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I bumped into our portero (super) today when I returned from my walk and exercise. He commented on how fit I looked and I told him the same. He said he simply stopped drinking beer. He now has a few a week instead of a few a day. Sometimes, it’s that easy. Often it’s not. I almost never have beer now. But it’s a good thing I do all this exercise. I sometimes eat for two. Well, not really. My portions at home tend to be much smaller than they used to be and I have searched out sugar-free treats when I really want something. And that allows me to splurge like the portero every so often.

Here are some examples from a recent dinner at Restaurante Primavera and treats at home. The top photo shows the tasteful clientele we had to share the terrace with on our most recent night. And now it’s time for my second walk of the day!


Me encontré con nuestro portero hoy cuando regresaba de mi caminata y ejercicio. Comentó lo en forma que me veía y le dije lo mismo. Dijo que simplemente dejó de beber cerveza. Ahora tiene unos pocos a la semana en lugar de unos pocos al día. A veces, es así de fácil. A menudo no lo es. Casi nunca tomo cerveza ahora. Pero es bueno que haga todo este ejercicio. A veces como por dos. Bueno en realidad no. Mis porciones en casa tienden a ser mucho más pequeñas de lo que solían ser y he buscado golosinas sin azúcar cuando realmente quiero algo. Y eso me permite derrochar como el portero cada cierto tiempo.

Estos son algunos ejemplos de una cena reciente en el Restaurante Primavera y delicias en casa. La foto superior muestra la clientela de buen gusto con la que tuvimos que compartir la terraza en nuestra noche más reciente. Y ahora es el momento de mi segundo paseo del día!

• Primavera Restaurant has phenomenal French fries (chips). San Geraldo doesn’t have to ask. The order automatically goes in when we arrive at the door. How many people do you know who have French fries as a starter/appetizer? I rarely have more than a couple.
• Restaurante Primavera tiene fenomenales papas fritas (chips). San Geraldo no tiene que preguntar. El pedido entra automáticamente cuando llegamos a la puerta. ¿Cuántas personas conoces que tengan papas fritas como entrante/aperitivo? Yo como no más de tres.

• San Geraldo’s pizza pomodoro, more than half of which was my breakfast the next day.
• La pizza pomodoro de San Geraldo, más de la mitad de la cual fue mi desayuno al día siguiente.

• My three-meat cannelloni.
• Mi cannelloni de tres carnes.

• My housemade ice cream, chocolate and strawberry. I don’t like strawberry ice cream. I like Primavera’s.
• Mi helado, chocolate y fresa. No me gusta helado de fresa. Me gusta el helado de fresa de Primavera.

• Sugar-free treats. (Except for the chocolate tubes in back.)
• Postres sin azúcar. (Excepto por los tubitos de chocolate en la parte de atrás).

• Christmas baked goods are already arriving. This is a rosco de vino (wine donut, although it’s really a crumbly cookie that melts in your mouth), paper wrapped in the preceding photo. With sliced apple.
• Ya están llegando los productos horneados de Navidad. Este es un rosco de vino, papel envuelto en la foto anterior. Con rebanadas de manzana.

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30 thoughts on “Good taste / Buen sabor”

    1. Chrissoup:
      I love seeing comments from you. No pressure. Just wan you to know how much they’re appreciated. I’ve seen Aloha shirt clubs around town, and golf shirt clubs. Not my style to dress alike, but those hats were bad even individually And aren’t you supposed to remove your hat at dinner? Primavera is all organic, which doesn’t necessarily impress me, but they do it right. Great products and dishes. And the staff and owners make us feel like family. An absolute pleasure. I like French fries, but not like SG does. I don’t know what it is about theirs — the potatoes, the oil — but they are by far the best we’ve ever had.

      1. I don’t comment much because I usually read your posts in the middle of the night on my phone–not an ideal setup for commenting. I’ll try to change that habit.

      2. Chrissoup:
        Please do not feel any pressure. It’s always nice to know you’re reading. Enjoy it. No performance.

  1. I think you’re right about sugar and sweets and beer. I remember when I was with my ex, and not to be TMI, but when I was on top of him he commented I felt like I was getting heavy. Well as it turns out that’s the only comment it took, and the next day I completely cut out sodas from my diet. In 3 weeks just from cutting that out I must have lost 12 lb alone.. from then on I started running and doing daily exercises. I agree I think you look fit too!

  2. I consider myself lucky that I don’t much care for sweets, but a big bowl of fries would make me “splurge like the portero.”
    That’s my new saying.

    1. Bob:
      These are the best fries you could ever have. If you like fries, you’d be hooked (like SG). “Splurge like the portero” does have good ring to it. Like “Run like Sam Hill.”

    1. janiejunebug:
      I like French fries but not as much as SG. However, they’ve always given me heartburn, so I enjoy the few I take from his “appetizer plate” at Primavera. They do them right. Great potatoes? Oil? But SO good.

  3. The NYT has a recipe for “no-bake” chocolate peanut butter cookies that works great when Splenda is subbed for the sugar. Still not exactly low-calorie, but great if you need to watch your sugar intake like Dennis does. Looking at those hats sort of makes me lose my appetite – until I scrolled to the next photos of your meal and treats!

    1. Debra:
      No problem. We just go back to Primavera! Their dishes don’t have the same heaviness as traditional Italian. And, if you’re not in the mood for Italian, there are other choices. Like a sliced apple wrapped in lettuce, salmon, and goat cheese… Oh so good.

  4. That cannelloni looks utterly delicious!

    Sugar-free, however, does not count as any kind of “treat” to my mind… Jx

    1. Jon:
      The cannelloni is phenomenal. I used to think that about sugar-free, but I’ve been finding things lately that are seriously delicious. Those cookies for one. And the roscos de vino surprised us both. If you weren’t told they were sugar-free, you wouldn’t know the difference. That’s often not the case and then, you’re so right, sugar-free treats aren’t worth the trouble.

    1. Stephen Reed:
      The walking and exercise are the most important, I think. Strength training builds muscle and that burns more fat so it’s a double win. Even better though is the fact that I’ve always enjoyed it. It’s not easy to force yourself to exercise. Your 12-mile walks must be of huge benefit to you.

  5. First the guy with no shirt and then Maddie talking about being on top. I’m going to have to take a cold shower!

    But before I do, let me add something about my recent doctor’s visit. I was told my blood sugar has inched upwards. I’m not in the danger zone yet but will be if I keep up my bad habits. To that end I’m trying to wean myself off of Pepsi and onto grapefruit-flavored Fresca, which is otherwise sugarless soda water. And when I want a snack, I going to munch on a dill pickle instead of a Little Debbie.

    1. Kirk:
      The good news is there’s more out there that’s sugar free and tastes like the real thing. But it can be a tough transition to make. Hope the shower helped.

    1. Urspo:
      We used to dine out 4, 5, or more times a week. Not anymore. But we still have great options.

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