Gorilla art / Arte de gorila

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Málaga’s Center for Contemporary Art is just a 2-minute walk from the Centro Alameda train station. The Centre Pompidou is another 17-minute walk from there, at Pier 1 of the port— unless you stop to explore and take pictures along the way. So, of course it took me 30 minutes. The art I saw was mostly sanctioned, so no real “guerilla” art. Except for the actual gorilla.

NOTE: To put it simply, guerilla art is more than just graffiti. It’s anonymous artwork that appears unannounced and in unsanctioned spaces, either as a political or emotional statement as entertainment, or to just make people see their environment differently. (Hmmm, that wasn’t very simple.)

I enjoyed my birthday dinner last night. I had a gin and tonic and ice cream with hot fudge. I went for a 7-km/4.5-mile walk this morning. I need a nap.


El Centro de Arte Contemporáneo de Málaga está a solo 2 minutos a pie de la estación de tren Centro Alameda. El Centro Pompidou está a otros 17 minutos a pie desde allí, en el Muelle 1 del puerto, a menos que se detenga para explorar y tomar fotografías en el camino. Entonces, por supuesto, me tomó 30 minutos. El arte que vi estaba sancionado en su mayoría, por lo que no hay verdadero arte de “guerrilla”. Excepto por el gorila real.

NOTA: En pocas palabras, el arte de guerrilla es más que un grafiti; es una obra de arte anónima que aparece sin previo aviso y en espacios no autorizados, ya sea como una declaración política o emocional como entretenimiento, o simplemente para hacer que las personas vean su entorno de manera diferente. (Hmmm, eso no fue muy simple).

Anoche disfruté de mi cena de cumpleaños. Tomé un gin-tonic y helado con salsa de chocolate. Salí a caminar 7 km/4,5 millas esta mañana. Necesito una siesta.

• New foot bridge near entrance to Center for Contemporary Art (CAC) entrance. Sadly, I think it will quickly be covered in (unsanctioned) graffiti.
• Nuevo puente peatonal cerca de la entrada al Centro de Arte Contemporáneo (CAC). Lamentablemente, creo que pronto se cubrirá con grafitis (no autorizados).
• The view across the Guadalmedina River. I like what they did with that plain building.
• La vista sobre el río Guadalmedina. Me gusta lo que hicieron con ese edificio sencillo.
• Leaving CAC behind.
• Dejando atrás CAC.
• Some of the art near CAC on the outskirts of the Soho neighborhood.
• Algo de arte cerca del CAC en las afueras del barrio del Soho.
• At the port. The tourist moving out of view just paid to have his photo taken with the gorilla. Because I snuck this photo, I tossed some coins in the gorilla’s can. There was a brown bear further on. Would you want a photo with a British (I heard him speak) gorilla to remember your visit to Málaga?
• En el puerto. El turista que se perdió de vista acaba de pagar para tomarse una foto con el gorila. Como me colé esta foto, tiré algunas monedas en la lata del gorila. Más adelante había un oso pardo. ¿Te gustaría una foto con un gorila británico (le oí hablar) para recordar tu visita a Málaga?

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Author: Moving with Mitchell

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24 thoughts on “Gorilla art / Arte de gorila”

  1. I agree — I like what they did with that plain building, too. Not only is it a nice paint job but murals actually discourage graffiti (“guerilla art”) which is why so many businesses put murals up. (And speaking of which, the mural of the plastic in the sea is excellent.)

    1. Steve:
      You’re right about discouraging graffiti. That building would have been so boring. It didn’t take much to change it. The undersea art is impressive. There’s an elementary school behind those walls.

  2. I love the “underwater” murals. Those eyes are incredible!

    I’m glad you enjoyed your birthday. I would have made mine a margarita since I don’t care for gin, but I know you feel the same way about tequila. 😉

  3. Oh… the irony! He has a blog called Gorilla Warfare and his post today is ‘There was this American guy …..’ Don’t judge 😉, I’d have gone for some fish/ meat and veg for my meal 😂.

    1. Bob:
      I remember being in Amsterdam in the ’90s and seeing people’s homes covered in graffiti. That bugged me.

  4. I too love most street art…..this is wonderful!
    Liked the photos ‘along the way’ too.

  5. Love the art there, and the meandering walks. Maybe I should buy a gorilla suit in retirement.

    1. David:
      The suit did come with a built-in cooling system. I could hear it running. Or maybe the gorilla had gas.

    1. Debra:
      It had a built-in cooling system. You could hear it working… or the gorilla was farting incessantly.

    2. Shirley:
      Oh, yeah, it moved. It was someone in an air-cooled suit. Still, it must have been smelly in there.

    1. Kirk:
      Yep, novel. I haven’t seem them for a while but we used to have Spanish guys singing My Bonnie Lies Over The Ocean while accompanying themselves on accordion.

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