Two Sisters / Dos Hermanas

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The 20-minute walk from Victoria Kent Station, which begins in the neighborhood called Dos Hermanas (Two Sisters), to the Automobile and Fashion Museum is not the most picturesque. However, a moment after you exit the station, you pass a long low building covered in art. It was clearly a public arts project at some time and does a lot to make a dreary street, and the first few minutes of the walk, interesting. The building is the back of the EMT complex, which is Málaga’s urban transport operator. Beyond that wall are many similar buildings that house buses, a large bus parking area and, at the opposite end, the brick office building. You can get a sense of it from the final image I grabbed from Google Maps and highlighted. Other than that, I hope you enjoy the art. Don’t forget to click the images to see them in their entirety.

The two women (maybe two sisters) at the top of the post is a giclee print I bought in Frigiliana for San Geraldo at the studio of watercolorist Klaus Hinkel at the top of the village while San Geraldo sat in a café below sipping coffee and having a sandwich. So much to share.

Our International Fair of the Countries is on now. Until this year, it was called the International Fair of the Villages, which never made much sense to me. Today is the parade, which I always enjoy. Instead of taking my usual place inside the fairgrounds where the parade ends, I’m going to try and catch it as it heads through town. Tonight is dinner in Fuengirola (somewhere) with Matt and Lindy. I have so many photos to share of Frigiliana, Nerja, street fashion, and more..


La caminata de 20 minutos desde la estación Victoria Kent, que comienza en el barrio llamado Dos Hermanas, hasta el Museo Automovilístico y de la Moda no es la más pintoresca. Sin embargo, un momento después de salir de la estación, pasa un edificio largo y bajo cubierto de arte. Claramente fue un proyecto de arte público en algún momento y hace mucho para hacer que una calle triste y los primeros minutos de la caminata sean interesantes. El edificio es la parte trasera del complejo de la EMT, que es el operador del transporte urbano de Málaga. Más allá de ese muro hay muchos edificios similares que albergan autobuses, una gran área de estacionamiento de autobuses y, en el extremo opuesto, el edificio de oficinas de ladrillo. Puede tener una idea de la imagen final que tomé de Google Maps y resalté. Aparte de eso, espero que disfrutes del arte. No olvides hacer clic en las imágenes para verlas en su totalidad.

Las dos mujeres (quizás dos hermanas) en la parte superior es una impresión en giclée comprada en Frigiliana para San Geraldo en el estudio del acuarelista Klaus Hinkel en la parte superior del pueblo mientras San Geraldo estaba sentado en un café abajo tomando café y un sándwich. Tanto para compartir.

Nuestra Feria Internacional de los Países ya está en marcha. Hasta este año se llamaba Feria Internacional de los Pueblos, lo cual nunca tuvo mucho sentido para mí. Hoy es el desfile, que siempre disfruto. En lugar de ocupar mi lugar habitual dentro del recinto ferial donde termina el desfile, intentaré atraparlo mientras se dirige por la ciudad. Esta noche cenamos en Fuengirola (en algún sitio) con Matt y Lindy. Tengo tantas fotos para compartir de Frigiliana, Nerja, moda callejera, y más.

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26 thoughts on “Two Sisters / Dos Hermanas”

    1. Jon:
      I love commissioned public art. Although I find much graffiti high quality and interesting, the idea of defacing public property usually bothers me (on private property it infuriates me).

    1. David:
      I agree. In this case, it transformed the street. The back of that building would have been horrible.

    1. Judy C:
      The parade photographs are so-so. I had my camera setting wrong and forgot to change it.

  1. I like the use of the street art in this situation.
    Can’t tell whether the fellow on the blue scooter (photo 8) is waving to you or flipping you off :).

    Enjoy your day.

  2. LOVE Dos Hermanas. Is Klaus the artist who did your market watercolor? His studio is carved out of the rock?

    1. Jssw:
      Yep, that’s Klaus. I wanted Lindy to see his art. She bought a couple of things, too.

    1. Debra:
      That stretch of Dos Hermanas would have been very sad without the paintings. I hung the two ladies in the living room. I want more.

  3. Those trees kind of obscure the street art. I’m not saying they should be removed. We can always use more trees. I just wonder if they were there when those walls were painted. Jon mentioned graffiti, which technically it’s not if it was sanctioned by officials, but it DOES have that same telltale lettering you often see on the side of freight trains here in the US.

    1. Kirk:
      The trees were probably small when the painting was done. Oh well! I agree it’s not graffiti. It was clearly sanctioned. The style, however, of graffiti and sanctioned art is often the same.

  4. The murals are wonderful! I’m always impressed by artwork on that scale. I also like your print. My sister died more than seven years ago and I still miss her. Siblings are special.

    1. Jim:
      The two sisters are now at home in our living room. (And now I want more art for the wall.)

  5. Love the paining. Reminds of a sad scene in the movie “Lost Language of Cranes.”

    I haven’t been to a parade in decades.Used to love them. When I was younger, I marched in the marching band (I played trombone.)

    1. Sassybear:
      The only parade I’ve ever marched in is San Diego Pride. I played the violin (briefly). Not a parade instrument.

  6. I so enjoyed the post especially the Two Sister !
    (wish I had their hair !)
    Ciro sends meow…..

  7. I like the public art — of course I’m partial to the one of the boy and his dog. 🙂 The painting of the “two sisters” (or whoever they are) is also great!

    1. Steve:
      The boy and his dog is a very sweet image. The new watercolor is on the living room wall and we love it.

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