Flatfish and paddles / Pescados planos y remos

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I start each day, usually, with Wordle (I don’t share my results) and the New York Times Crossword puzzle. I then make my tea and San Geraldo’s instant (blech) coffee, “cook” my breakfast of yogurt, fresh fruit, cereal, almonds, and dried cranberries, and sit down at my desk to read and comment on blogs. I used to write my own blog at that time. But lately I’ve been boring myself even more than usual. Maybe it’s thanks to the summer we had. Hospital, misery, recovery, the hordes of holiday makers. August usually gets to me. I want our city back. Our building, too. And our parking lot.

It’s gotten better. People are leaving, and by mid-September it should be peaceful again. I need to get back into Málaga and enjoy the museums, and the culture. Maybe a day trip to a nearby white village. Or nearby prehistoric caves. We’ve had some wonderful visits during this busy summer and I’m getting back into fighting form — if I can just maintain my motivation.

We were supposed to have two days of rain. There were weather warnings for the coast. We had two days of drizzle and some decent surf for one day. It was disappointing. Right now there’s a 1% chance of rain. It drops to zero this afternoon before soaring to 2% this evening and 4% overnight. And 7% Tuesday! How in hell do they calculate? At least morning temperatures are much cooler. Daytime temps are back in the high 20sC (80sF). Nothing left but for me to share some of what I’ve seen in recent days.

Normalmente empiezo cada día con Wordle (no comparto mis resultados) y el crucigrama del New York Times. Luego preparo mi té y el café instantáneo (blech) de San Geraldo, “cocino” mi desayuno con yogur, fruta fresca, cereales, almendras y arándanos secos, y me siento en mi escritorio a leer y comentar blogs. Solía escribir mi propio blog en ese momento. Pero últimamente me estoy aburriendo aún más de lo habitual. Quizás sea gracias al verano que tuvimos. Hospital, miseria, recuperación, hordas de veraneantes. Generalmente agosto me afecta. Quiero recuperar nuestra ciudad. Nuestro edificio también. Y nuestro estacionamiento.

Ha mejorado. La gente se está yendo y a mediados de septiembre debería volver a haber paz. Necesito volver a Málaga y disfrutar de los museos y de la cultura. Tal vez una excursión de un día a un pueblo blanco cercano. O cuevas prehistóricas cercanas. Hemos tenido algunas visitas maravillosas durante este verano ajetreado y estoy volviendo a estar en forma para luchar, si puedo mantener mi motivación.

Se suponía que íbamos a tener dos días de lluvia. Hubo avisos meteorológicos para la costa. Tuvimos dos días de llovizna y un oleaje decente durante un día. Fue decepcionante. En este momento hay un 1% de probabilidad de lluvia. Cae a cero esta tarde antes de dispararse al 2% esta noche y al 4% durante la noche. ¡Y el 7% el martes! ¿Cómo calculan? Al menos las temperaturas matutinas son mucho más frescas. Las temperaturas diurnas vuelven a rondar los 20°C (80°F). No me queda más que compartir algo de lo que he visto en los últimos días.

• Outboard Motor Boy is doing all the work.
• El Chico del Motor Fuera de Borda está haciendo todo el trabajo.
• And it’s a thankless job. (It only looks like he’s being paddled in the head.)
• Y es un trabajo ingrato. (Solo parece como si le estuvieran golpeando la cabeza).
• Picasso’s real muses? (It’s all about the eyes.) Not another pretty face. I think they’re turbot.
• ¿Las verdaderas musas de Picasso? (Se trata de los ojos). No otra cara bonita. Creo que son rodaballo.
• Moose, not just another pretty face.
• Moose, no sólo otra cara bonita.
• Remember Scarybird (click here)? Designed to scare pigeons and gulls away from the penthouse terrace. Poor bird has a broken wing after getting wrapped around that pole. It looks like his face took a beating, too.
• ¿Recuerdas Scarybird (haz clic aquí)? Diseñado para ahuyentar palomas y gaviotas de la terraza del ático. El pobre pájaro tiene un ala rota después de quedar atrapado en ese poste. Parece que su cara también recibió una paliza.

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Author: Moving with Mitchell

From Brooklyn, New York; to North Massapequa; back to Brooklyn; Brockport, New York; back to Brooklyn... To Boston, Massachusetts, where I met Jerry... To Marina del Rey, California; Washington, DC; New Haven and Guilford, Connecticut; San Diego, San Francisco, Palm Springs, and Santa Barbara, California; Las Vegas, Nevada; Irvine, California; Sevilla, Spain. And Fuengirola, Málaga..

36 thoughts on “Flatfish and paddles / Pescados planos y remos”

  1. You’ve had quite a diverse summer from health issues to love and joy from your friends. We may never meet ‘for real’ but your health is No. 1 and once you have that the rest all fall’s into place. Soon the sounds of chattering peeps will subside and the beauty of your world and view shall calm your being. Best to you both!

    1. Ron:
      We have neighbors from León we really love. They’re here a couple of times during the year for long stretches. I always have to control my mouth when I see them. I don’t want them to think we’re happy to see THEM go.

  2. I’ll take Moose’s punim over fish face any day!!
    After the hurricane last week–such as it was for us–we cooled down nicely, though we’re headed for the 90s a few days this week; but nights are cool and I am here for that!

  3. I would have totally taken on the ‘paddle board rage’. It is very popular here as well.
    Your city is much like every ‘university town’ ……population doubles/triples every fall….except yours happens in the spring. Enjoy the peace when it comes.

  4. I joke that I only go on vacations so I have something to blog about. You can only share “I came home, made dinner, sat on the coach, had a cocktail, watched TV, and went to bed.” so many times on your blog. Ha Ha Ha. Your posts are always fun, interesting, informative and full of great pics. (More Moose, less ugly fish!)

    1. Sassybear(?)… sounds like you:
      You hit the nail right on the head. And for much of the summer, I wasn’t even leaving the house so I couldn’t write about coming home… Well there was the vacation to the hospital. However, you are always interesting.

  5. I think I just lost my previous comment. Sigh. More Moose, less ugly fish!! ha ha. Your posts are always entertaining and or informative and you always post great images. Just keep getting better, enjoy the peace and quiet of the ending season, and reflect on a wonderful summer of friendship.

  6. Ohhhh, those flat fish are something else!
    Mitch, your first photo captures the glistening sun reflections so well. Your blog is always a joy 🙂

    1. Judy C:
      Thanks so much. I really liked that shot and didn’t know if anyone else would feel the same.

  7. I am part of a 4-man group who regularly/daily do wordle and post their results. It’s one of the few groups of men I have been in where the competition is who has the shortest.

  8. Wow, that Turbot has a face only its mother could love! I can’t recall if I have ever eaten is, to be honest. I guess it would be a bit pricy in the UK as it would probably be imported. Our fish are more commonly of the North Atlantic variety – haddock, cod, hake, mackerel and that sort of thing.

    You have many readers, Mitch, like myself who “tune in” daily for an update – food porn, sunny beach scenes, terrible tourist clothing, crazy museums and art galleries; it’s always worth a visit! Jx

    1. Jon:
      I have had turbot and it’s delicious. Flakier than halibut. Rich flavor. But, super expensive. I love hake (merluza here). Thanks for the kinds words, Jon, and for always coming back.

    1. Steve:
      Evolution IS fascinating. Yes, it’s a flatfish. I love the two eyes on one side like that. It really does look like something created by Picasso. Maybe that was his inspiration.

  9. I also start my day with the NY Times crossword puzzle, Wordle, Word Hurdle, Quordle and Waffe. Share the results only with Todd and the kids. Hope the weather cools off in Europe. I leave for Italy on Wednesday.

  10. “How in hell do they calculate?”

    If it rained only once out of the last 100 days with similar conditions, that’s your 1% chance. If it’s a 2% chance, that’s two days of rain out of 100 days with similar conditions, and so on and so forth.

    1. Kirk:
      Oh, I knew I could count on you. THAT makes sense — and also finally explains how we can have 100% chance of rain and no rain.

  11. I disagree with Jon. Not even a mother could love the face of that fish. Moose, though, that’s a face for everyone to love. How’s your pain level? Even if you feel better physically, it can take quite a while to recover emotionally from surgery. You’ve had a roller coaster summer. I love your blog and love you and SG and kitties no matter what you write about.


    1. janiejunebug:
      That’s probably why mother turbots have nothing to do with their offspring. NO pain! It’s unreal.

  12. I must say that those fish certainly aren’t the most attractive fish around! I have been catching up on your blog posts. The post about hugging…I like to hug people, but I am not a PDA sort of person. Never have been.

    1. mcpersonalspace54:
      SG and I both react very strongly (negatively) to PDA. We often wonder if it’s simply because we would not be safe doing the same thing. But I think about the times I’ve been in situations with same-sex couples getting carried away and my reaction is the same.

  13. I could say the same about the holiday makers and the lack of parking. We have our own reserved parking but the hordes of tourists and garbage they bring with them is unpleasant. One month from now they will all be gone. Our time at the cottage at Yankee Hill helped a lot to get us calm down with the quiet of the beach around us.

    1. Laurent:
      So glad Yankee Hill helped. It sounded idyllic to me. Fortunately, living right on the beach means our view and terrace allow us to enjoy it even if we don’t leave the house.

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