Pedal pushers? / ¿Embujadores de pedales?

La versión en español está después de la versión en inglés.

I had errands to run this morning and plan to do a long, head-clearing walk this afternoon under overcast skies. I made a list on my iPhone and checked things off as I went along. I probably would have forgotten a few things had I not. I picked up some nuts and berries and then stopped at a nearby hair salon. No, I haven’t grown hair. Our neighbor owns the place. He and his wife have two daughters (adorable, by the way) and I wanted to let him know Luke and Beckett were going to trick or treat at our place, so I was buying some extra goodies in case they wanted to stop by with the girls at some point. He was delighted. He had asked San Geraldo the other day if we did anything. They are taking the girls around to neighbourhood shops in the afternoon. Door-to-door at residences is not at all common.

I then went to the supermarket where I splurged on individually wrapped Halloween cups filled with goodies for each kid. I bought two extra just in case they bring a friend. They were €3.95 each, which was probably a silly splurge, but it was either that or buy two or three bags of candy, which we’d end up eating. I stopped at Dog and Love (the pet supply and home decor shop) because I knew I’d find something to hang on our door for Halloween for the kids. Even better, I found Halloween cat toys. They’re hanging on the door today and will be given to the cats tomorrow.

The first two glamour shots below were taken at the supermarket. While I tried to decide if he would call those pedal pushers, clam diggers, or Capri pants, he bent over and I saw that, whatever the pants might be called, they were low-rise. So daring. Could it get any better than that? Well, I suppose it could. His crack was exposed momentarily, but I was too slow with the camera.


Tenía mandados que hacer esta mañana y planeo hacer una larga caminata para despejarme la cabeza esta tarde bajo un cielo nublado. Hice una lista en mi iPhone y marqué las cosas a medida que avanzaba. Probablemente habría olvidado algunas cosas si no lo hubiera hecho. Recogí algunas nueces y bayas y luego me detuve en una peluquería cercana. No, no me ha crecido el pelo. Nuestro vecino es dueño del lugar. Él y su esposa tienen dos hijas (adorables, por cierto) y quería hacerle saber que Luke y Beckett iban a pedir dulces en nuestra casa, así que estaba comprando algunas golosinas adicionales en caso de que quisieran pasar con el chicas en algún momento. Estaba encantado. Le había preguntado a San Geraldo el otro día si hacíamos algo. Están llevando a las niñas a las tiendas del vecindario por la tarde. Puerta a puerta en las residencias no es nada común.

Luego fui al supermercado donde derroché en vasos de Halloween envueltos individualmente llenos de golosinas para cada niño. Compré dos extra por si traen a un amiguito. Eran 3,95 € cada uno, lo que probablemente era un derroche tonto, pero era eso o comprar dos o tres bolsas de dulces, que terminaríamos comiéndonos. Me detuve en Dog & Love (la tienda de artículos para mascotas y decoración del hogar) porque sabía que encontraría algo para colgar en nuestra puerta para Halloween para los niños. Aún mejor, encontré juguetes para gatos de Halloween. Están colgados en la puerta hoy y mañana se los darán a los gatos.

Las dos primeras fotos de glamour a continuación fueron tomadas en el supermercado. Mientras trataba de decidir si llamaría a esos empujadores de pedales, buscadores de almejas o pantalones capri, se inclinó y vi que, como se llamaran los pantalones, eran de tiro bajo. Tan atrevido. ¿Podría ser mejor que eso? Bueno, supongo que podría. Su grieta quedó expuesta momentáneamente, pero yo era demasiado lento con la cámara.

• On my way to the supermarket. There was something artful about this. Maybe I just like hose — or public toilets.
• De camino al supermercado. Había algo ingenioso en esto. Tal vez solo me gustan las mangueras — o baños públicos.

• Seen downtown last week. A lot going on.
• Visto el centro la semana pasada. Están pasando muchas cosas.

• Mine were called clam diggers. I think it was because of the nautical rope.

• Los míos se llamaban buscadores de almejas. Creo que fue por la cuerda náutica.

Author: Moving with Mitchell

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24 thoughts on “Pedal pushers? / ¿Embujadores de pedales?”

  1. I initially misread your post to say “I picked up some hair nuts.” And let me just say, I’m glad you were slow with the camera.

    The little candy assortment is very cute. I’m sure the kids will love it.

    1. Steve:
      The treats were a HUGE hit with the neighbours. (I don’t think I’ve ever picked up a hair nut.)

  2. I am certain the kids will LOVE their treats!
    We called them pedal pushes in my house but I kinda remember the term clam diggers too come to think of it.

    1. Jim:
      I’ve been researching and some say pedal pushers skim the mid-calf while clam diggers end at the knee. Whatta THEY know?!?

    1. Jon:
      Tacos de kebab are apparently very common around here. None for me, thanks.

      So, there are capris, clam diggers, pedal pushers, and disgusting. Makes it much easier to classify.

  3. You’re dating yourself with the term “pedal pushers” — that’s what they were called when I was a little girl so many decades ago! (Yes, I had a pair!) And “pedal pushers” was very much a gendered term, only for girls fashion. I don’t know what the term would have been for an equivalent boys fashion, mainly because no boy would have been caught dead in them, at least on the prairies.

    1. Debra:
      Interesting. I don’t remember the terms being gender specific when I was a kid on Long Island. Clam diggers were common and could be cool. We did have quite a number of guys who were clam diggers. As for dating myself, you’re a mere yout (as my father would have said).

  4. The Halloween treats will be a big hit.
    Berlin children also visit local businesses for Halloween treats. I was surprised (in 2018) to encounter this, because there were few decorations otherwise.

    1. Chrissoup:
      I was out walking around town yesterday late afternoon and the streets were filled (well, busy) with costumed kids and parents going from shop to shop.

  5. Capri’s were for the ladies and more fitted. Pedal Pusher were for the girls and if the any one wore Clam Diggers in the Sonoran Desert not sure I knew about it.

    1. Anon (Parsnip?):
      Capris, for me, are more recent and I always thought of them as being for women, although I see them sold and worn by a lot of men (older men) here. I remember pedal pushers and clam diggers being gender-neutral on suburban Long Island, but I was really young.

  6. I’m sure your treats and decorations will be a big success and as a bonus, Dudo & Moose get new toys!

    1. Tundra Bunny:
      The neighbor kids LOVED the treats. Luke and Beckett should be here today. So the cats don’t yet have their new toys.

    1. Kirk:
      We had “high waters” but those were simply full-length pants that were outgrown too quickly. The clam diggers I wore were my last ones. I was around 7.

  7. I had pedal pushers as a little kid. I guess they’re called crop pants now. I’m not sure.


    1. janiejunebug:
      I had never heard of crop pants, so I looked them up. Based on what I found, crop pants are short long pants, while the others are long short pants!

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