Sweet Adeline, My Caroline

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Did you know that Neil Diamond’s hit song from 1969, Sweet Caroline, is traditionally sung by English football (aka soccer) fans? I didn’t. I won’t go into the reasons why. You can click here for a detailed explanation from The New York Times. For now, it’s enough to know it’s a tradition. After last night’s World Cup match-up between England and France, I was surprised to see an old concert video of Neil Diamond singing Sweet Caroline.

When the song started playing, we all automatically sang along. Including San Geraldo. Of course, he sang a San Geraldo version. He belted out, “Sweet Adeline. Bum. Bum. Bum….” He had the tune and the bum bum bums correct. “It’s Caroline,” I said. “Really?” “Yeah. Sweet Adeline is a different song.” (I began to sing it for him.)

As many of you know, England lost. So France will face Morocco in the finals. Not that I really care that a bunch of multi-millionaires get to play another game — and I care even less because it’s in Qatar. However, we had a blast with Nick and Alyson at Titans, a great restobar in Fish Alley (a pedestrianized road lined with restaurants in the center of Fuengirola but still close to the beach). More photos and info to come about that.

¿Sabías que la exitosa canción de Neil Diamond de 1969, Sweet Caroline, la cantan tradicionalmente los fanáticos del fútbol inglés? No lo hice. No entraré en las razones por las cuales. Puedes hacer clic aquí para obtener una explicación detallada de The New York Times. Por ahora, es suficiente saber que es una tradición. Después del partido de la Copa del Mundo de anoche entre Inglaterra y Francia, me sorprendió ver un viejo video de un concierto de Neil Diamond cantando Sweet Caroline.

Cuando la canción comenzó a sonar, todos cantamos automáticamente. Incluido San Gerardo. Por supuesto, cantó una versión de San Geraldo. Gritó: “Dulce Adeline. Culo. Culo. Bum…” Tenía la melodía y el bum bum bum correcto. “Es Caroline, no Adelina”, dije. “¿En serio?” (Empecé a cantarla para él.)

Como muchos de vosotros sabéis, Inglaterra perdió. Entonces, Francia se enfrentará a Marruecos en la final. No es que realmente me importe que un grupo de multimillonarios jueguen otro juego, y me importa aún menos porque es en Qatar. Sin embargo, nos lo pasamos genial con Nick y Alyson en Titans, un gran restobar en Fish Alley (una calle peatonal llena de restaurantes en el centro de Fuengirola pero aún cerca de la playa). Más fotos e información por venir sobre eso.

• Fascinating decor.
• Decoración fascinante.
• I would have preferred Freddy Mercury.
• Hubiera preferido a Freddy Mercury.
• Free buckets of popcorn. San Geraldo Heaven. Dignity, always dignity.
• Cubos de palomitas de maíz gratis. Paraíso de San Geraldo. Dignidad, siempre dignidad.
• Nick celebrates England’s one goal.
• Nick celebra el único gol de Inglaterra.
• Neil Diamond sings Sweet Adeline… I mean Caroline.
• Neil Diamond canta Dulce Adelina… quiero decir Caroline.

Author: Moving with Mitchell

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33 thoughts on “Sweet Adeline, My Caroline”

  1. How fun. We watched the last hour of the game last night. (match, pitch, all kinds of odd word usage.)

  2. “Sweet Caroline” is just such a fun, happy, energetic song — I can see why it fits so well into sing-alongs at sports events. I remember hearing that song while riding in my mom’s Mustang as a very small child, along with “American Pie” and “Hey Jude.”

    1. Steve:
      And Sweet Adeline, too. I’m glad you were at least born when the song came out. I was 15.

  3. It is quite bizarre that Sweet Caroline has become such an anthem at football matches [and so recently; it first became a singalong in 2020 when England beat Germany], but it’s not an uncommon phenomenon for fans to latch onto unlikely songs. At Liverpool matches, the crowd sings You’ll Never Walk Alone [it was a big hit for local lads Gerry and the Pacemakers in the early 1960s], at Manchester City it’s Blue Moon, and for some obscure reason lost in time, at West Ham they sing the 1920s Music Hall number I’m Forever Blowing Bubbles… Jx

    1. Jon:
      I didn’t remember Gerry and the Pacemakers doing that song. Wow. Did you know it came from the Broadway musical ”Carousel”? 1945, Rogers and Hammerstein.

    2. Oh man, Gerry and the Pacemakers…”Don’t let the Sun Catch You Crying.” After a particularly tough teen breakup–I played that song over and over on my record player and bawled my eyes out. Another poignant memory.

      1. Mary:
        My angsty song (pre-teen) was I’m All Alone In The World from Mr. Magoo’s Christmas Carol.

    1. Frank:
      Sports fans can be ridiculous. I didn’t hear of any violence here. Morocco supporters made huge noise on the streets the other evening and, although I found it unsettling when I was walking by, I don’t think there were any problems. Just noise.

  4. I was a “drag” at a Neil Diamond in concert in February 1968 at the Naval Academy in Annapolis. Before anyone gets too excited, in Naval Academy lingo, a “drag” is the term used for a midshipman’s date to an event. At any rate, that concert was a year before ND penned Sweet Caroline, but seeing his name always brings up that memory for me.

    Couldn’t care less about World Cup, though I’m glad you had fun with your friends. Thanks for indulging me.

    1. Mary:
      Thanks for the explanation. I thought you went in drag as Neil Diamond. He went to my high school, by the way — long before I was there. So did Neil Sedaka, Mel Brooks, Harvey Keitel, and the Tokens!

    1. Urspo:
      I should put this in writing (but I will). I’m not a huge fan. I do like some of his lyrics (LA’s fine but it ain´t home. New York’s home but it ain´t mine no more.”) SG was in popcorn heaven.

  5. I’ve always loved Neil Diamond. I’ve always hated this song. Sigh, neo-Norm Crosby strikes again! SG is sexy even when showing off his open mouth of popcorn. Looks like misshapen teeth. By the way, when Neil sang Forever in Blue Jeans, for some reason I was hearing Reverend Blue Jeans.

    1. Deedles:
      I’ve never been a huge fan of Neil Diamond’s, although I sometimes enjoy some of the lyrics. I hadn’t noticed the popcorn looked like teeth. Now I can’t unsee it. But, yeah, SG has still got it.

    1. Bob:
      We also had free mixed nuts and free potato chips. They have the most stocked bar I’ve seen. AND the owner and staff are unbelievably friendly. What a find.

  6. I did know about the Boston Red Socks 7th inning stretch song. When I was still married we would check out all the stadiums Baseball games in cities we visited. Boston has/had ? great food

    1. Anon(?):
      I’m guessing Boston still has great food. I had forgotten about their 7th inning stretch song.

    1. Mistress Borghese:
      The owner is originally from Argentina but has been here for years. Nick and Alyson met him 15 years ago when he had a much smaller, equally fun, bar. I could spend hours exploring the stuff!

  7. I recall the original release of this in early 1971, as a follow up to his ‘Cracklin’ Rosie’ (which I preferred and still do), the latter reaching #3 here – and #1 in U.S.A. – whereas ‘Caroline’ got to ‘only’ #8 here. But have to admit that the latter is justifiably one terrific crowd-pleaser.

    1. Raybeard:
      It was released in the States in late 1969. I was in 10th grade at the same high school Neil Diamond attended (he graduated in 1958). I’ve never been a huge fan, although I know the lyrics to almost every song.

    1. Kirk:
      It’s a restaurant bar with a few big screens for watching big games when they’re on. So, just a very friendly, fun place to go. Nick and Alyson have been stopping by there for 15 years… without watching a game until now.

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