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I arrived in Málaga around noon Monday and David suggested we go cruising — on a catamaran on the Mediterranean Sea. I love being on the water and haven’t taken a boat anywhere since we arrived in Spain. We walked to the port and chose the second catamaran we came upon. San Geraldo doesn’t much like boats. No matter what boat we’ve been on over the years, and no matter the weather, he has stood like a figurehead facing into the wind the entire time. His fear of throwing up is I think worse than his actual seasickness. A catamaran is definitely not a boat for San Geraldo. It was glorious, although even I had to stop staring through my camera lens at one point to settle myself. When we tacked to return to port, it was a bit like a carnival ride.

San Geraldo tried to get both Dudo and Moose into the pet carriers Monday. Moose whined and cried, but SG was in control. Sweet Dudo clawed and hissed and snapped. SG gave up. Moose has bad breath. Dudo does not. So SG figured Moose needed his teeth cleaned. He was right. Other than that, all is well. We agreed that since they’re inside cats, there’s no reason to traumatize Dudo (nor put our lives in danger) with a visit to the vet when nothing appears to be wrong. San Geraldo took Moose back to the vet this morning to have his teeth cleaned. He couldn’t eat anything after midnight (Moose, not SG), which meant neither could Dudo. So, from around 2 a.m. on, Moose walked around the apartment loudly complaining. Every few minutes, he stormed into the bedroom, jumped on the bed, stared directly into one of our faces (mostly SG’s) and gave a loud snippy growl before stromping out of the room. The moment they left this morning, I gave Dudo fresh food and a treat. He was ecstatic, but has spent the entire day in SG’s office. Once Moose was dropped off (the vet is around the corner), SG and I had breakfast and went back to bed until lunch at 2. We’re still tired. San Geraldo will pick up Moose in about a half hour. When the vet hadn’t called by 3, SG phoned only to discover the office closes for two hours for siesta. They’ve been great, but that would have been nice to know. Poor Moose. Fortunately, Moose forgives within minutes. Dudo, on the other hand, holds a grudge.

Llegué a Málaga alrededor del mediodía del lunes y David me sugirió que hiciéramos un crucero en un catamarán por el mar Mediterráneo. Me encanta estar en el agua y no he ido en barco a ningún lado desde que llegamos a España. Caminamos hasta el puerto y elegimos el segundo catamarán que encontramos. A San Geraldo no le gustan mucho los barcos. No importa en qué barco hayamos estado a lo largo de los años, y sin importar el clima, él se ha mantenido como una figura decorativa de cara al viento todo el tiempo. Su miedo a vomitar es, creo, peor que su propio mareo. Un catamarán definitivamente no es un barco para San Geraldo. Fue glorioso, aunque incluso yo tuve que dejar de mirar a través de la lente de mi cámara en un punto para calmarme. Cuando viramos para regresar a puerto, fue un poco como un paseo de carnaval.

San Geraldo intentó que tanto Dudo como Moose subieran a los transportadores de mascotas el lunes. Moose gimió y lloró, pero SG tenía el control. Sweet Dudo arañó, siseó y chasqueó. SG se rindió. Moose tiene mal aliento. Dudo no lo hace. Así que SG pensó que Moose necesitaba que le limpiaran los dientes. Él estaba en lo correcto. Aparte de eso, todo está bien. Estuvimos de acuerdo en que, dado que están dentro de los gatos, no hay razón para traumatizar a Dudo (ni poner nuestras vidas en peligro) con una visita al veterinario cuando todo parece estar bien. San Geraldo llevó a Moose al veterinario esta mañana para que le limpiaran los dientes. No podía comer nada después de la medianoche (Moose, no SG), lo que significaba que Dudo tampoco podía. Entonces, alrededor de las 2 a.m. en adelante, Moose caminó por el apartamento quejándose en voz alta. Cada pocos minutos, irrumpía en la habitación, saltaba sobre la cama, miraba directamente a uno de nuestros rostros (en su mayoría SG) y emitía un fuerte gruñido cortante antes de salir de la habitación. En el momento en que se fueron esta mañana, le di a Dudo comida fresca y una golosina. Estaba extasiado, pero pasó todo el día en la oficina de SG. Una vez que dejaron a Moose (el veterinario está a la vuelta de la esquina), SG y yo desayunamos y volvimos a la cama hasta el almuerzo a las 2. Todavía estamos cansados. San Geraldo recogerá a Moose en aproximadamente media hora. Cuando el veterinario no llamó a las 3, SG llamó solo para descubrir que la oficina cierra durante dos horas para la siesta. Han sido geniales, pero hubiera sido bueno saberlo. Pobre Moose. Afortunadamente, Moose perdona en cuestión de minutos. Dudo, por otro lado, guarda rencor.

• I would have enjoyed that spot, but I would have to take off my shoes and that seemed like just too much work. Besides, I think they got wet when we tacked to return to port.
• Habría disfrutado ese lugar, pero habría tenido que quitarme los zapatos y eso me pareció demasiado trabajo. Además, creo que se mojaron cuando viramos para volver a puerto.
• The cathedral with its incomplete second tower at left.
• La catedral con su segunda torre incompleta a la izquierda.
• 11th-century Alcazaba (royal palace), left, near bottom of hill. 14th-century Gibralfaro (fortress), right, at top of hill.
• Alcazaba (palacio real) del siglo XI, a la izquierda, cerca de la parte inferior de la colina. Gibralfaro (fortaleza) del siglo XIV, a la derecha, en lo alto de la colina.

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Author: Moving with Mitchell

From Brooklyn, New York; to North Massapequa; back to Brooklyn; Brockport, New York; back to Brooklyn... To Boston, Massachusetts, where I met Jerry... To Marina del Rey, California; Washington, DC; New Haven and Guilford, Connecticut; San Diego, San Francisco, Palm Springs, and Santa Barbara, California; Las Vegas, Nevada; Irvine, California; Sevilla, Spain. And Fuengirola, Málaga..

26 thoughts on “Cruising”

  1. I ostensibly love being on boats on the ocean, but my experience is limited to calm seas and sunny weather, so have had good experiences. (Except for one whale watch where everyone was throwing up on the return trip while I sat reading a book). Looks like the weather was a bit cloudy and cool for your sail, but otherwise pretty spectacular.

    1. Frank:
      I love boats and safe, rough seas. Weather was cloudy, sometimes dreary but mostly mixed with sign. Great day for photos. It wasn’t as chilly as it looks.

  2. You should go out cruising more often, I find when I’m in Ptown and we go out on cruises you get some of your best pictures and you see things from a different perspective.

    Oh poor little moose. But what a good creature is he forgives so quickly. And I know many like Dudo.

    1. Mistress Borghese:
      There’s a ferry to Benalmádena that I’d love to take. It offers views of our place from the sea. Moose did well and is happy to be home. Dudo is really happy to have him back, too. I’m sure they’ll be fighting again by this evening.

  3. Fabulous perspective on Malaga, but although the new waterside development is very pleasant when you’re promenading along it, from the sea it looks downright ugly. And I hadn’t noticed that vast new building overshadowing “Our Lady of the One Arm” before – but looking at the photo from the boat made me think “who the hell gave that planning permission?!” Jx

    1. Jon:
      The newish building is the AC Málaga Palacio Hotel. A great place with a rooftop pool and terrace. But, you’re right, the placement is a shame.

  4. It’s great that you got out on the water. I’m not a good sailor. Ferry boats are fine. That’s not really sailing. My one time that we spent the day out on a boat I was miserable and I remained nauseated for 2 weeks.


    1. janiejunebug:
      As long as I don’t read or try to take too many photos when the boat is seriously rocking I’m fine. For me, there’s something so freeing about being on water.

  5. Oh the catamaran trip sounds so great, even the carnival ride part of it.
    Poor Moose; luckily he was greeted with snogs and pest I imagine so all was forgiven.

  6. That catamaran sail looks great! What an excellent vantage point.
    Poor Moose but I am sure you guys are forgiven.

    1. Jim:
      Moose was still a bit suspicious of SG last night. But he’s so happy to be home and is back to being a sweetheart.

  7. To get HRH into the cat carrier to go to the vet, I had to hide the carrier in a separate room, nonchalantly stroll up to her so as not to arouse suspicion, grab her quickly and run like hell to stuff her in the carrier before she managed to claw me to death. Ah, fun times!

    1. Debra:
      In California, we would sneak the two carriers into separate bathrooms, and each grab a cat at the same time. It was the only way. Dudo was apparently a raging lunatic. So, as long as he’s feeling well, we won’t be trying that again. When our previous cats were very ill, it was easy to get them in the carriers.

  8. Oh, what a cool thing, to be out on the water. Lovely.
    I can just picture Moose and Dudo loudly complaining, and Moose indignantly bugging you in bed all night. Ha!

    1. Judy C:
      Dudo asked for something for 10 minutes at most and then gives up. Moose NEVER stops. Sometimes, we want to wring the little shit’s neck. But he’s so lovable.

  9. It’s not easy getting a cat in one of those carriers. My one cat’s muscles would so stiffen he’d practically turn into cement.

    1. Kirk:
      That’s exactly what Dudo did. Spread eagle claws bared, jaws snapping, and cement legs.

  10. The cruise was great fun, glad we did it. And in doing so you missed the drama at home. Lots of treats and they will forgive, but maybe not forget.

    1. David:
      Grateful to have missed the drama. San Geraldo earned his halo. They’ve forgiven but at the sound of the pet carrier they’ll both be under the bed.

  11. Back home all warm and cuddly in the most powerful city of the face of the earth. So wondrous seeing you two! We must do this again…

    1. Steve:
      Moose had attitude with SG for less than 24 hours. We had a cat in the US that didn’t forgive us for two or three days.

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