Cod and kransekake / Bacalao y kransekake

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San Geraldo seems to be doing a lot better today. Although he still tested positive, we are cautiously optimistic. Yesterday evening, along with cousin Ellen, we taxied over to her sister Inger’s place about 20 minutes outside of town. They’re both exceptional cooks. Their brother, Arne, was there when we arrived. Inger served “Fisk Florentine” (Fish Florentine) on a bed of fragrant rice. For dessert, there were fresh berries, cream, and sugar. Plus kranse kake! Click here for San Geraldo’s kransekake. Good company, good food. We fly up north Friday but hope to enjoy a few days here wandering and relaxing — and improving. The hotel laundry service staff are on vacation, so I walked 5 minutes this morning and dropped off our laundry for wash and fold. Any excuse for a walk in Bergen is fine with me. My views during my walk this morning are included.


San Geraldo parece estar mucho mejor hoy. Aunque todavía dio positivo, somos cautelosamente optimistas. Ayer por la noche, junto con la prima Ellen, tomamos un taxi hasta la casa de su hermana Inger, a unos 20 minutos de la ciudad. Ambos son cocineros excepcionales. Su hermano, Arne, estaba allí cuando llegamos. Inger sirvió “Fisk Florentine” (Pescado Florentino) sobre una cama de arroz fragante. De postre, hubo bayas frescas, crema y azúcar. ¡Además de kake kranse! Haz clic aquí para ver el kransekake de San Geraldo. Buena compañía, buena comida. Volamos hacia el norte el viernes y esperamos disfrutar de unos días aquí deambulando y relajándonos, y mejorando. El personal del servicio de lavandería del hotel está de vacaciones, así que caminé 5 minutos esta mañana y dejé nuestra ropa para lavar y doblar. Cualquier excusa para dar un paseo por Bergen me parece bien.

• Store-bought kransekake. Excellent.
• Kransekake comprado en la tienda. Excelente.
• Vanilla Sauce. But it will be forever Vanilla Jesus to us.
• Salsa de Vainilla. Pero será por siempre Jesús Vainilla para nosotros.

• Kransekake!

• Bergenhus Fortress, dating back to the Middle Ages.
• Fortaleza de Bergenhus, que data de la Edad Media.

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22 thoughts on “Cod and kransekake / Bacalao y kransekake”

  1. Good to hear that SG is improving. What a wonderful dinner you all had with his relatives. Kransekake–yum.

  2. One day at a time…….
    That fish dish looks wonderful.
    Bergen continues to call…….great photos.

    1. Bob:
      Kransekake is nothing like a churro. A more chewy texture. Made with almonds. Once I start, I can’t stop.

  3. Everything in that feast looks delicious! I clicked back to see SG’s kransekake — magnificent! I’ve never seen or eaten one in real life, but one year on The Great British Baking Show, the contestants each had to make one, with varying degrees of success. But I see the commercial kransekake is just straight sticks. Cowards!

  4. Your right. It’s impossible to take a bad picture in Norway….even if over cast. And the fish dish looks yummy…and Im not a huge fish eater.

    1. Mads, I could think of a few semi-filthy things to say here, but I am going to activate my newly found brain filter. More’s the pity.

    2. Mistress Borghese:
      Cloudy and blue skies today. Glorious. Poor SG isn’t enjoying it much.

  5. I thought the same as Bob, churros. Is it similar in taste as well as shape? Norway is very beautiful. It was the only good thing in that movie I was forced to watch in jr. high, Song of Norway. BOOOOORRRRRIIIINNNNGGGG movie, but gorgeous scenery.

    1. Deedles:
      Nothing like churros. Made with almonds, confectioner’s sugar, and egg whites. Different texture. Different taste. SO much better. Yeah, I once tried to get through Song of Norway.

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