A bowl of fruit and a busted mobile / Un cuenco de fruta y un móvil roto

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I haven’t spoken to The Kid Brother in a while. His mobile phone wasn’t working, so we talked on the landline. He told me the mobile was “busted” and he “had it with those damn phones.” I told him to let his office know and maybe they could help. The next week we again spoke on the landline. I asked if he had spoken with the office. “They get on my nerves!” he snapped. I understand the feeling. I emailed the office. After another week, someone new told me she had just told The Kid Brother to charge the phone. I explained that he does in fact know how to charge the phone and that I had told the manager it was simply not working. I emailed the manager again. The next day she wrote and told me the phone was broken. [crickets]. Meanwhile, the landline in his apartment was not working either. The repairman was there two Saturdays ago and said he fixed it. He had not. So we couldn’t connect at all. I received email Saturday from the manager saying my brother has a new mobile phone. However, I don’t know if WhatsApp was installed. If not, no video chat tonight. Here’s hoping the home phone works. I do have to give them credit for diligently monitoring his health needs. The simplest things!

I’ve noticed something about myself in recent weeks. I can appreciate the difference (in me) between sad and clinically depressed. My depression seems to be under control… in a way… at the moment. I’m simply overwhelmed with sadness at times. It’s a very different feeling. Missing Susan. Thinking of Lars. That’s a good thing in terms of my mental health. Regularly, however, when I think of Susan I also laugh and smile. And that’s a great thing in terms of my mental health.

San Geraldo served a bowl of mixed fruit after dinner yesterday. Peaches, grapes, Mandarin oranges — and leftover chocolate frosting from the cake! Remember, chocolate is a fruit. Oddly he didn’t add any to our leftover pulled pork lunch. I’m still transferring computer files. It’s boring. But there’s always trend-setting local fashion to brighten my day.


No he hablado con El Hermanito en mucho tiempo. Su teléfono móvil no funcionaba, así que hablamos por el teléfono fijo. Me dijo que el móvil estaba “roto” y que “lo tenía con esos malditos teléfonos”. Le dije que le avisara a su oficina y tal vez podrían ayudar. A la semana siguiente volvimos a hablar por el teléfono fijo. Le pregunté si había hablado con la oficina. “¡Me ponen de los nervios!” él chasqueó. Entiendo el sentimiento. Envié un correo electrónico a la oficina. Después de otra semana, alguien nuevo me dijo que acababa de decirle a El Hermanito que cargara el teléfono. Le expliqué que, de hecho, sabe cómo cargar el teléfono y que le había dicho al gerente que simplemente no funcionaba. Le envié un correo electrónico al gerente nuevamente. Al día siguiente me escribió y me dijo que el teléfono estaba roto. Argh. Mientras tanto, el teléfono fijo de su apartamento tampoco funcionaba. El reparador estuvo allí hace dos sábados y dijo que lo arregló. Él no tenía. Así que no pudimos conectarnos en absoluto. Recibí un correo electrónico el sábado del gerente diciendo que mi hermano tiene un nuevo teléfono móvil. Sin embargo, no sé si se instaló WhatsApp. Si no, no hay video chat esta noche. Aquí está la esperanza de que el teléfono de la casa funcione. Tengo que darles crédito por monitorear diligentemente sus necesidades de salud. ¡Las cosas más simples!

He notado algo sobre mí en las últimas semanas. Puedo apreciar la diferencia (en må√e) entre triste y clínicamente deprimido. Mi depresión parece estar bajo control… en cierto modo… en este momento. Simplemente estoy abrumado por la tristeza a veces. Extrañando a Susana. Pensando en Lars. Eso es algo bueno en términos de mi salud mental. Regularmente, sin embargo, cuando pienso en Susan también me río y sonrío. Y eso es algo grandioso en términos de mi salud mental.

San Geraldo sirvió un plato de frutas mixtas después del almuerzo de ayer. ¡Melocotones, uvas, mandarinas y un poco del glaseado de chocolate sobrante del pastel! Recuerda, el chocolate es una fruta. Curiosamente, no agregó nada a nuestro almuerzo de cerdo desmenuzado sobrante. Pero siempre hay moda local que marca tendencia para alegrarme el día.

Author: Moving with Mitchell

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31 thoughts on “A bowl of fruit and a busted mobile / Un cuenco de fruta y un móvil roto”

    1. Jon:
      We saw some more of that fashion when we were out last night. Even the restaurant manager had some choice words.

  1. The utter frustration of getting answers for KB’s technical issues has to be mind-numbing for you at times. Sounds like another email request is due for the downloading of whatsapp on his phone. That has been of major value to both of you to be able to see each other when you talk (and no cost). The office needs to know it is a important issue–for KB’s mental health and and yours. Hope he has the same number. Good luck!

    That fashion combo makes me seasick.

    1. Mary:
      Some of the fashion combos just make me laugh and do a double-take. Others, do make me ill. And, yes, dealing with KB’s office in general is mind numbing.

    1. Jim:
      At least we could talk last night. And, yes, some of the combination make my eyes hurt, too.

  2. Oh, my goodness, it must be hard to have to rely on others to help Chuck through these kinds of things. I hope they get his situation worked out with WhatsApp! Thank heavens you can at least reach the office folks with email.

    Great looking fruit and chocolate icing…ooooooh.

    1. Judy C:
      I can sometimes reach the office via email. If a staff person leaves, my mail goes into a black hole. No generic email address. And peopler are constantly coming and going. For better or worse, THIS manager has been in her position for about 5 years now, after being an office assistant for a couple of years.

  3. I’d take the fruit without the frosting, cuz, you know, chocolate.

    As for depression, I find it unnamable; for me, i cannot describe it, and it’s everything and nothing, and everyone and no one; it just is.

    Sadness? I can get that. Just this morning Upton posted some photos of cats he’d rescued and gave us an update. one looked juts like MaxGoldberg and I reared up like mad; that’s sadness. i know it when I feel it.

    1. Bob:
      I lived so many years of my life with untreated clinical depression that I really had no idea what sadness for specific things really was. It was all one huge lack of oxygen. Odd that feeling sadness differently from depression should relieve me.

      1. I think it’s because you know it. In my head, the Blahs I get cannot be described or named, while sadness is easy to describe.

  4. Interesting about depression vs sadness. That makes total sense.
    How frustrating it must be for KB to have so many things out of reach. It’s a wonder he is not constantly pissed off.
    Chocolate and mandarin oranges – now that’s a great combo!

    1. Wilma:
      KB used to be constantly pissed off. He’s so much better now. Chocolate buttercream frosting and mandarin oranges, even better!

  5. Depression and or sadness is a everyday occurrence over here it is a mixed bowl of anxiety. I would rather have your mixed fruit salad.

  6. I sure hope all goes well with the kid brother and you able to connect finally. It would be worrisome to go too long not hearing from him. I don’t get depressed much but can understand the sad feeling. Lately we had two passings in the family and last week another dear friend. Hang in there Mitchell.

    1. Mistress Borghese:
      I’m honestly doing fine. It’s all part of life and I’m lucky to have people I care about enough to miss them. (That’s kind of an odd thing to say, but you know what I mean)

    1. Walt the Fourth:
      I’ve given my scientific evidence of chocolate as a fruit. Can you explain the vegetable pulled pork?

  7. I need to go shopping before I pack for December, I don’t want to look out of place. Nice looking fruit bowl. Chocolate makes almost anything better, and if it doesn’t then the chocolate alone is the solution.

    1. David:
      If you don’t have “outfits” that work, there are plenty of bazaars here that can dress you up. I’ve been dreaming all morning about that chocolate frosting.

  8. You’ve given me something to think about: I can be sad and it doesn’t necessarily mean I’m depressed. And chocolate is a fruit.


  9. It’s good that you can differentiate depression from transient and perfectly natural sadness, though I know none of those feelings are easy to deal with. I hope the brother’s new phone works! It’s hard enough to manage our own technological changes (as you’ve found with your iMac) but I can’t imagine having to wait for others to do it for me.

    1. Steve:
      Oddly, in all these years, I don’t know if I ever felt the difference in myself (maybe because I’m so often dealing with depression). The phone works. Still work to bed one. But at least we talked.

    1. Sassybear:
      I don’t think I’ve ever experienced when I wasn’t already experiencing my mostly inexplicable depressions. I always have plenty to smile about. Thanks!

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