Everyday people / Gente común

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I did my walk to the end of the Paseo again and some extra wandering. And I wasn’t dragging when I got home, after about 6.5 km / 4 miles. The mood, however, is still dragging. Besides that, after lunch, I went to bed for an hour and a half. Then again, I washed the dishes, did laundry, buzz-cut my hair, showered, didn’t trim my beard (despite The Kid Brother’s instructions), and did some organizing. I’m going to see about hitting the gym again tomorrow. I still have to work around my left arm and the pain I still have from the hematoma (that distracted blood technician when she pulled the needle out). I’ve got an appointment next week with my doctor to see if anything needs to be done or if it just takes a long time — as I’ve been told by some friends who know these things. Before I left for my walk this morning, I listened to the below video. It brought tears to my eyes. Yes, I need to get my shit together.

Above is another Norwegian street sign. Near the street sign, which means Public Toll Booth is the restored 18th-century toll booth on the water. It was destroyed during the German occupation of WWII and restored after the war. Anyway, I only shared the sign because I liked the guy to the right. Maybe I just need a little chocolate.


Volví a caminar hasta el final del Paseo y deambulé un poco más. Y no estaba arrastrando cuando llegué a casa, después de unos 6,5 km / 4 millas. El estado de ánimo, sin embargo, sigue arrastrando. Además de eso, después del almuerzo, me acosté durante una hora y media. Por otra parte, lavé los platos, lavé la ropa, me corté el cabello, me duché, no me corté la barba (a pesar de las instrucciones de El Hermanito), y organicé un poco. Voy a ver si voy a ir al gimnasio de nuevo mañana. Todavía tengo que trabajar alrededor de mi brazo izquierdo y el dolor que todavía tengo por el hematoma (ese técnico de sangre distraído cuando sacó la aguja). Tengo una cita la semana que viene con mi médica para ver si hay que hacer algo o si lleva mucho tiempo, como me han dicho algunos amigos que saben de estas cosas. Antes de salir a caminar esta mañana, escuché el siguiente video. Me trajo lágrimas a los ojos. Sí, necesito ordenar mi mierda.

Arriba hay otro letrero de una calle noruega. Cerca del letrero de la calle, que significa cabina de peaje pública, se encuentra la cabina de peaje del siglo XVIII. Fue destruido durante la ocupación alemana de la Segunda Guerra Mundial y restaurado después de la guerra. De todos modos, solo compartí el letrero porque me gustó el tipo de la derecha. Tal vez sólo necesito un chocolatito.


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10 thoughts on “Everyday people / Gente común”

  1. Hey, that video brought (happy) tears to my eyes, too. All those great kids and their performer friends. And I’m doing fine, so maybe, you are working your way there, too. And if you need some energy, that humongous Easter chocolate ought to do the trick. CHOMP.

    As for the hematoma, I had one last year from evidently taking a hard hit on my forearm (though I don’t remember it happening). It took a long time to go down and fade–had a lump in the middle and twas sore. Hope the doctor has some ideas on yours–especially since you got one from someone else’s incompetence.

    1. Mary.
      The hematoma really ticks me off now. Ridiculous. I think I might need to get myself some chocolate today (maybe not that entire egg).

  2. If you can’t watch that video and not be filled with joy, perhaps you need a rethink?? Lovely; and one of those great oldies!

    1. David:
      I can only imagine what Chuck would have to say about THAT! (But I’ve thought about it.)

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