Ha Ha Sí Check Check

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I walked downtown yesterday afternoon. No shopping, little stopping, just a lot of walking. I saw plenty of adults and children costumed and trick-or-treating from shop to shop. I did stop for photos when I reached City Hall where they were setting up for some sort of staged Halloween event, although the Christmas ball had already arrived. The park alongside had been turned into a Halloween Cemetery. Check out the top photo. I’ve had blood oranges but never fresh from the tree.

During the 20 minutes I spent there I listened to someone wearing a headset testing each individual speaker all around the plaza. He’d adjust the volume and test again. I was thankful he had a pleasant, public speaker’s voice because all I heard, non-stop, was “A A A – Ha Ha – Hola – Qué Tal – Sí – Check Check.”

My walk home took about 40 minutes and that ear worm remained in my head. I repeated it to myself until I was 15 minutes from home when I came upon a new bubble tea café named He Chá and my brain got side-tracked.

He Cha – Boba – Tea – Check Check.


Caminé por el centro ayer por la tarde. Nada de compras, pocas paradas, solo mucha caminata. Vi muchos adultos y niños disfrazados y haciendo truco o trato de tienda en tienda. Me detuve para tomar fotos cuando llegué al Ayuntamiento, donde se estaban preparando para algún tipo de evento de Halloween, aunque el baile de Navidad ya había llegado. El parque de al lado se había convertido en un cementerio de Halloween. Mira la foto superior. He tenido naranjas sanguinas pero nunca frescas del árbol.

Durante los 20 minutos que pasé allí, escuché a alguien con auriculares probando cada altavoz individual en toda la plaza. Ajustaba el volumen y volvía a probar. Agradecí que tuviera una agradable voz de orador público porque todo lo que escuchaba, sin parar, era “A A A – Ha Ha – Hola – Qué Tal – Sí – Check Check”.

Mi caminata a casa tomó alrededor de 40 minutos y ese gusano del oído permaneció en mi cabeza. Me lo repetí a mí mismo hasta que estaba a 15 minutos de casa cuando encontré un nuevo café de té de burbujas llamado He Chá y mi cerebro se desvió.

He Chá – Boba – Tea – Check Check.

• I thought he was in one of those silicone muscle suits. But when he crossed to my side of the street, I realised it was all him.
• Pensé que estaba en uno de esos trajes musculosos de silicona. Pero cuando cruzó a mi lado de la calle, me di cuenta de que era todo él.

• Beckett and Luke stopped by today, All Saints Day, for a belated trick-or-treat.
• Beckett y Luke pasaron hoy, Día de Todos los Santos, para trick or treat.

Click the thumbnails. The Twizy will be almost actual size..
Haz clic en las miniaturas. El Twizy será casi de tamaño real.

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20 thoughts on “Ha Ha Sí Check Check”

  1. Ha! That guy DOES look like he’s wearing a muscle suit! Too funny.

    I do that too when I walk — repeat a sort of mantra or simple musical melody. Keeps the brain busy, I guess.

    1. janiejunebug:
      His arms were seriously unreal. But his forearms were completely exposed and hugely developed. Let’s assume he’s a local superhero.

    1. Jennifer:
      I love these guys. Beckett is adorable and so sweet. Luke continues to be as exceptional as ever — and he’s about to turn 7!

  2. The evil clown was originally meant to be ironic (because clowns were once considered harmless) but concept has become so predominant in recent years that I think the irony’s been lost, not that anyone cares about irony on Halloween.

    1. Kirk:
      Clowns are also commonly feared because so many very young children were forced into their arms (and faces) by parents thinking it was adorable.

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