Culture with a couple of lulus / La cultura con un par de lulus

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Late Wednesday morning, Lulu steered us (she directed, San Geraldo drove) to a museum in Marbella that San Geraldo and I had never heard of. Museo Ralli was a 34-minute drive, located just above a beautiful beach, and well worth the drive. Not only is the collection exceptional, but admission is free.

The personal art collection of Harry Recanati, a former banker, was the basis for the non-profit foundation he created to acquaint the public with the quality of contemporary Latin American art. The museum in Marbella is the fourth of five Ralli museums.

Time to get ready for Isabel, which means getting cleaned up and dressed and getting out of the house. I have plenty more to share from the museum and our day.

El miércoles por la mañana, tarde, Lulu nos llevó (ella dirigió, San Geraldo condujo) a un museo en Marbella del que San Geraldo y yo nunca habíamos oído hablar. El Museo Ralli estaba a 34 minutos en coche, estaba ubicado justo encima de una hermosa playa y bien valía la pena el viaje. No sólo la colección es excepcional, sino que la entrada es gratuita.

La colección personal de arte de Harry Recanati, un ex banquero, fue la base de la fundación sin fines de lucro que creó para familiarizar al público con la calidad del arte latinoamericano contemporáneo. El museo de Marbella es el cuarto de los cinco museos Ralli.

Es hora de prepararse para Isabel, lo que significa limpiarse, vestirse y salir de casa. Tengo mucho más que compartir sobre el museo y nuestros días.

• “The Pot,” Mario Aguirre Roa. Mexico. 1991.
• “La Olla,” Mario Aguirre Roa. Mexico. 1991.
• “Without the pot,” San Geraldo. 2023.
• “Sin la olla,” San Geraldo. 2023.

• Free folding chairs so you can sit near any art you like. San Geraldo could have used one of these — since he didn’t have a pot.

• Sillas plegables gratis para que puedas sentarte cerca de cualquier arte que te guste. A San Geraldo le habría venido bien uno de estos — ya que no tenía olla.

• Any time I try to get a photo of Lulu, she starts talking (muttering). I can’t remember my exact words but it was something to the effect of, “If you’d shut up, I might be able to catch you with a smile on your face one time.” San Geraldo is no help.
• Cada vez que intento tomar una foto de Lulu, ella comienza a hablar (murmurando). No recuerdo mis palabras exactas, pero fue algo así como: “Si te callas, tal vez pueda atraparte con una sonrisa en la cara una vez”. San Geraldo no es de ayuda.

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20 thoughts on “Culture with a couple of lulus / La cultura con un par de lulus”

    1. dinahmow:
      My sister Dale always stuck out her tongue when she saw a camera. It drove me crazy… and she knew it.

    1. Debra:
      There were places to sit in the museum but the folding chairs allow you to sit and contemplate wherever you like. Great idea. I’d never seen it before.

  1. An extensive collection from the looks of the space, which is gorgeous. And you cannot beat the price.

    I love the idea of the free folding chairs so you can sit and enjoy the art work.

    I think The Many Faces of SG and Lulu should be added to the works on display!

    1. Bob:
      I think the SG-Lulu series should be added, too. I was surprised by the collection and the display space. And FREE! I’ve never seen free folding chairs in a museum. Great idea.

  2. Pristine, clear as a bell and so refreshing! Always someone sticking their tongue out in our world too, must be a global phenomenon. Winks!

    1. Ron:
      Dale used to always stick her tongue out when she saw a camera. I wish I still had those photos!

  3. What a bright and open space! Thanks for sharing.
    Guess Lulu gets excited when she is around you guys?! Great shots!

    1. Mistress Borghese:
      I wonder if the building was built for that purpose. The exhibit space is actually very pleasant. The street is entirely residential leading to the beach.

  4. That’s one helluva space for an art gallery! One could almost imagine Sable Colby wafting down that spiral staircase in some gorgeous Nolan Miller number… Jx

    PS I love the fact that SG’s mischief catches on so easily!

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