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I decided yesterday to set up my new iMac. Transferring everything from my old iMac didn’t go quite according to plan. I have some more transfers to do manually. My new computer responds in the blink of an eye. My old computer does not. So, it will continue to be slow going. But at least I’m up and running again. The unsuccessful transfers yesterday had both computers tied up for hours. Every time I do something, another thing needs to be updated. Fortunately, it took less than 10 minutes to install the latest version of PhotoShop (which wasn’t compatible with my old computer). That would have taken hours before. But until I get all the data where I want it, I’ll have two large monitors (old 21.5 inches and new 24 inches) side by side on my desk. It’s already making me a bit crazy. Time to rearrange the clothes pins.

Today is Susan’s memorial service in Oregon. It also would have been her birthday. I always sent her flowers. This year’s flowers are a gigantic arrangement for the church altar. Susan’s amazing friend, Patty, sent me a photo. I always sent arrangements with a preponderance of reds, which Susan loved. Today’s was supposed to be red and autumn but is more autumn than red. Still, she would have loved it. I also recorded a 1-1/2-minute video message for the day. I made four attempts. In the first, which was going smoothly, my iPad fell over mid-way through. I muttered FUCK. Susan would have loved it. I should have sent that one.

We’re heading over to Luke and Beckett’s house for dinner tonight. San Geraldo is currently baking one of his famous chocolate cakes. He hasn’t baked one since July 2020 (click here). We’re all overdue.

Ayer decidí configurar mi nuevo iMac. Transferir todo desde mi viejo iMac no salió según lo planeado. Tengo algunas transferencias más que hacer manualmente. Mi nuevo ordenador responde en un abrir y cerrar de ojos. Mi viejo ordenador no. Por lo tanto, seguirá siendo lento. Pero al menos estoy funcionando de nuevo. Las transferencias fallidas de ayer tuvieron ambas computadoras bloqueadas durante horas. Cada vez que hago algo, hay que actualizar otra cosa. Afortunadamente, tomó menos de 10 minutos instalar la última versión de PhotoShop (que no era compatible con mi computadora anterior). Eso hubiera tomado horas antes. Pero hasta que obtenga todos los datos donde los quiero, tendré dos monitores grandes (el antiguo de 21,5 pulgadas y el nuevo de 24 pulgadas) uno al lado del otro en mi escritorio. Ya me está volviendo un poco loco. Es hora de reorganizar las pinzas para la ropa.

Hoy es el servicio conmemorativo de Susan en Oregón. También habría sido su cumpleaños. Siempre le enviaba flores. Este año las flores son un arreglo gigantesco para el altar de la iglesia. La increíble amiga de Susan, Patty, me envió una foto. Siempre enviaba arreglos con preponderancia de tintos, que a Susan le encantaban. Se suponía que el de hoy era rojo y otoño, pero es más otoño que rojo. Aún así, a ella le hubiera encantado. También grabé un mensaje de video de 1-1/2 minutos para el día. Hice cuatro intentos. En el primero, que iba sin problemas, mi iPad se cayó a mitad de camino. Murmuré FUCK. A Susan le hubiera encantado. Debería haber enviado ese.

Nos dirigimos a la casa de Luke y Beckett para cenar esta noche. San Geraldo está horneando actualmente uno de sus famosos pasteles de chocolate. No ha horneado uno desde julio de 2020 (haz clic aquí). Todos estamos atrasados.

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Author: Moving with Mitchell

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26 thoughts on “iMacmanía”

  1. Good luck on the details on the computer transfer, always a little crazy. I run two computer side by side, two keyboard, two mouses, I am probably the only person this arrangement does not drive slightly bonkers.
    Nice floral arrangement, the message will be appreciated.

    1. David:
      I did have one job where I had a PC and a Mac on my desk. Once I remembered how to use the PC, I had no problems. I used them for entirely different things… and I had an L-shaped desk. Not this time. And I’m using them at the same time. I’n hoping to be able to erase and remove the old one in the next couple of days.

  2. Beautiful flowers, and I’m sure she would have loved them. Again, I’m so sorry for your loss. I’m glad you get to spend time with Luke and Beckett. Children remind us that life does go on.

    1. Jennifer:
      A great evening with the boys. All excited for Halloween. And I brought them Halloween skeleton napkins.

  3. Thank the gods Ron deals with all our computer needs! Sounds like you have it all under control there.

    Your friend, Susan, I am sure would have loved your flowers and message.
    Have a good day.

    1. Jim:
      I’m trying to get everything figured out so I can warn SG of the sinkholes. We are both do-it-yourselfers,

  4. All the best today to you and all of Susan’s family and friends. Chocolate cake solves pretty much everything ~ have a piece for me.

    1. Ron:
      The chocolate cake was it! So glad we left the rest of it at their house. I would have had a slice first thing this morning.

  5. Tried helping a neighbor with her new iMac Air…she couldn’t get past the password and I couldn’t help her with that. With age comes too many memorial services and condolences. Getting philosophical about the lovely flowers…

    1. Frank:
      Starting up wasn’t as self-explanatory as Apple thinks, but I figured it out. Getting my files from the old clunker to the new has been the headache. But I’m making good progress.

  6. Such lovely flowers, Mitchell. I agree that, not even knowing Susan, she would have loved your F*@$ video 🙂
    I think that moving my things from the 2011 iMac to the new one, did go pretty smoothly, but I didn’t attempt to use whatever that built-in transfer system is, I used a secondary portable hard drive (one of those LaCie ones with a humongous amount of storage).
    The time that I did not have smooth sailing with transfer, was a year or so ago, from my iPhone 5S to my new iPhone 12 mini…. took hours and hours and hours and hours. But, all done!

    1. Judy C:
      A portable hard drive would have been much better. But too late now. I’m using a web-based file transfer service with no limits (I paid €23 for the month). That is helping a lot. I had not a single hiccup from my iPhone 8 to my iPhone 13. Oh wait, I had that done at the Apple Store when I bought it.

  7. Computer transfers NEVER go according to plan. It’s an unwritten rule. Hope you get it all ironed out soon. Glad the new machine is showing signs of being faster and easier to use, at least.

    I think the flowers look great, and I’m sure your tribute was terrific — though the one with the iPad falling over would have been hilarious.

    1. Steve:
      If the memorial hadn’t been held in a Lutheran Church with SOME proper parishioners, I would have sent the FUCK.

  8. Love love love your photos. What a wonderful way to remember Susan. I have a wonky phone and no real help on my computer for photos. Son did get computer to work although it is a very old one.
    iwinson wants your address send it to my blog and I can delete it right away. xo from the gud dugs,

    1. Gayle:
      I didn’t realise you were still on an old computer. I hope it is at least not giving you any trouble.

  9. The reds in the flower arrangement give it a lovely depth and make the yellows and oranges glow. I keep most of my computer files in the cloud and backed up on a hard drive. Enjoy your new, super fast mac. Watch out for cake crumbs. My god, that cake!

    1. Wilma:
      I have hodgepodge of cloud and hard drive on my old computer. Will get things in better and more consistent order now.

  10. I too love the arrangement. Especially the added touch of the marigolds and spiked protea.

    Now pass me a fork so I can sample San Geraldo’s chocolate cake…. you know, just to make sure it’s edible for all. Who am I kidding…that cake is probably all gone.

    1. Mistress Borghese:
      It’s a big cake. Pedro and Kathleen have about half left — maybe more. SOOOOOO good. If you come to Spain, SG will bake one.

  11. I always dread the transfer of data from old iMac to new…but once it’s done, it is always worth it.

    I’m going to need a gluten free version of that cake, STAT!

    1. Sassybear:
      It’s the best chocolate cake I’ve ever had, every time he bakes it. But it wouldn’t be the same gluten free.

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