Over the river and through the hood / Sobre el río y a través del barrio

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I thought there were no surprises left for me in my walks around town. But Thursday I walked straight up the hill from our place on the beach and instead of turning left on a main road with nothing along it, I continued further up the hill thinking I would pass some new condos and arrive at, well, nothing. My first discovery was that I had already left the city of Fuengirola and entered the city of Mijas. I passed the condos and came into a kind of rural/suburban neighbourhood with grand new homes (many as yet unfinished) — as well as old homes of all different types. Some of the views were grand, too. I zig-zagged around the area and, after more than an hour of walking, I found myself at the shopping road that takes us to our Toyota dealership and on to Mijas Pueblo in the mountains. So, after all that, I browsed a very cool furniture shop. I then took a different long route home (also new for me), which you’ll see in the coming days.

Dinner last night was wonderful. Sergio and Jesica are always a delight and 4-month-old Mia was happy to let us all hold her while she babbled and smiled. Lolo and Lara are two of the kindest, warmest, funniest people you could ever meet. And their 5-year-old son, Yoel, is a chip off the old block. Charming, gracious, and adorable. Almost the entire conversation was carried in Spanish. San Geraldo did great. They all speak some English, and better than they’ll admit, but none are very confident about it.

By the time we met for dinner, my Covid arm was a bit sore. By the time we got home, my pneumonia arm was a bit sore. They’re already improving but during the night my body started to ache and I now feel like I have a very mild flu. I finally had breakfast and am going back to bed. My hair hurts. We’ve got an early dinner with English friends tonight.


Pensé que no me quedaban sorpresas en mis paseos por la ciudad. Pero el jueves caminé cuesta arriba desde nuestro lugar en la playa y en lugar de girar a la izquierda en una calle principal sin nada a lo largo, continué cuesta arriba pensando que pasaría algunos condominios nuevos y llegaría a, bueno, nada. Mi primer descubrimiento fue que ya había salido de la ciudad de Fuengirola y entrado en la ciudad de Mijas. Pasé los condominios y llegué a una especie de vecindario rural/suburbano con grandes casas nuevas (muchas aún sin terminar), así como casas antiguas de todo tipo. Algunas de las vistas también eran grandiosas. Zigzagueé por la zona y, después de más de una hora de caminata, me encontré en la calle comercial que nos lleva a nuestro concesionario Toyota y luego a Mijas Pueblo en las montañas. Entonces, después de todo eso, busqué una tienda de muebles muy buena. Luego tomé una ruta larga diferente a casa (también nueva para mí), que verás en los próximos días.

La cena de anoche fue maravillosa. Sergio y Jesica son siempre un placer y Mia, de 4 meses, estaba feliz de dejar que todos la abrazáramos mientras balbuceaba y sonreía. Lolo y Lara son dos de las personas más amables, cálidas y divertidas que puedas conocer. Y su hijo de 5 años, Yoel, es una astilla del viejo bloque. Encantador, amable y adorable. Casi toda la conversación se llevó a cabo en español. San Gerardo lo hizo muy bien. Todos hablan algo de inglés, y mejor de lo que admitirán, pero ninguno está muy seguro de ello.

Cuando nos reunimos para cenar, mi brazo de Covid estaba un poco dolorido. Cuando llegamos a casa, mi brazo con neumonía estaba un poco dolorido. Ya están mejorando, pero durante la noche me empezó a doler el cuerpo y ahora siento que tengo una gripe muy leve. Por fin desayuné y me voy a la cama. Me duele el pelo. Tenemos una cena temprana con amigos ingleses esta noche.

• Reaching the top of the first hill and looking back toward the sea.
• Llegar a la cima de la primera colina y mirar hacia el mar.
• The white cluster at left is Mijas Pueblo, one of the most popular white villages in Andalucía. A 15-minute drive from us (or a 2-hour walk, uphill, on a road with no shoulder; I’ve considered it).
• El grupo blanco de la izquierda es Mijas Pueblo, uno de los pueblos blancos más populares de Andalucía. A 15 minutos en coche de nosotros (o una caminata de 2 horas, cuesta arriba, en un camino sin arcén; lo he considerado).
• You can catch a glimpse of the shopping road in the background at left.
• Puede echar un vistazo a la calle comercial en el fondo a la izquierda.

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26 thoughts on “Over the river and through the hood / Sobre el río y a través del barrio”

  1. Some lovely – and one or two not so – villas there! An interesting new discovery, indeed. We’ve been to Mijas pueblo, and that is a charming little town. I would never walk for hours uphill to visit it, though. Jx

    1. Jon:
      It would be a fun walk if there were actually a safe place to do so. Still, there would then be the walk around and the walk back. An all-day event.

    1. Wicked Hamster:
      Moorish style is not uncommon here. You can see it especially in older architecture.

  2. Still finding new places to explore on foot! Lots to see.
    Hope you feeling better as the day progressed. Considering how these vaccines do protect us to some degree, these symptoms are worth the discomfort .

  3. It can be a lot of fun to explore a new route! I kind of like that Moorish Fantasia house.

    Sorry about your shot reactions. Hopefully you’re past them by now!

    1. Steve:
      The interior of the Moorish house must be very grand given those front steps and doors.

  4. Glad the side-effects of your shots didn’t hit you before dinner with friends, but sorry you have them at all. I elected to get both shots (flu and covid, not pneumonia) in the same arm. I love it when you explore new areas and share your finds with us!

    1. Wilma:
      I was really grateful to feel well during the entire dinner. I wasn’t given a choice of arms, but I suppose I could have said something. The pneumonia arm was minor.

    1. Walt the Fourth:
      I knew you’d probably comment on that. Maybe I should have said, my stubble hurts. It seriously did.

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