Tongue tied / Lengua atada

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We spent yesterday afternoon and evening with Andreas and family at their home in Hetlevik, a spectacularly beautiful area outside the city (and not easy to get to). Andreas picked us up, then drove to his mother’s, Inger, where we had refreshments before taking us all back to Hetlevik for dinner and great company. Andreas then drove us all home. Have I mentioned the man is a saint? It was raining and I was in the back seat, so I have only one photo to share of the drive. That was when we had arrived on Hetlevik and came upon a friend of Andreas’ out walking his dog. We stopped for a visit on the narrow, windy road until the dog barked at us to get moving because another car was coming. Ten-year-old Olav is vegetarian. So Anete and Andreas prepared a phenomenal vegetarian meal for us all. Quinoa, guacamole, black beans, pomegranate seeds, cherry tomatoes, and more. And the only photo I have is of cousins San Geraldo and Olav comparing tongues. San Geraldo did well. When we got home, I walked to McDonalds and picked up two more chocolate therapy shakes. I’ve been having one in solidarity with SG. We sat on the sofa and watched the final three episodes of “Uncoupled” on Netflix. We had breakfast a couple of hours ago. San Geraldo is snoozing. I might join him.


Pasamos la tarde y la noche de ayer con Andreas y su familia en su casa en Hetlevik, un área espectacularmente hermosa fuera de la ciudad (y no es fácil llegar). Andreas nos recogió y luego condujo hasta la casa de su madre, Inger, donde tomamos refrescos antes de llevarnos a todos de vuelta a Hetlevik para cenar y disfrutar de una excelente compañía. Andreas luego nos llevó a todos a casa. ¿He mencionado que el tipo es un santo? Estaba lloviendo y yo estaba en el asiento trasero, así que solo tengo una foto para compartir del viaje. Fue entonces cuando llegamos a Hetlevik y nos encontramos con un amigo de Andreas paseando a su perro. Nos detuvimos para hacer una visita en el camino angosto y sinuoso hasta que el perro nos ladró para que nos pusiéramos en marcha porque venía otro automóvil. Olav, de 10 años, es vegetariano. Así que Anete y Andreas prepararon una comida vegetariana fenomenal para todos nosotros. Quinua, guacamole, frijoles negros, semillas de granada, tomates cherry, y más. Y la única foto que tengo es de los primos San Geraldo y Olav comparando lenguas. San Gerardo lo hizo bien. Cuando llegamos a casa, caminé hasta McDonalds y compré dos batidos de chocolaterapia más. He estado teniendo uno en solidaridad con SG. Nos sentamos en el sofá y vimos los últimos tres episodios de “Uncoupled” en Netflix. Desayunamos hace un par de horas. San Geraldo está dormitando. Podría unirme a él.

• San Geraldo is such a good influence. (He removed his mask for the photo. Although no one cared but us.)
• San Geraldo es una buena influencia. (Se quitó la máscarilla para la foto. Aunque a nadie le importaba excepto a nosotros).
• Sunday evening after the festival ended. A quiet city.
• Domingo por la noche después de que termine el festival. Una ciudad tranquila.
• The view from the terrace right now. The giant cruise ship is gone!
• La vista desde la terraza ahora. ¡El crucero gigante se ha ido!
• We’re here until Friday, but Trym has off the rest of the week. He left us a going away gift. Hotel Scandic Neptun hires the most exceptional staff.
• Estamos aquí hasta el viernes, pero Trym tiene libre el resto de la semana. Nos dejó un regalo de despedida. Hotel Scandic Neptun contrata al personal más excepcional.

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30 thoughts on “Tongue tied / Lengua atada”

    1. Bob:
      Every member of staff has been exceptional and goes above and beyond. The best hotel
      experience we’ve ever had.

  1. Good to see SG out and about……tongue and all!
    The more I see of Bergen the more I/we need to get to Scandinavia…..must be my distant Finnish ancestors calling.

    1. Jim:
      I really do love Bergen. Maybe my favorite city in the world. Despite the weather.

  2. I don’t know what this post is about, but it is going to take brain bleach and a lot of therapy to get that tongue picture out of my mind!

    1. Urspo:
      They’re Norwegian Bugles dipped in Norwegian chocolate. Oh my god. No witch claws, though. The chocolate gets under your nails.

  3. Smash-ing post! Jx

    PS We got into dark chocolate-covered salted pretzels pre-lockdown – a similarly zingy salt’n’sweet combo – but I haven’t even looked for them since. I have seen “foods from all nations” in many of our supermarkets in the UK, but never Norwegian, but I will keep an eye out for Smash…

    1. Jon:
      Dark-chocolate–covered pretzels. SO good. It’s good I never found Smash in Spain. But I was told they should be sold at Spar, which I didn’t know was a Norwegian company. I’ll have to check.

  4. Rain/drizzle. What’s that? What Southern Europe would give for ‘any’ morcels of water now. Enjoy it. It’s really precious stuff and you don’t appreciate it until you don’t have it for months on end.

  5. Loved Uncoupled as well. I’ve always loved NPH and Darren Star has the magic touch.

  6. OMG Is that where all of the kind people live? I think the vikings got an undeserved bad rep.

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