family. They live on an island outside the city. Andreas was going to drive in to do some shopping with us and then we were going to drive back with him for a barbecue. I grabbed a quick breakfast downstairs and brought a box up for SG. I’ll pick up some lunch for him and will probably wander and take pictures this afternoon. But, oh crud. Yesterday evening, we walked over to second-cousin Ellen’s place just 8 minutes up the street, which is the area of town where their grandmothers grew up. We had dinner with some of her family, who are a joy. Her eldest grandson is doing an environmental studies camp in Bergen and staying with her while he does. He was a charmer. Just a great family.


Me siento mucho mejor cada día. Pero San Geraldo se despertó esta mañana y dijo que no se sentía del todo bien. Se hizo una prueba de Covid y dio positivo. Tomé otro y di negativo, otra vez. Estaba tomando paracetamol todos los días, lo que realmente me deja inconsciente. Así que debería empezar a sentirme con mucha más energía sin él. SG, por otro lado, tomó una pastilla esta mañana y probablemente pasará el día, infelizmente, descansando en nuestra habitación, con su gran terraza y una vista espectacular. Entonces, al menos hay eso. Incluso tenemos astillas de cielo azul esta mañana (foto de arriba). Pero se supone que seguirá nublado y lluvioso el resto de nuestro tiempo en Bergen. Espero que SG se recupere pronto, para poder disfrutar más de la ciudad. Noruega ya no tiene regulaciones especiales en torno a Covid. Solo algunas recomendaciones simples como con otras enfermedades, como la gripe. Lamentablemente, tuvimos que cancelar nuestros planes de fin de semana con el primo Andreas y su maravillosa familia. Viven en una isla fuera de la ciudad. Andreas iba a conducir para hacer algunas compras con nosotros y luego íbamos a regresar con él para una barbacoa. Tomé un desayuno rápido abajo y subí una caja para SG. Compraré algo de almuerzo para él y probablemente pasearé y tomaré fotografías esta tarde. Pero, oh mierda. Ayer por la noche, caminamos hasta la casa de la prima segunda Ellen, a solo 8 minutos calle arriba, que es el área de la ciudad donde crecieron sus abuelas. Cenamos con algunos de su familia, que son una alegría. Su nieto mayor asiste a un campamento de estudios ambientales en Bergen y se queda con ella mientras lo hace. Él era un encanto. Simplemente una gran familia.

• Lunch yesterday.
• Almuerzo ayer.
• My ginger beer on a stunning backdrop.
• Mi cerveza de jengibre en un impresionante telón de fondo.
• Algae.
• Algas.

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27 thoughts on “Oh, crud, Covid / Ay, mierda, Covid”

    1. Elin:
      He’s already improving today. I’m glad he’s getting it out of the way before we see you!

  1. Crud, indeed. I had it for the second time (I tested positive over Xmas last year) back in June – but had I not done a test, I would never have known! Neither time did I feel more than a slight feeling of “being a bit run-down”.

    The UK is taking a similar approach to Norway, advising people who have symptoms to avoid vulnerable people, but otherwise has removed all mandatory restrictions on contact. I know dozens of people who have tested positive in recent weeks – including my sister and my mother, and numerous colleagues in work. Now that there are no more free test kits available via the NHS, there are likely to be many more asymptomatic cases around than we’ll ever know. Unless there’s a deadly mutation of the virus, it seems that the panic is over and it is being perceived as you say, like a cold or the flu.

    Chin up – there’s plenty of holiday left to enjoy! Jx

    1. Jon:
      SG is already improving. Norway’s approach makes it much easier for us being here.

  2. Stay safe and explore, time for some nice strolls. That last photo, it must be genetic, we have seen that face before – a few decades older – but the same face.

  3. Sending SG lots of healing thoughts though I don’t know if I was feeling all right if I’d leave a balcony with that view.

    1. Bob:
      The view has sure helped him. He’s currently doing much better. I’m sure he’ll run out of steam this afternoon, but good to see him doing better.

  4. Oh, poor SG! What a miserable way to start a much looked forward to trip. He can now really earn those Grumpy pajamas. Give him hugs from me if you can, Scoot. Take a few for yourself.

      1. Deedles:
        Sending enormous hugs (klemmer) to you and thanks for that ecard. The first good laugh I heard from him.

  5. I’m so sorry SG got the crud. Well, I certainly know how it feels to be stuck in hotel overseas due to Covid…ten days back in March–only had a sore throat and minor cold symptoms that were over in a couple of days, but at that time in the UK, restrictions were tighter and I kept testing positive until the tenth day. However, if Jerry’s symptoms resolve quickly, he could probably go out with a mask on if he is concerned about exposing others, including any vulnerable relatives. The guidelines are wildly different depending on where you are–not making it easy to figure out your best course of action. Just hope Jerry feels better soon so that you can enjoy your time in Norway. Sending hugs.

    1. Mary:
      Much easier here given the lack of regulations now. As long as he’s feeling up to it, he can go out, although masking is recommended while he’s positive. He’s very responsible, so no problems here. He’s still lacking energy for doing anything much anyway.

  6. Oh, heavens! I hope you’ll still both be able to enjoy this trip, and that Jerry doesn’t feel too sick, and you don’t get it.

    1. Judy C:
      I’m not worried about getting it since although I’ve consistently tested negative I’m sure I wasn’t and that I gave it to him. He’s already on the mend. And we’ll be in Norway until 30 August, so plenty of time still to enjoy.

    1. Frank:
      Already improving. And we’ve get plenty more time to enjoy in Norway. Thanks.

  7. Poor SG — it’s rotten to get sick on vacation. I wish him a speedy recovery so you both can enjoy Norway!

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