That looks scrumptious / Esto se ve delicioso

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I made a brief stop at Ale-Hop on my way back from a long walk yesterday. I was simply in the mood for a browse. I found a wonderful stress-reducing (so the label claims) gift for San Geraldo. He was so excited when he saw the package and said, “This looks scrumptious!” Said I, “Look again. It’s for stress relief.” He looked again and replied, “I like chocolate pastries for stress relief.” I said, “Look again.” He did and then said, “I would have popped that right in my mouth.” Would you?

But, speaking of crap: The final photo is of our “caganer” (shitter), a traditional Catalonian nativity character. He’s sitting (shitting) among our collection of Santas, which you’ll soon see. And then there are two photos from the outlet mall at Plaza Mayor.

The photo above was taken from the beach yesterday. Today we’re back to our usual sunny December weather and I’m continuing with spreading Christmas cheer around the house.


Ayer hice una breve parada en Ale-Hop cuando regresaba de una larga caminata. Simplemente estaba de humor para echar un vistazo. Encontré un maravilloso regalo para reducir el estrés (así lo dice la etiqueta) para San Geraldo. SG estaba tan emocionado cuando vio el paquete y dijo: “¡Esto se ve delicioso!” Dije: “Mira de nuevo. Es para aliviar el estrés”. Volvió a mirar y respondió: “Me gustan los pasteles de chocolate para aliviar el estrés”. Dije: “Mira de nuevo”. Lo hizo y luego dijo: “Me lo hubiera metido en la boca”. ¿Lo harías?

Pero, hablando de mierda: La foto final es de nuestro “caganer”, un personaje tradicional de la natividad catalana. Está sentado (cagando) entre nuestra colección de Santas, que pronto verás. Y luego hay dos fotos del centro comercial outlet en la Plaza Mayor.

La foto de arriba fue tomada desde la playa ayer. Hoy volvimos a nuestro habitual clima soleado de diciembre y sigo difundiendo la alegría navideña por la casa.

• Scrumptious.
• Delicioso.
• At the loathsome Philipp Plein’s shop. Retail price: €6,000. Yours at the ridiculous outlet price of only: €4,200. Are you shitting me?
• En la tienda del repugnante Philipp Plein. Precio al por menor: 6.000 €. El tuo al ridículo precio outlet de solo: 4.200 €. ¿Me estás jodiendo?
• Robert Cavalli. I like the dress and shoes. Alyson said she’d be cold. The dress: €4,500 retail. Alyson’s for only €2,250. Shoes: €899. Alyson’s for only €529.30. The jacket wasn’t listed. I guess the mannequin was cold.
• Roberto Cavalli. Me gusta el vestido y los zapatos. Alyson dijo que tendría frío. El vestido: 4.500 € al por menor. El de Alyson por solo 2.250€. Zapatos: 899 €. Para Alyson por solo 529,30 €. La chaqueta no estaba en la lista. Supongo que el maniquí estaba frío.
• El caganer.

• I forgot to mention: I clawed myself in my sleep again. It looks like a bindi.

• Olvidé mencionar: Me arañé mientras dormía otra vez. Parece un bindi.

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Author: Moving with Mitchell

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29 thoughts on “That looks scrumptious / Esto se ve delicioso”

    1. Bob:
      Are you asking in general why one needs a shitter or specifically about a caganer? There are theories about the caganer, but who really knows.

  1. Easy boy! May want to wear gloves/mitts to bed?
    What a strange custom/tradition. ‘As in Rome do what the Romans do’…….

    1. mcpersonalspace54:
      And Philip Plein is apparently a jerk — dishonest, disloyal, lying, cheating, even homophobic. Still, he makes a fortune.

  2. The next time you have a drought, send me an airline ticket 🙂
    I tried to find an el cagador to buy for you. I might have brought one home.

    1. David:
      I typoed the name. It’s caganer. I could have told you where to find one — for yourself. Or I could have picked one up for you.

  3. LOL — I definitely would NOT have popped that in my mouth. Maybe if I weren’t familiar with the poop emoji (💩) I wouldn’t see it the same way?

    I definitely do not understand high fashion. I like the sparkly sneakers but maybe for $40.

    1. Steve:
      SG insisted he was looking through the cellophane wrapping and it was distorted.

      I wouldn’t pay 10 cents to Philip Plein for anything.

  4. I hope you plan on leaving that squeeze poop out somewhere inappropriate for Isabel to find on her next cleaning day and have a heart attack about. On the table? On the stove? In the middle of the bed?

    1. Debra:
      I hadn’t thought of that, but now that you mention it. Maybe under the glass table in the living room.

  5. That chocolate pastry looked like my least favorite character from South Park — Mr. Hankey the Christmas Poo. On the other hand, if I had an extra few 5/6 thousand dollars, I’d go for the bling sneakers. Better start sleeping with gloves on your hands.

    1. Shirley:
      Philip Plein is a jerk. So, I wouldn’t wear the sneakers if they were a gift. I know I should wear those little infant mittens.

  6. LMAO at the poop options for the Holidays. I saw the Cutest Meme of an Elf on the Shelf shitting the Hershey Kisses onto Cookies, hilarious. Bindi during Sleep, now that’s equally funny to wake up to. The prices on those pretentious Gifts, OMG, but I suppose they have a demand or they wouldn’t be Selling them… I just cannot relate to people who would pay that much for anything, especially anything that hideous and tacky looking!

    1. Bohemian:
      I bought poop race “cars” as a gift for some kids I know. Pfft sounds included. I regularly see people shopping in the Philip Plein outlet. “But it’s half price!” He’s not a good person. I wouldn’t give him a cent.

  7. Like Steve, I’m too familiar with the poop emoji to pop it in my mouth, and anyway, it looks like it’s made out of plastic or rubber or something, so the moment I touched it I would have known it wasn’t food. Unless it’s authentic crap, in which case the SMELL might give it away.

    I like the dress. If I was your friend, I would just save it for summer.

    1. Kirk:
      It’s a rubber squeeze toy to reduce stress. I could buy the dress and a fake fur for Alyson,.

  8. Oh, how I wish I had a shitter for Christmas. We need to get you a sleeper with sleeves that cover your hands, like babies have so you don’t hurt yourself during the night.


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