Using their heads / Usando las cabezas

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I watched some very agile and possibly hard-headed guys playing some form of volley ball on the beach. No hands were used, but all other body parts seemed to be permissible. It was fun to watch but you wouldn’t catch me playing. Some of the head butts looked especially painful. A number of times I did see one or another of the guys hold his head looking like he was in pain.

I think the game is simply “footvolley,” but I don’t know what rules they were following (if any). They clearly weren’t keeping score. Kick volleyball is apparently the same as “sepak takraw” (from Southeast Asia) which uses a rattan or plastic “rattan” ball. Then there’s “football tennis,” also known as “futnet,” which uses a football. Whatever it was, it was fun to watch and maybe not the brightest idea to play. Their poor heads (and necks).

The colors of the sea were especially varied and dazzling yesterday. Just as I arrived home, the skies went dark, the winds picked up, and we had an awesome downpour. People ran off the beach (with their soaked towels over their heads, which makes me wonder what purpose that serves). An hour later, the sun and sunbathers were back.


Observé a algunos muchachos muy ágiles y posiblemente testarudos jugando algún tipo de voleibol en la playa. No se usaron las manos, pero todas las demás partes del cuerpo parecían estar permitidas. Fue divertido de ver, pero no me atraparías jugando. Algunos de los cabezazos parecían especialmente dolorosos. Varias veces vi a uno u otro de los muchachos sostener su cabeza como si tuviera dolor. Me pregunto qué daño están haciendo.

Creo que el juego es simplemente “footvolley”, pero no sé qué reglas estaban siguiendo (si las había). Claramente no estaban llevando la cuenta. El voleibol de patada es aparentemente lo mismo que “sepak takraw” (del sudeste asiático) que usa una pelota de ratán o plástico “ratán”. Luego está el “fútbol-tenis”, también conocido como “futnet”, que utiliza una pelota de fútbol. Sea lo que sea, fue divertido de ver y tal vez no sea la idea más brillante para jugar. Sus pobres cabezas (y cuellos).

Los colores del mar fueron especialmente variados y deslumbrantes ayer. Justo cuando llegué a casa, los cielos se oscurecieron, los vientos se levantaron y tuvimos un aguacero impresionante. La gente salió corriendo de la playa (con sus toallas empapadas sobre sus cabezas, lo que me hace preguntarme para qué sirve eso). Una hora más tarde, el sol y los bañistas estaban de vuelta.

• He took a few moments. (That was his expression under the smiley face.) At least his shorts were OK.

• Se tomó unos momentos. (Esa era su expresión debajo de la cara sonriente). Al menos sus pantalones cortos estaban bien.

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Author: Moving with Mitchell

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24 thoughts on “Using their heads / Usando las cabezas”

  1. I think I’ll pass on hitting something with my head intentionally. One of my granddaughters experienced a severe concussion playing high school soccer when she fell and was kicked in the head. It took her months to recover and I’m not sure if she still has any lingering effects.

    1. Kelly,
      How awful. I agree about hitting the head intentionally. These grabs their head so many times, I wondered why they didn’t appreciate the danger. Maybe too many hits in the head.

  2. Wow, I’ve never heard of that kick volleyball sport… I just think they’re all going to regret having used their heads for this, in a few years.
    Wonderful sea photos … ahhhhhhh

  3. European football is starting to look at the long term effects of head contact with the ball, I would pass on that. But fun to watch.

    1. David,
      I know. It’s a constant discussion here. But when people are making millions, why stop.

    1. Shirley,
      So dangerous. And these kids won’t even go have the millions to cover medical costs.

  4. “Football is all very well as a game for rough girls, but is hardly suitable for delicate boys.” – Oscar Wilde


    1. Deedles,
      You could see they were hurting after some hits. And the way they twisted their necks was dangerous, too.

  5. The most popular sport here at the moment for folk seems to be Pickleball. The courts across the street from us are PACKED at night with people playing it. Some hotties too to be seen.

    1. Mistress Borghese,
      Pickle ball is getting big here, too. Yeah, the hotties. But the noise can be so annoying when you’re nearby.

    2. What the heck is pickleball? It sounds vaguely dirty, like cock fight and acute angina. 🙂

      1. Deedles:
        Pickleball is played with solid wooden paddles and a hollow perforated plastic ball (an improvement over a wiffle ball) over a net. The paddle is bigger than a ping pong paddle. A friend of mine described it as a cross between tennis and ping pong (oversimplified). It looks like fun but the noise of the ball hitting the racket could drive me crazy if I’m nearby and not interested in the game. Imagine the only thing going for you is having a cute angina.

  6. Whatever it is called they were good at it!
    Great ocean/sea views!
    Awesome downpour you say…..we could use a few here…….very dry causing forest fires all over Nova Scotia.

    1. Jim:
      I ready daily about your forest fires. So frightening. Wish you a major downpour. I think I might head for a walk on the beach this afternoon… if only to watch the surf close up. I can hear it inside the house. Aaaaaaah.

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