Surf Hydrofoil Media Maratón

La versión en español está después de la versión en inglés.

I got a bit confused when I stood on the terrace this morning. I saw signs for a Media Maratón and I thought to myself, “A marathon? What does that have to do with the media?” The first runners soon came around the corner and ran in front of our building which had water stations set up on both sides of the street. San Geraldo came out and asked, “How long a race is it?” I said, “Well, it says marathon, but I can’t imagine it’s a full marathon. I also don’t know what media they’re talking about…” And then the lightbulb. “Oh. Media maratón. Spanish. It’s a HALF marathon. Never mind.”

It’s a good day for a run. Overcast. Comfortable temp. They turned onto the Paseo from the plaza to our right, ran to the end (about 3.5 km / 2 miles from here), turned around (which seemed boring to me), but then they continued past our plaza along the Paseo. Anyway, I’m glad they’ve completed this part of the run. They played repetitive disco beat for an hour.

I might be able to clean off and put away my old iMac today. I have just a few final things to check, but I think everything is transferred to the new machine. The mess of two monitors, keyboards, mice, and cables on my desk has been making me more than a little crazy and obsessed. My big project was to clean up the iMac photos library on my old computer before moving it over. I started with more than 44,000 raw photos and ended up with 1,300. A job well done in four days.

Don’t miss today’s brief video of a surfer getting it up — for almost a minute.

Me confundí un poco cuando me paré en la terraza esta mañana. Vi carteles de una Media Maratón y pensé: “¿Una maratón? ¿Qué tiene eso que ver con los medios? Los primeros corredores pronto doblaron la esquina y corrieron frente a nuestro edificio que tenía estaciones de agua instaladas a ambos lados de la calle. San Geraldo salió y preguntó: ¿Qué distancia es la carrera?” Dije: “Bueno, dice maratón, pero no puedo imaginar que sea un maratón completo. Tampoco sé de qué medios están hablando”. Y luego la bombilla. “Vaya. Media Maratón, no una maratón de los medios. Español. No importa.”

Es un buen día para correr. Nublado. Temperatura cómoda. Doblaron hacia el Paseo desde la plaza a nuestra derecha, corrieron hasta el final (a unos 3,5 km / 2 millas de aquí), dieron la vuelta (lo que me pareció aburrido), pero luego continuaron pasando nuestra plaza por el Paseo. De todos modos, me alegro de que hayan completado esta parte de la carrera. Tocaron música disco repetitiva durante una hora.

Hoy podría limpiar y guardar mi viejo iMac. Solo tengo algunas cosas finales para verificar, pero creo que todo se transfirió a la nueva máquina. El desorden de dos monitores, teclados, ratones y cables en mi escritorio me ha vuelto más que un poco loco y obsesionado. Mi gran proyecto era limpiar la biblioteca de fotos del iMac en mi computadora vieja antes de moverla. Empecé con más de 44 000 fotos en bruto y terminé con 1300. Un trabajo bien hecho en cuatro días.

No te pierdas el breve video de hoy de un surfista levantándose — durante casi un minuto.

• Some of what the runners are seeing along the Paseo this morning.
• Algo de lo que los corredores están viendo a lo largo del Paseo esta mañana.

• The other side of the Macho Man barrel table (click here). Always happy to see tough women.
• El otro lado de la mesa de barriles de Macho Man (haz clic aquí). Siempre feliz de ver mujeres duras.

• This apartment block lost out on their swimming pool when the Paseo was redone before we moved here. So, I suppose it’s a MEDIA swimming pool.
• Este bloque de apartamentos perdió su piscina cuando se rehizo el Paseo antes de que nos mudáramos aquí.
Supongo que es una MEDIA piscina.

• I just love the iMac packaging. It’s like a pop-up book.
• Me encanta el empaque del iMac. Es como un libro emergente.

Author: Moving with Mitchell

From Brooklyn, New York; to North Massapequa; back to Brooklyn; Brockport, New York; back to Brooklyn... To Boston, Massachusetts, where I met Jerry... To Marina del Rey, California; Washington, DC; New Haven and Guilford, Connecticut; San Diego, San Francisco, Palm Springs, and Santa Barbara, California; Las Vegas, Nevada; Irvine, California; Sevilla, Spain. And Fuengirola, Málaga..

31 thoughts on “Surf Hydrofoil Media Maratón”

  1. Every Spring and Autumn, there are damned marathons (media or otherwise) everywhere! They just get in the way… Jx

    PS I love Brugmansia flowers. So dramatic – and some of them are scented, too!

    1. Jon:
      I’ll have to very carefully check out the scent on that trumpet vine… without touching it or breathing the pollen!

  2. What the hell kinda UFO looking surfer thing is that??? It looks like he’s on the water, and then above it.

    Oh, and as I read the beginning of the post I thought, ‘It’s a half marathon, Mitchell.’ Sometimes my Spanish is really good.

  3. Wow, that was wild, seeing the hydrofoiling guy!

    My story about the packaging for the new iMac : together, my husband and I carefully pulled the inner box out of the packaging box. I opened the box and pulled out all of the neatly placed accessories… and there was no power cord. Nowhere in any of the packaging, nowhere on the floor, nowhere on the bed… and all we had done, anyway, was pull the box out and open it. Fortunately, I had the power cord for my old iMac (and I wasn’t doing the kind of transfer that you were doing, that required both machines to be up and running), so I used that to get started.

    This was all during the height of the lockdown, the first couple of months, when no one was going in to work. I had ordered the computer online, and it was delivered. So, I tried, by phone calls to the Mac help lines, to report that I needed a power cord…. you would not believe the confusion that ensued, because no one at Mac was working the helpdesks in their normal fashion. I kept getting transferred to the iPhone help desk, and then to the streaming services helpdesk, and then to music helpdesk, and then to software helpdesk… every time, the heavily-accented person would be very nice, but would finally admit that she or he had zero idea how to take care of ordering me a power cord. They suggested I talk to the people at the local Mac store, but they were, of course, closed, and even the person who answered the phone from home, couldn’t figure out how they’d get me a cord, because no one ever needs just an iMac power cord.

    In the end, I did finally find out that I qualified for a new pair of AirPods, so I let them order that for me. Another day, a package came with a power cord… but, it was the type used for the laptops (now I have an extra of that kind of cord and block). So, I just continued using my old power cord. When things opened up a bit more, a few months down the line, I was finally able to get help from someone at a help desk phone located in the St. Louis area, and a power cord was easily ordered and sent to me. All is well 🙂

    A year later, I was dust mopping under the bed of the guest room where I have my computer… and I bumped into something substantial under the bed, pushed it out with the dust mop… and there was the nicely packaged, nicely presented original power cord for my new iMac. It’s still a mystery how it fell out of the box during the unpackaging.

    1. Judy C:
      This story is hilarious… and not unlike something that would happen (and has happened) at our house. I don’t know if I would have admitted however that I finally dust-mopped under the bed a year later! (Although that, too, would have been true.)

      1. Ha ha! The funny thing, is that it wasn’t the first time that I had dust mopped under that bed in that year! I just always missed it.

      2. Judy C:
        Even worse maybe. It shows what a poor housekeeper you are. Sorry… it had to be said. But you should see under OUR bed. Really, no one should see under our bed. And we have Isabel who even cleans the crisper drawer in the refrigerator. I guess I should talk to her.

  4. –The Brugmansia (Datura? the two are so similar…) is amazing. We have one in the neighborhood; I’ll have to go see how it’s doing.
    –As for the Media Maratón thought process: that’s a double-think. Happens all the time around here.
    –Apple packaging: I usually keep the boxes and innards around for a few days, just to admire the beautiful and sturdy design.

    1. You have to be careful with Datura. My son in California was cutting back one in his backyard. When he went inside to wash his hands, he saw that the pupil of one eye was really dilated. The ophthalmologist checked it out and told him that the sap from the Datura was the culprit. Gloves and eye protection are called for when doing anything with that plant, except for admiring it!

      1. Datura and Brugmansia are related, but the former’s flowers are upward-facing. Both are poisonous and best handled with caution… Jx

      2. Jon:
        I had no idea they were poisonous. Glad I’ve never stuck my face in it!

      3. TexasTrailerParkTrash:
        Those trumpet flowers are brugmansia. But I had no idea they were toxic!

    2. Chrissoup:
      Definitely brugmansia. That one is a feast for the eyes every year. That was a pretty comical Spanglish brain fart yesterday. I’m glad I didn’t ask anyone about the media marathon and how long it was. I DID keep the packaging around.

  5. A half-marathon is still way too far, in my book!

    I’m not sure I know what that surfboard/hydrofoil thing is. It looks kind of Buck Rogers!

    1. Steve:
      I developed bursitisin my hips when I was in my early 30s. It’s easily managed now, but running is not a great activity. THEN came sciatica. Still, I would love to run again, although I’ve never done even a media marathon. Hydrofoil surfing is apparently a hot trend.

  6. Seems so strange to see these picture. So different then our autumn. The colors here have gotten very vibrant this week, so of the best color I’ve seen in a couple of years. And who ever owns the swimming pool should fill it in and make a lovely garden.

    1. Mistress Borghese:
      Autumn here, too. Rain ”possible” and only around 70. The swimming pool is on an odd bit of property now, neglected for more than 10 years. Yes, they should create a garden and private sitting between the two buildings that are part of the same complex.

  7. Back in my gym bunny days, I finished two half marathons. The first one was miserable, the second one a little less so. You going to learn to surf?

    1. David:
      If I didn’t learn to surf when we moved to Souther California in the ’80s, it’s definitely not going to happen now!

  8. My Spanish improves every time I read one of your posts! Thank you!
    Hydrofoil surfing……just like the e-bikes……only on water. Guess it does require some balancing.

    1. Debra:
      I figured out a system and then got into a rhythm… and then would forget to get up to go to the bathroom.

  9. I think I could manage a 1/100th marathon. Walking. Not running. If my calculations are correct, that’s about a quarter mile.

    Having two languages knocking about in your head is difficult at times.

    1. Walt the Fourth:
      I could walk a half marathon, no problem. But there’d be no one left at the end to greet me. I couldn’t believe my media brain fart. I often forget English words momentarily, too.

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