Thai thunder / Trueno tailandés

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Tapa y Tai, the #1 Thai restaurant in Fuengirola, celebrated their first anniversary yesterday and we were invited to the afternoon festivities. Even the mayor of Fuengirola was there. There was free cava and a veritable feast. It was happy, busy, and noisy. We used to do these things all the time. We’re no longer in practice being that social. We stopped at Mesón Salvador on our way home and both enjoyed a long siesta.

The temperature is dropping today with a significant amount of rain and thunderstorms tonight and all day tomorrow. I had my usual (hallelujah), long walk under bright and sunny skies this morning. It has since clouded over. It’s wonderful. We woke to thunder clouds at 8. I had seen the dramatic sky at 6 but knew if I took pictures I’d never get back to sleep. Elena watched a lightning storm in those early clouds. Spectacular.

Tapa y Tai, el restaurante tailandés número uno en Fuengirola, celebró ayer su primer aniversario y nos invitaron a las fiestas de la tarde. Incluso estuvo el alcalde de Fuengirola. Hubo cava gratis y un auténtico festín. Era feliz, ocupado y ruidoso. Solíamos hacer estas cosas todo el tiempo. En la práctica, ya no somos tan sociales. De camino a casa paramos en el Mesón Salvador y ambos disfrutamos de una larga siesta.

La temperatura está bajando hoy con una cantidad importante de lluvia y tormentas eléctricas esta noche y mañana durante todo el día. Esta mañana tuve mi larga caminata habitual (aleluya) bajo un cielo brillante y soleado. Desde entonces se ha nublado. Es maravilloso. Nos despertamos con nubes tormentosas a las 8. Había visto el espectacular cielo a las 6, pero sabía que si tomaba fotografías nunca volvería a dormir. Elena observó una tormenta eléctrica en esas primeras nubes. Espectacular.

• Watermelon, radishes, and carrots hand-carved by Pee Pit in center of photo below.
• Sandía, rábanos y zanahorias talladas a mano por la empleada, Pee Pit, en el centro de la foto de abajo.
• In background, (bearded) business partners Simon (left) and Vitas (in yellow). Vitas is the head chef. That’s Simon’s husband, also Simon, in background left. Mayor Ana Mula wearing black and white, with shoulder bag. To her left are the first lieutenant mayor and second lieutenant mayor. Vanda, who glows even more in person, is front left and next to her is a councilor from the mayor’s team. To his right is Chef MadameThip; next to her (at center) is the talented Pee Pit. There’ll be a quiz tomorrow.
• Al fondo, los socios comerciales (barbudos) Simon (izquierda) y Vitas (en amarillo). Vitas es el jefe de cocina. Él es el marido de Simon, también Simon, al fondo a la izquierda. La alcaldesa Ana Mula de blanco y negro, con bolso al hombro. A su izquierda están el primer teniente alcalde y el segundo teniente alcalde. Vanda, que brilla aún más en persona, está al frente a la izquierda y junto a ella está un concejal del equipo del alcalde. A su derecha está la chef MadameThip; junto a ella está la talentosa Pee Pit. Mañana habrá un cuestionario.
• Friday night.
• Viernes noche.
• At 8 this morning.
• A las 8 esta mañana.

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28 thoughts on “Thai thunder / Trueno tailandés”

  1. Wow! That’s what I call a feast!! I love those carved vegetables.

    We’ve experienced some fantastic thunderstorms on the Costa – and with all the mountains all around, the claps can sometimes be deafening… Jx

    1. Jon:
      So far, all the hype has amounted to nothing here in Los Boliches. Some rain, mostly drizzle.

    1. Kelly:
      Simon & Simon was an American TV series in the ’80s. I never watched. Also in the ’80s we had good friends named John and John. We liked going out with a couple of Johns.

    1. wickedhamster:
      Some days, I require it of the clouds. They always do as I say (just like the cats).

    1. David:
      We both used to have to do it for work all the time. I think it takes us back to work.

  2. Hmm, I don’t remember the TV show, Simon & Simon, so I guess I didn’t watch it, either 🙂
    Do all or any of the folks in your photo, read your blog?
    Great looking anniversary delights and wonderful sunrise photos!

    1. Judy C:
      I looked up Simon & Simon. It ran from ’81 to ’89. Still, didn’t capture my interest. I think only Vanda reads my blog at times. She is an absolute delight.

  3. There’s a whole lotta pretty going on up in here. I used to watch Simon & Simon because of it taking place in San Diego. I also had a minor crush on Jameson Parker’s blond hair and blue eyes. Gerald Mcraney’s voice got to me too. I lost interest after a while. No one can take the place of Starsky and Hutch in my television fantasies of yesteryear. I can see by the calendar that my four-month semi-hibernation period is upon me. See ya!

    1. Deedles:
      Yeah, I had a thing for Jameson Parker, too. Gerald Mcraney’s voice does nothing for me. Ooh, Starsky & Hutch. Do you lose 15 to 30% of your body mass during hibernation… like a bear?

      1. I only wish, Scoot! We Pudgebears go the opposite direction of regular bears, more’s the pity.

  4. Holy food fest that looks like an amazing spread! I love a good rain/thunderstorm, as long as I’m watching it from inside and my roof isn’t leaking 🙂

    1. Sassybear:
      We never had more than a drizzle. I was so dissapointed. And, yes, I was surprised by that spread. I thought they’d have some finger food.

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