Lotus and muddled mint / Loto y menta mezclada

La versión en español está después de la versión en inglés.

Yesterday was another one of those “best days ever.” Rain was predicted here and in Conil de la Frontera. But, except for a brief and light drizzle as we drove through Los Alcornocales Natural Park on our way home, we had almost continuous blue skies. We drove directly to Tere and Antonio’s brand new house in the countryside just a 4-minute drive from the center of Conil. The house is mostly finished. And the grounds are a work in progress. Antonio designed it himself and it’s already a work of art. We visited there for a bit. Antonio had to work in the afternoon. He manages dozens of vacation rentals in the area (if you’re ever in need).

Tere picked up 6-year-old Nora at school and we four went out to lunch at an excellent, friendly, and authentic flamenco bar. I wish we could be there Friday tonight for a show. I have photos to share — mostly of Nora. San Geraldo and I fell in love. She is bright, charming, conversational, funny, creative, fascinating, gracious, kind. Tere is an incredible mother and, she admits, very lucky. Oh, to be able to share Essence of Nora.

Isabel just finished cleaning and we will soon have lunch. We’re watching on Netflix a series from Argentina called “Edha,” which we’re finding very interesting. We tried watching a Spanish series, “White Lines” (“Operación Marea Negra”), but couldn’t get into it. It seemed to be very well done, but the brutish, strutting, machismo was too much for me. Maybe we should have given it more time. I at least made it through an entire episode. San Geraldo got up and left.

I haven’t decided what I’ll do with the afternoon. Maybe a walk. Maybe some home projects. Definitely a load of laundry.

But I almost forgot about the title of this post. When I was in Málaga last week, I had lunch at Siroko Plaza where we enjoyed a meal with Matt and Lindy last month. That first time I had a work-of-art mojito that was delicious. This time I saved a euro (yeah, only a euro) and had a virgin mojito. Equally beautiful and delicious. Later in the day, I wanted a cup of coffee. For some reason, I felt it necessary to also have a piece of lotus and caramel cake. Both the mojito and the cake were not necessary, nor were they worth the price. All that sugar. The cake was fresh and good, but topped with buttercream frosting, (San Geraldo’s is better). So the taste of lotus cookie (whatever that might have been) was completely lost to the buttercream and caramel. I could have saved more than 10€ and still been very happy.


Ayer fue otro de esos “mejores días de la historia”. Se pronosticaban lluvias aquí y en Conil de la Frontera. Pero, a excepción de una breve y ligera llovizna mientras conducíamos por el Parque Natural de Los Alcornocales de camino a casa, tuvimos cielos azules casi continuos. Condujimos directamente a la nueva casa de Tere y Antonio en el campo, a solo 4 minutos en coche del centro de Conil. La casa está casi terminada. Además, los jardines son un trabajo en progreso. Antonio lo diseñó él mismo y ya es una obra de arte. Visitamos allí un rato. Antonio tenía que trabajar por la tarde. Administra docenas de alquileres de vacaciones en el área (si alguna vez lo necesita).

Tere recogió a Nora de 6 años en la escuela y los cuatro salimos a almorzar a un excelente, acogedor y auténtico bar flamenco. Ojalá pudiéramos estar allí esta noche para un espectáculo. Tengo fotos para compartir, principalmente de Nora. San Geraldo y yo nos enamoramos. Es brillante, encantadora, conversadora, divertida, creativa, fascinante, graciosa, amable. Tere es una madre increíble y, reconoce, muy afortunada. Oh, poder compartir la Esencia de Nora.

Isabel acaba de terminar de limpiar y pronto almorzaremos. Estamos viendo en Netflix una serie de Argentina llamada “Edha”, que nos parece muy interesante. Intentamos ver una serie española, “Líneas Blancas” (“Operación Marea Negra”), pero no pudimos entrar. Parecía estar muy bien hecho, pero el machismo brutal y fanfarrón fue demasiado para mí. Tal vez deberíamos haberle dado más tiempo. Al menos pasé un episodio completo. San Geraldo se levantó y se fue.

No he decidido qué haré con la tarde. Tal vez un paseo. Tal vez algunos proyectos para el hogar. Definitivamente una carga de ropa.

Pero casi se me olvida el título de este post. Cuando estuve en Málaga la semana pasada, almorcé en Siroko Plaza donde disfrutamos de una comida con Matt y Lindy el mes pasado. Esa primera vez me tomé un mojito de obra de arte que estaba delicioso. Esta vez ahorré un euro (sí, solo un euro) y me tomé un mojito virgen. Igual de hermoso y delicioso. Más tarde ese día, quería una taza de café. Por alguna razón, sentí que era necesario tener también un trozo de pastel de loto y caramelo. Tanto el mojito como la tarta no eran necesarios, ni valían la pena. Todo ese azúcar. El pastel era fresco y bueno, pero cubierto con glaseado de crema de mantequilla (El de San Geraldo es mejor). Entonces, el sabor de la galleta de loto (lo que sea que haya sido) se perdió por completo con la crema de mantequilla y el caramelo. Podría haber ahorrado más de 10€ y aún así ser muy feliz.

• Like a virgin.
• Como una virgen.
• I loved the spoon. My Mother the Dowager Duchess would have put it in her purse.
• Me encantó la cuchara. Mi Madre La Duquesa Viuda lo habría puesto en su bolso.
• Caramel cake covered in buttercream frosting, with lotus biscuit and caramel.
• Bizcocho de caramelo con cobertura de buttercream casera, caramelo y galleta de Lotus.
• The Rock of Gibraltar from the highway on our way to Conil de la Frontera.
• El Peñón de Gibraltar desde la carretera de camino a Conil de la Frontera.
• A different view of the Rock of Gibraltar from the highway on our way home. You can see the track of the cable car right of center of the Rock.
• Una vista diferente del Peñón de Gibraltar desde la carretera de camino a casa. Se puede ver la vía del teleférico a la derecha del centro del Peñón.

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24 thoughts on “Lotus and muddled mint / Loto y menta mezclada”

  1. Next trip, I need to go to Gibraltar. The yummies look so good, you only live once.

    1. David:
      The city itself, for me, was interesting to see… once. The cable car is fun and I love The Rock.

  2. Always searching for something new to watch we will check out ‘Edha”.

    Yes, those ‘yummies’ do look good!

    1. I don’t think I’ve ever had a mojito. I’m surprised how little you saved making it virgin.

      How fun to see the Rock of Gibraltar! Have y’all taken the cable car?

    2. Jim:
      We’re now on the fence in terms of “Edha”. Interesting… a bit of a telenovela.

    1. Mistress Borghese:
      The cocktail was good but you would have enjoyed it more non-virginal.

  3. The lotus and caramel cake looks so yummy and definitely not as hard as the Rock of Gibraltar! A Mimosa is champagne and orange juice, isn’t it? Was your cocktail a virgin Mojito or Mint Julep? I’m confused and I swear I haven’t been imbibing, LOL!

    1. Tundra Bunny:
      Oh damn! Another brain fart… in the title (which I have corrected). Yes, it was a mojito, not a mimosa. And I, obviously, wasn’t imbibing either! Sometimes I exhaust myself. The lotus and caramel cake could have been any kind of sweet cake. It was good, but I was expecting something more unusual.

    1. Debra:
      The Dowager Duchess had stolen spoons, ash trays, ceramic sweetener holders, towels, a bathroom trash bin… If it wasn’t nailed down…

  4. Ha! The Rock. I own a piece of that. First I had to unload that bridge in Brooklyn. Turns out it wasn’t the investment I was lead to believe it was. 😉

    1. Walt the Fourth:
      That was an effective ad campaign. I remember Mr. Finnegan even went back for a second piece of the rock. Also, I hear the Chevy commercial in my head when I see The Rock (of Gibraltar, not Dwayne Johnson).

      1. Walt the Fourth:
        I KNEW it was simply a typo in your case. But that has become so mainstream, it can drive me crazy. I don’t think I’ve seen it written correctly in ages. Not even in newspapers.

  5. I’ve been up the Rock of Gibraltar — almost 30 years ago, but still. I also love the spoon! A virgin mojito seems rather pointless, to be honest.

    1. Steve:
      The virgin mojito, although delicious, WAS pointless. But I knew if I had something less virginal in the middle of the day, I’d need a nap.

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