Phew! / ¡Uf!

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I’ve fallen behind on everything these past two days. It’s already nearly 4:30 p.m. I didn’t sleep well last night; it might have been the entire container of Magnum Double Chocolate ice cream I consumed after dinner.

David (who blogs as Travel Penguin) and J took the train from Málaga yesterday and we went to lunch at Mesón Salvador. Our lunch lasted three hours. Maybe more. And we didn’t want it to end. The food was, as always, delicious and I was happy David and J enjoyed it, too. There are some photos below. J expressed a desire for cheesecake the moment he walked in the door (the dessert case is near the entrance). He stuck to his plan for dessert and wasn’t disappointed. It was gone so quickly that I didn’t even get a photo. I did get a photo of David’s chocolate brownie. They then came up to see our apartment (primarily, the view) and they met Dudo and Moose. Dudo came running out to greet us and then played hard to get — although he was very curious. Moose gave David’s fingers a sniff and went back to sleep. We’ve met three times, once in Washington D.C., once in Brooklyn, and now in Fuengirola. I feel like we’re becoming old friends. I’m glad San Geraldo finally got to meet them. I’m going to head into Málaga Monday to spend more time with them, while SG takes the cats to the vet. They’re doing fine, but SG worries.

Nick and Alyson arrived yesterday afternoon from Colchester, England — where Alyson is queen of the castle (well, maybe not an actual queen, but she does run Colchester Castle). The weather was a bit rough during parts of the day yesterday. They said they felt like they arrived in the middle of a monsoon. They were relieved the pilot was able to stick the landing. The City of Málaga (and Fuengirola) had more rain yesterday than we usually have the entire month of December. In other parts of the province, rain was nearly double. But the reservoirs are still very low.

Anyway, we met Nick and Alyson for coffee (I had breakfast) this morning at 10:30 at Mesón Salvador. We got home at 2. Man can we talk. We’re meeting them at 7:30 to walk over to a “restobar” (restaurant bar) to watch England against France in the World Cup. I’m about to join SG for a needed siesta. It looks like I won’t catch up on my reading until tomorrow.


Me he atrasado en todo estos últimos dos días. Ya son casi las 4:30 p.m. No dormí bien anoche; podría haber sido el contenedor completo de helado Magnum Double Chocolate que consumí después de la cena.

David (Travel Penguin) y J cogieron ayer el tren desde Málaga y fuimos a comer al Mesón Salvador. Nuestro almuerzo duró tres horas. Quizás más. Y no queríamos que terminara. La comida fue, como siempre, deliciosa y me alegró que David y J también la disfrutaran. Hay algunas fotos a continuación. J expresó su deseo de tarta de queso en el momento en que entró por la puerta (la caja de postres está cerca de la entrada). Se apegó a su plan para el postre y no se decepcionó. Se fue tan rápido que ni siquiera pude tomar una foto. Conseguí una foto del brownie de chocolate de David. Luego vinieron a ver nuestro apartamento (principalmente, la vista) y conocieron a Dudo y Moose. Dudo salió corriendo a saludarnos y luego se hizo el difícil, aunque tenía mucha curiosidad. Moose olió los dedos de David y volvió a dormirse. Nos hemos reunido tres veces, una en Washington D.C., otra en Brooklyn y ahora en Fuengirola. Siento que nos estamos convirtiendo en viejos amigos. Me alegro de que San Geraldo finalmente los haya conocido. El lunes me voy a Málaga a pasar más tiempo con ellos, mientras SG lleva a los gatos al veterinario. Lo están haciendo bien, pero SG se preocupa.

Nick y Alyson llegaron ayer por la tarde desde Colchester, Inglaterra, donde Alyson es la reina del castillo (bueno, tal vez no sea una reina real, pero ella dirige el castillo de Colchester). El clima estuvo un poco agitado durante parte del día de ayer. Dijeron que se sintieron como si hubieran llegado en medio de un monzón. Se sintieron aliviados de que el piloto pudiera mantener el aterrizaje. La ciudad de Málaga (y Fuengirola) tuvo ayer más lluvia de la que solemos tener en todo el mes de diciembre. En otras partes de la provincia, la lluvia fue casi el doble. Pero los embalses siguen siendo muy bajos.

De todos modos, nos encontramos con Nick y Alyson para tomar un café (desayuné) esta mañana a las 10:30 en Mesón Salvador. Llegamos a casa a las 2. Hombre, ¿podemos hablar? Nos reuniremos con ellos a las 19:30 para caminar hasta un “restobar” (restaurante bar) para ver a Inglaterra contra Francia en la Copa del Mundo. Estoy a punto de unirme a SG para una siesta necesaria.

• Goat cheese, caramelized onions, and paté.
• Rebanada de queso de cabra, cebolla caramelizada, y paté.
• Cod with rosemary on a bed of potato mousse.
• Bacalao al romero sobre mousse de patata.
• Avocado and shrimp salad.
• Ensalada de aguacate y gambas.
• David and J (and the package of Ghirardelli chocolate they brought us). It’s on my desk — and there’s still chocolate remaining.
• David y J (y el paquete de chocolates Ghirardelli que nos trajeron). Está en mi escritorio — y todavía queda chocolate.
• I love how Dudo’s designed.
• Me encanta el diseño de Dudo.

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32 thoughts on “Phew! / ¡Uf!”

  1. I wasn’t feeling hungry before, but my stomach is rumbling again now! You two must have a loyalty card for Mesón Salvador… Jx

    PS Dudo is positively Art Deco, my dear!

    1. Debra:
      I look forward to seeing the guys again tomorrow. Blogging creates exceptional connections.

      Nothing like a light dessert.

  2. That’s so wonderful…meeting up with David and J again in person! And those food pictures are making me hungry for lunch, especially the avocado and shrimp salad. Yum.

    How is Chuck doing? I just sent a card off for him today. I hope he likes it! 🙂

    1. Jennifer:
      Chuck is doing great. He’ll be thrilled with the card. Thank you again for your kindess. Now that we’re doing video chats, I’m going to try and get him to SHOW me his mail instead of reading it to me (which became too stressful for him.

  3. Oh my God aren’t David and Jay adorable looking. I don’t know anything about long lunches so I don’t know what you speak of. But you had me at that chocolate cake dessert in the first picture. I can hear my pants expand as we speak

    1. Mistress Borghese:
      Their cheesecake is excellent (and this comes from a New York cheesecake snob). And, yes, those brownies. A light and healthy dessert.

  4. The food is too beautiful to eat, but you didn’t let it stop you! I’m glad you had a good time.


    1. Frank:
      That’s why I skip a day now and again. It guarantees you’ll lose all the weight you gain.

  5. I didn’t know ‘phew’ had a Spanish translation! Uf! I like it. You four are so photogenic. I’m so very jealous. It looks like a good time was had by all.

    1. Deedles:
      Uf is one of my favorite words. I hugged them both for you, as well, and told them so. However, I didn’t pinch anyone’s cheek (as Maddie requested).

  6. If that delicious looking image at the top of this post is what keeps a person awake at night, then I say three cheers for insomnia!

    1. Kirk:
      For me, it was the double chocolate ice cream I had at 10 p.m. that kept me awake. Chocolate brownie topped with ice cream and cream and caramel sauce at 4 p.m. would have been a better choice.

    1. Steve:
      Had another great day with them today. The good is as good as (or better than) it looks.

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