King Kong Gummies / Gominolas King Kong

La versión en español está después de la versión en inglés.

The series I told you about yesterday, “Edha,” has us scratching our heads at times. OK, San Geraldo is often completely lost, which is par for the course. “Now he’s the one who set the fire, right?” “No. No one even knows if the fire was set or accidental. He’s trying to avenge his brother.” “Is that her husband?” “No, that’s her father.” Anyway, it’s quite a telenovela.

San Geraldo’s iPad battery is dying. It holds a charge for a matter of seconds. It’s 8 years old, so is not eligible for cheap replacement. That’s just as well, my 119€ replacement from July of last year is not what it was cracked up to be. I regularly have to restart it because something isn’t working. The camera had been the most common problem and now that’s not working at all. Fortunately, I rarely use my iPad camera and primarily when we’re in bed. Not for that; I take pictures of the cats.

On my last trip to NYC, I bought Nora a snow globe. A year later and I finally gave it to her. She was ecstatic, even brought it to lunch, and spent the afternoon studying every detail and making surprising discoveries. I’m glad I didn’t buy her a simple one. She immediately recognized la estatua de la libertad (the Statue of Liberty) and wanted to know about each building, the ferry, the bridge. She explored the entry level of Citigroup Center, which was surprisingly accurate, even though for some reason they made the building blue instead of silvery. I sat with my iPhone and showed her photos of everything.

The restaurant Tere chose for lunch in their town, Conil de la Frontera, is called Peña Flamenca. A casual place during the day with an award-winning chef, whom Tere knows well. Weekends the restaurant is a flamenco performance space. No tourist entertainment there. The real thing. I wish we could have spent the weekend.

San Geraldo is at the optometrist to get a pair of “computer glasses.” Then we’ll drive to Plaza Mayor to buy him a new iPad. I think I’ll stick with the one I have until it dies. A black bird is in a tree nearby and has been singing his heart out. He’s been around every day recently. It’s such a sweet sound.

The photo above is our reflection in the side of our car. Nora found it hilarious.


La serie de la que les hablé ayer, “Edha”, nos tiene rascándonos la cabeza por momentos. OK, San Geraldo a menudo se pierde por completo, lo cual es parte del curso. “Ahora él es quien prendió el fuego, ¿verdad?” “No. Nadie sabe si el fuego fue provocado o accidental. Está tratando de vengar a su hermano. “¿Es ese su marido? “No, ese es su padre”. De todos modos, es toda una telenovela.

La batería del iPad de San Geraldo se está agotando. Mantiene la carga por cuestión de segundos. Tiene 8 años, por lo que no es elegible para un reemplazo económico. Eso está bien, mi reemplazo de 119 € de julio del año pasado no es lo que parecía. Regularmente tengo que reiniciarlo porque algo no funciona. La cámara había sido el problema más común y ahora eso no funciona en absoluto. Afortunadamente, rara vez uso la cámara de mi iPad y principalmente cuando estamos en la cama. No para eso; Tomo fotos de los gatos.

En mi último viaje a Nueva York, le compré a Nora una bola de nieve. Un año después y finalmente se lo di. Estaba extasiada, incluso lo llevó a almorzar y pasó la tarde estudiando cada detalle y haciendo descubrimientos sorprendentes. Me alegro de no haberle comprado uno simple. Inmediatamente reconoció la estatua de la libertad y quiso saber sobre cada edificio, el transbordador, el puente. Exploró el nivel de entrada del Citigroup Center, que fue sorprendentemente preciso, aunque por alguna razón hicieron que el edificio fuera azul en lugar de plateado. Me senté con mi iPhone y le mostré fotos de todo.

El restaurante que eligió Tere para almorzar en su pueblo, Conil de la Frontera, se llama Peña Flamenca. Un lugar informal durante el día con un chef galardonado, a quien Tere conoce bien. Los fines de semana el restaurante es un espacio de espectáculos flamencos. No hay entretenimiento turístico allí. La cosa real. Ojalá hubiéramos podido pasar el fin de semana.

San Geraldo está en el optometrista para obtener un par de “anteojos para computadora”. Luego nos dirigiremos a la Plaza Mayor para comprarle un nuevo iPad. Creo que me quedaré con el que tengo hasta que muera. Un pájaro negro está en un árbol cercano y ha estado cantando con todo su corazón. Ha estado presente todos los días recientemente. Es un sonido tan dulce.

La foto de arriba es nuestro reflejo en el lateral de nuestro coche. Nora lo encontró hilarante.

• This moth flew in and joined us, to Nora’s delight.
• Esta mariposa voló y se unió a nosotros, para deleite de Nora.
• Croquetas de puchero.
• Tortillitas de camarones.
• Cachopo (veal layered with ham and cheese) with mushroom cream sauce.
• Cachopo con crema de setas.
• Cordon bleu pimienta.
• Cod and vegetable brochette.
• Brocheta de bacalao.
• Gummy bears posed (painfully) atop the Chrysler and Empire State Buildings “like King Kong,” said Nora.
• Ositos de gominola posaron (dolorosamente) sobre los edificios Chrysler y Empire State “como King Kong”, dijo Nora.
• Nora and Tere tried on San Geraldo’s sunglasses, which go over his regular glasses. Tere told Nora she looked like a fly.
• Nora y Tere se probaron las gafas de sol de San Geraldo, que van por encima de sus gafas normales. Tere le dijo a Nora que parecía una mosca.
• Tere, looked a bit like a fly and a bit like one of those Marbella ladies who lunch… except that she hasn’t bought herself a new face.
• Tere, parecía un poco una mosca y un poco una de esas marbellíes que almuerzan… excepto que no se ha comprado una cara nueva.
• The terrace. Performances take place in a huge room inside.
• La terraza. Las actuaciones tienen lugar en una enorme sala interior.

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Author: Moving with Mitchell

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20 thoughts on “King Kong Gummies / Gominolas King Kong”

    1. Debra:
      How did a 6-year-old in Conil know about King Kong and the Empire State Building? Too funny.

  1. Love her creativeness with the gummi’s!!!

    And the line ” primarily when we’re in bed. Not for that; I take pictures of the cats ” Yeah, ok. We know there is a side to you two. Your probably some major kingpins of kink!!!!!!!!!!!!! That’s right use the cats as a scapegoat.

    1. Mistress Borghese:
      Kink? Oh, definitely. He gets kinks in the arches of his feet. I get them in my back.

    1. Bob:
      The food was exceptional. It pays to know the locals. We never would have found the place.

  2. When the batteries go, it time to update. She should keep the face, it is just fine. Looks like a great day out. I need to learn more Spanish food names, to I can order more creatively.

    1. David:
      I agree with you about the face. And she’s not the type to consider changing it. The food names are the toughest. First, the tend to be regional. But then different restaurants called things by different names and it can be impossible to find them in translator apps. A big challenge for us when we first arrived was knowing what to order in a restaurant.

  3. That gummy bear on the Empire State Building is great. Now all you need is an ant in drag to play Fay Wray.

  4. I thought from the title you might have visited your local dispensary for some other kind of gummy with a fancy name. Those poor bears. Ouch!

    Thanks for the link on the last post about your walk up Gibraltar. My heart skipped a beat when I saw the Macaque AND the suspension bridge in the distance!

    1. Kelly:
      I’ve been curious about those “other” gummies. But it’s been so long! That walk up the rock was so much fun. I wish I had had time for the entire climb.

    1. Jon:
      It was so good. You know how surprising some of these little local places can be.

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