Cats, knives, family and Fran / Gatos, cuchillos, familia y Fran

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I’ve got so many photos and stories to share. I’ll take a break today from the themes (the villages, parades, fairs, food) and share some of the random photos I’ve been amassing beginning with a beautiful rose planted by the city right in front of Mesón Salvador. I switched on the fragrance app on my camera so you can appreciate the richness. (I hope it worked.)

Steve of Shadows and Light recently told a story about a moving and meaningful dream he had (click here). I told him it reminded me of a dream I had all the time when I was in my teens. In the dream, The Kid Brother had somehow been cured of his disabilities. He was brilliant, athletic, charming and completely “normal” (that’s what I thought in the dream). At first, I would get out of bed in the morning and immediately check in with him to find to my disappointment it wasn’t true. I used to think I just wasn’t dreaming hard enough. Eventually, I just woke up with a disappointed sigh. The Kid Brother is now happier than he’s ever been. He’s thriving in his world. It’s not a perfect nor easy life, but it’s better than I ever imagined. Dreaming had nothing to do with it. Now, on to today’s photos.


Tengo tantas fotos e historias para compartir. Hoy me tomaré un descanso de los temas (los pueblos, los desfiles, las ferias, la comida) y compartiré algunas de las fotos aleatorias que he estado recopilando, comenzando con una hermosa rosa plantada por la ciudad justo en frente de Mesón Salvador. Encendí la aplicación de fragancias en mi cámara para que puedas apreciar la riqueza. (Espero que haya funcionado).

Steve de Shadows and Light recientemente contó una historia sobre un sueño conmovedor y significativo que tuvo (haz clic aquí). Le dije que me recordaba un sueño que tenía todo el tiempo cuando era adolescente. En el sueño, The Kid Brother de alguna manera se había curado de sus discapacidades. Era brillante, atlético, encantador y completamente “normal” (eso es lo que pensé en el sueño). Al principio, me levantaba de la cama por la mañana e inmediatamente consultaba con él para descubrir, para mi decepción, que no era cierto. Solía pensar que simplemente no estaba soñando lo suficiente. Eventualmente, me desperté con un suspiro decepcionado. El hermano menor ahora está más feliz que nunca. Está prosperando en su mundo. No es una vida perfecta ni fácil, pero es mejor de lo que jamás imaginé. Soñar no tenía nada que ver con eso. Ahora, vamos con las fotos de hoy.

• Moose: “Ain’t I adorable?”
• Moose: “¿No soy adorable?”
• Dudo models a fascinator. The boys have gotten much more cooperative.
• Dudo modela un tocado. Los chicos se han vuelto mucho más cooperativos.
• Uncle and nephew during an unposed moment in Nerja. Nothing at all alike. They laughed when they saw how they were standing.
• Tío y sobrino durante un momento no posado en Nerja. Nada en absoluto parecido. Se rieron cuando vieron cómo estaban de pie.
• Star Clipper, seen from the terrace Thursday about to arrive in Málaga.
• Star Clipper, vista desde la terraza el jueves a punto de llegar a Málaga.
• If I had to go on a cruise, that’s what I’d choose.
• Si tuviera que ir en un crucero, eso es lo que elegiría.
• While having dinner at Primavera last week, we saw Fran passing by. What a nice way to end our meal. (Click here if you don’t know Fran.)
• Mientras cenábamos en Primavera la semana pasada, vimos pasar a Fran. Qué buena manera de terminar nuestra comida. (Haz clic aquí si no conoce a Fran.)

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Pedalling his wares / Pedaleando sus mercancías

Author: Moving with Mitchell

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34 thoughts on “Cats, knives, family and Fran / Gatos, cuchillos, familia y Fran”

  1. Oh my, I love that rose!! And of course los gatos 💜 I think I too would love a cruise on that Star Clipper, also nice photos. 👍

    1. tobyo:
      And a rose with a powerful fragrance. We don’t come across those very often… especially not at the flower kiosks.

  2. Awww, so great to hear that Chuck is happier than ever and thriving.
    Thanks for sharing this set of photos today. They’ve left me smiling broadly!

  3. I love the knife sharpener’s tuneful call. So much better than the “O Sole Mio” ice cream truck! The only time I ever hired a knife sharpener off the street he was pretty drunk. Mercifully he did not injure himself while sharpening our knives!

    1. Steve:
      All the knife sharpeners play those little pan flutes. I’ve never seen a drunk one here. Recently, though, I heard a very loud pan flute only to come across a van with a loudspeaker. It played repeatedly while the guy worked at the back. Modern times.

  4. Funny how ‘family gestures’ do crop up every now and then.
    Dreams can teach us a lot most of the time.
    That rose does smell lovely!

    1. Jim:
      We laughed a few times about the similarities between SG and Matt. They warmed my heart. Oh, I so glad the smell app worked!

  5. I enjoyed all these photos and yes, I think I can smell the rose! 😉 What a bittersweet story about your dreams. The dreamworld can be fascinating.

    1. Kelly:
      You and Jim smelled the rose. Yay for modern computing! I have a few meaningful dreams that I remember. Most are lost to me.

    1. Jon:
      Speaking of which, I promised to call Fran to get together last week. The week got away. I’ll call this week and say “Hello, Fran!”

  6. My favorite pictures were of the cats and San Geraldo and nephew! Can you say family resemblance?

    And that Fran….and that luxurious head of hair!!!

    1. Mistress Borghese:
      We did laugh at times at how similar Matt and SG are. Oh, yeah, Fran… and that frickin’ hair!

  7. I really enjoyed your photos of the rose, clipper ship and Fran — they’re all handsome! Is Dudo trying on fascinators for King Charles’ coronation in a few days? Moose and I are reacting to it the same way, i.e., wake me up when it’s over, LOL!

    1. Tundra Bunny:
      Dudo will only wear a fascinator if we call it a tocado. And he refuses to have anything to do with the coronation (I decided). Wake me up when it’s over, as well.

  8. Lovely post today. The Rose was wonderful but Moose and Dudo are still the best.
    The Kitties should join in the possession and walk in first and lead the way. Their beauty would outshine any crown.
    woof !

    1. Anon:
      Uff! The idea of getting Dudo and Moose to walk in a procession.

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