The return of the shadow / El regreso de la sombra

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I haven’t collected many shadow photos recently. It means standing on the terrace at a time of day when I try to be out of the house. But I managed an earlier than usual walk the other day and could still catch some shadowy strangers when I got home. Today’s shadow images are connected to wheels. Since I haven’t yet left the house, I just got some more shots.

There was no walk this morning because I overindulged yesterday, didn’t sleep well, and went back to bed after breakfast. Apple crisp twice during the day, rich pasta for dinner, a gin and tonic, and hot fudge with ice cream. It was all worth it because we had dinner with our friend Lars who is here from Denmark. We don’t see him often enough and wish he could move here permanently right now. I’ll hit the gym this afternoon.

No he coleccionado muchas fotos de sombras recientemente. Significa estar en la terraza a una hora del día en la que intento estar fuera de casa. Pero el otro día logré caminar más temprano de lo habitual y aún pude ver a algunos extraños en la sombra cuando llegué a casa. Las imágenes de sombras de hoy están conectadas a ruedas. Como todavía no he salido de casa, acabo de recibir algunas tomas más.

No pude caminar esta mañana porque ayer me excedí, no dormí bien y volví a la cama después del desayuno. Manzana crujiente dos veces durante el día, pasta rica para la cena, un gin tonic y dulce de azúcar caliente con helado. Todo valió la pena porque cenamos con nuestro amigo Lars, que está aquí desde Dinamarca. No lo vemos con suficiente frecuencia y desearíamos que pudiera mudarse aquí permanentemente ahora mismo. Iré al gimnasio esta tarde.

• I think this is the ancient Egyptian god Horus.
• Creo que este es el antiguo dios egipcio Horus.
• The imagination runs wild.
• La imaginación se vuelve loca.

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Author: Moving with Mitchell

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29 thoughts on “The return of the shadow / El regreso de la sombra”

    1. wickedhamster:
      I have so much fun. I end up with hundreds of them. The discoveries in the shadows keeps me hooked.

  1. Shadows can be cool. When I was up at the woods the last time, I didn’t have much on well, I was actually completely naked, and I got a very cool shadow picture, but needless to say that never made it to the blog. But I do intend to have a framed copy done only because it’s a cool looking picture…semi artistic capture.

    1. Mistress Borghese:
      I would love to see that photo. Too bad it’s not something you’ll post.

    1. Jon:
      I didn’t get out to the terrace in time to catch three barely clad studs skate-boarding by. Such a shame.

  2. Those are great photos!

    Overindulging every once in a while won’t hurt anything. We all deserve a day like that once in a while! 🙂

    1. David:
      Thanks. I still haven’t got back to putting pen or pencil to paper, but the shadow play does make me feel like I’m creating art.

    1. Kirk:
      When I was a kid, I used to love to lie on the sofa in the den (head to the floor) and reimagine the apartment with the ceiling where the floor should be.

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