Pedro’s lentils and Jerry’s cakes / Las lentijas de Pedro y las tartas de Jerry

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Susan’s memorial, I’m told, went well. I received some very touching messages from her family and friends. Lots of tears. Lots of laughter. And a few requests for my Fuck video. It turns out I quickly stopped recording before I said Fuck. So all that can be seen is the view changing, and my scowl as the iPad fell. I was using the iPad to read what I had written and I was recording using my iPhone 13 Pro, which has the better camera. After the iPad fell, I decided to just ad lib. It worked fine.

I’ve never been a big fan of gore. Al Gore can be OK, but Halloween gore just doesn’t sit well with me. So, although I enjoy the creativity that goes along with Halloween, I don’t tend to enjoy the blood and guts. Beckett and Luke, however, (at 3 and nearly 7 years old) have no qualms. In fact, Luke has a scientific fascination with human anatomy, vital organs, and germs and bacteria. Their entire house was decorated by Luke for Halloween and he greeted us sprawled on the sofa with a fake knife through his head. I went along with it, but it sure does make me uncomfortable. Anyway, the kids were hilarious.

That was before Pedro’s lentil soup (always delicious) and San Geraldo’s chocolate cake. The cake was as superb as always. We left the rest with them, because if it’s here we’ll eat it. Kathleen asked if she could keep the cake plate. (She meant, we think, until they finish the cake.) San Geraldo laughed, “Well, not forever.” Kathleen said sarcastically, “So, now tell me it belonged to your mother.” He replied, “No. It was my grandmother’s.” Pedro and Kathleen both yelped and Kathleen said the cake plate would not remain in their house a minute longer. She washed it — very carefully — and we brought it home. This morning, I’m thinking about the cake.

The meme at top is from Susan. I don’t think either of us ever went 12 days without chocolate. And despite all Susan’s health issues, she never ever lost hearing in her eyes. Nor have I.


Me dijeron que el servicio conmemorativo de Susan fue bueno. Recibí algunos mensajes muy conmovedores de su familia y amigas. Muchas lágrimas. Muchas risas. Y algunas solicitudes para mi video Fuck. Resulta que rápidamente dejé de grabar antes de decir Fuck. Entonces, todo lo que se puede ver es el cambio de vista y mi ceño fruncido cuando cayó el iPad. Estaba usando el iPad para leer lo que había escrito y estaba grabando con mi iPhone 13 Pro, que tiene la mejor cámara. Después de que cayó el iPad, decidí simplemente improvisar, no leer. Funcionó bien.

Nunca he sido un gran fanático del gore. Al Gore puede estar bien, pero el gore de Halloween simplemente no me sienta bien. Entonces, aunque disfruto la creatividad que acompaña a Halloween, no tiendo a disfrutar la sangre y las agallas. Beckett y Luke, sin embargo, (a los 3 y casi 7 años) no tienen reparos. De hecho, Luke tiene una fascinación científica por la anatomía humana, los órganos vitales y los gérmenes y las bacterias. Toda su casa fue decorada por Luke para Halloween y nos recibió tirados en el sofá con un cuchillo falso en la cabeza. Lo acepté, pero seguro que me hace sentir incómodo. De todos modos, los niños eran divertidísimos.

Eso fue antes de la sopa de lentejas de Pedro (siempre deliciosa) y el pastel de chocolate de San Geraldo. La tarta estaba tan magnífica como siempre. El resto se lo dejamos a ellos, porque si está aquí nos lo comemos. Kathleen preguntó si podía quedarse con el plato del pastel. (Creemos que quiso decir hasta que terminen el pastel). San Geraldo se rió: “Bueno, no para siempre”. Kathleen dijo sarcásticamente: “Entonces, ahora dime que perteneció a tu madre”. Él respondió: “No. Era de mi abuela.” Pedro y Kathleen gritaron y Kathleen dijo que el plato del pastel no permanecería en su casa ni un minuto más. Lo lavó, con mucho cuidado, y lo llevamos a casa. Esta mañana, estoy pensando en el pastel.

El meme en la parte superior es de Susan. No creo que ninguno de nosotros haya pasado 12 días sin chocolate. Y a pesar de todos los problemas de salud de Susan, nunca perdió la audición en sus ojos. Yo tampoco.

• Pedro’s lentils are delicious. Susan’s family has San Geraldo’s recipe and calls it Jerry’s Lentils.
• Las lentejas de Pedro son deliciosas. La familia de Susan tiene la receta de San Geraldo y la llama Lentejas de Jerry.
• At our house on Grandma’s cake plate.
• En nuestra casa en el plato de Abuela.

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Author: Moving with Mitchell

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33 thoughts on “Pedro’s lentils and Jerry’s cakes / Las lentijas de Pedro y las tartas de Jerry”

  1. That chocolate cake photo is making me drool. And it’s even decorated for Halloween! I’m with you when it comes to disliking Halloween gory horror. There’s not enough emphasis on good old-fashioned spookiness anymore — guess that’s too tame for people these days.

    1. Debra:
      I hadn’t even noticed the Halloween theme. I don’t think it was intentional, but now I have to ask SG.

  2. LOVE that meme!! lol
    We were just talking about the fun we had as kids at Halloween yesterday. I LOVED it! Not too creepy but always entertaining.
    SG’s cake!!!
    the soup looks good too. Must get me a good recipe and give it a try.

    1. Jim:
      I loved Halloween when we lived in the suburbs in the 50s/60s. It looked a bit like the scene from ET. No cars. Everyone was out going door to door. We’d go home with a shopping bag filled with candy, dump it out, and go out again. I’ll send you the soup recipe.

  3. I enjoy a fright, but not the blood and guts.
    I also enjoy a lentil soup and that one looks fabulous.
    The cake also looks dee-lish but, yes, I’m that person, chocolate does nothing for me. Still, it’s a pretty cake!

    1. Bob:
      I’ll share the lentil soup recipe again. It IS fabulous. Sorry about the cake. I guess you wouldn’t be interested in the left over frosting in the refrigerator?

  4. That is a very realistic-looking knife! The photos of the kids are so funny. I was never into gore at Halloween either — in fact I don’t think it was really part of Halloween until after all those slasher movies started coming out in the ’70s. Before that, Halloween was much more about ghosts and the supernatural. Or so it seems to me.

    That’s a beautiful cake! (And a beautiful cake plate, from what I can tell.)

    1. Steve:
      Yeah, I don’t remember gore in my childhood Halloweens either. Ghost, werewolf, Dracula, witches. I was a skeleton my first time trick-or-treating. I’ll share a photo of the cake plate with nothing on it.

  5. That chocolate cake is a masterpiece. Kudos to SG.

    My most memorable Halloween occurred in high school as a Great Pumpkin Party evolved in a large uncultivated field near my home. A couple of hundred of us showed up even though it was a school night. Wasn’t rowdy and folks weren’t drinking, it was just high school kids hanging out, playing music while the younger kids were out trick and treating. However, one of my neighbors (a thorough jerk) called the police and claimed we were rioting. A fair number of police cars showed up and we all scattered (the police in our area were complete jerks–rude, harsh–which is why we ran). A friend and I found a group of little kids trick and treating and walked behind them down one of the neighborhood streets so it looked like we were supervising them as the police drove around looking for us “rioters.” The crowning moment of the evening was when one of the police cruisers tried to cross the field a bit too fast to chase some of the kids…and dropped nose first into an unseen crevice that the kids had jumped…have to say, we thought it was hilarious. No cops were hurt…just a wrecked car and a bit of humiliation. Charlie Brown would have been amazed.

  6. Although I love Halloween I do not like ‘gore’ or the ‘chainsaw massacre’ elements sometimes associated with the holiday. I think that sort of stuff gives the holiday a bad rep. I like spooky, traditional and the whimsical elements. No gore in my decorations

  7. I like the fun Halloween that was when I was a child and when my children were young. More fun less gore. Now it has become just a grab fest. Kids are bussed in and let lose on neighborhoods. Crazy’s
    hiding bad things in the candy. Personally I am for Halloween to be only held at parties, schools or authorized places.
    Not a chocolate fan, I like some but not everyday but as I say this. . . . . that CAKE looks fabulous !

    1. Anon (Parsnip?):
      I hate all the urban myths about the crazies at Halloween. Sadly, there have been some, but very few. I loved Halloween when I was little. As you probably noticed, I hate going a day without chocolate… although I do.

  8. That soup! That cake! My stomach’s rumbling… Jx

    PS I remember having a plastic “knife-through-the-head” when I was a kid, and the much smaller “nail-through-the-finger”, and rubber “werewolf hands” and spiders and all that stuff. I must have spent a lot of pocket money in joke-shops!

    1. Jon:
      I loved the joke shop. I would go and stock up on things to entertain my brother (and myself). Rubber hot dogs. Rubber pats of butter. Soap that turned your hands black. Mousetrap gum packs. The nail through the finger would be fun.

  9. SG has truly perfected a “Death By Chocolate” cake! The green Depression glass cake plate looks interesting too — I’d love to see a picture of it. I have a large pink one with fluted edges, slightly raised feet and a dogwood design pressed into the glass — more suitable for afternoon teas or Valentines Day than Halloween though, LOL!

    1. Tundra Bunny:
      He truly has perfected it. I’ll share a photo of the clean cake plate. The cake wasn’t intended to be a Halloween cake. We forgot the date and was surprised to see the kids completely caught up in it. I had bought Halloween napkins a few weeks ago.

  10. Oh oh everybody stand back, I think Jons going to blow!!!!!!!!

    Meanwhile I think that’s funny about the kids. Had they known you didn’t like horror they could have done an act from Children of the Corn for you

    1. Mistress Borghese:
      Or should everyone move in close? If those kids every pulled a scene from Children of the Corn, I might never return. That movie completely creeped me out.

  11. I don’t have a problem with gore, but its presence in movies or TV shows that deal with the supernatural, such as those involving zombies, only tend to point out the contradictions. To have a person walking and moving about with entrails hanging out of large gaps in their bodies reminds me that those entrails, when properly stored in the body, is what gives someone the ability to walk and move about in the first place, and you shouldn’t be able to do so if they’re hanging about. That’s different from showing a ghost in a movie, because there the biological realities are not emphasized. I guess what I’m trying to say is too much gore can be too natural for the supernatural.

    As for Luke, give him a white suit and he’s Steve Martin.

    1. Kirk:
      You’re so rational about it. I just hate zombie stories because they’re hideous. Can you imagine the response I’d get if I told Luke he needs a white suit to look like Steve Martin? Steve who?

    1. David:
      Oh, that cake was so good. I’m glad not glad we didn’t take any home with us.

  12. I am not a fan of blood and gore and wounds and murdered or maimed people or severed body parts, or any kind of horror or nightmare and it’s why I’m not the biggest fan of Halloween. I’ll take silly and cutesy and goofy Halloween any day.

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