23 thoughts on “A bad knockoff knockoff / Una mala imitación de una mala imitación”

  1. All your D & M pics are priceless but the one at top of both of them together is doubly so (if that’s poss).

  2. Look at my little moose and his back leg sticking out!!!!! Yes I think cats plan and choreograph everything. And yes to your other question, that position is in the Karma Sutra book. Not that I would know.

    1. Mistress Borghese:
      Some knowledge is simply instinct. I know the other 63 positions without ever having read the book. Don’t ask how I know there are 64 positions.

  3. It definitely looks like a bad copy. I was given once a pair of Ray Ban sunglasses as a present. I was so excited. Then I looked at them closely. It said Ray Bari. Kind of a dissapointment. You must decipher what that “Polo” logo means since it looks a lot like one of your jewelry collection with mixed letters. I can see a dragon carrying a dolphin on a walk.
    This link shows it in my dropbox account.


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