The Ketchup Song / Aserejé

La versión en español está después de la versión en inglés.

I’m about to head out for a walk on the Paseo, and maybe on the beach. Friends Alyson and Nick are in town and we’re planning a return to the fair one night to experience the noise and the lights. The last time we went together Nick and Alyson went on a wild ride (click here). But Nick says his backwards rides are over. Alsyon, a daredevil, kept mum.

During my wanderings Sunday, I returned to the fairgrounds. There were some stunning fashion statements (and some surprising, as you’ll see below). I left on a high after enjoying a spontaneous and joyous performance of The Ketchup Song (video below) and then coming across a beautiful young woman in a splashy dress who greeted me with the warmest, most sincere smile. The spontaneous performance followed by that greeting, the final photo before the video, had me smiling all the way home.

I might drive over to IKEA this afternoon to check out the linens. From there, maybe a visit to Plaza Mayor to see if I can find a pair of shoes that don’t aggravate the bunion. I don’t want to invest a lot, because I plan to have the surgery in February after which my feet will both again be slender and perfect (or at least without a big bump on the side). OK, enough talking. Time for that walk.

Estoy a punto de salir a caminar por el Paseo, y tal vez por la playa. Los amigos Alyson y Nick están en la ciudad y estamos planeando regresar a la feria una noche para experimentar el ruido y las luces. La última vez que fuimos juntos, Nick y Alyson se embarcaron en un viaje salvaje (haz clic aquí). Pero Nick dijo que sus paseos hacia atrás se acabaron. Alsyon, una temeraria, guardó silencio.

Durante mis andanzas del domingo regresé al recinto ferial. Hubo algunas declaraciones de moda impresionantes (y algunas sorprendentes, como verá a continuación). Salí en lo más alto después de disfrutar de una interpretación espontánea y alegre de The Ketchup Song (video a continuación) y luego encontrarme con una hermosa joven con un vestido llamativo que me saludó con la sonrisa más cálida y sincera. La actuación espontánea seguida de ese saludo, la foto final antes del vídeo, me hizo sonreír durante todo el camino a casa.

Quizás vaya a IKEA esta tarde a ver la ropa de cama. De ahí tal vez una visita a la Plaza Mayor para ver si encuentro un par de zapatos que no agraven el juanete. No quiero invertir mucho porque planeo operarme en febrero, después de lo cual mis pies volverán a estar delgados y perfectos (o al menos sin un gran bulto en el costado). Bien, basta de hablar. Es hora de ese paseo.

• They matched. The little stinker cutie demanded to be picked up before I could get a shot.

• Coincidieron. La pequeña y apestosa monada exigió que la recogieran antes de que pudiera dispararle.

• Perfect timing with the colors.
• Perfecta sincronización con los colores.

• Inspired by Bruno Mars?

• ¿Inspirado por Bruno Mars?

• Now, that’s attitude.

• Ahora bien, esa es la actitud.

• I ended my day at the fair with this beautiful, warm smile.

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Author: Moving with Mitchell

From Brooklyn, New York; to North Massapequa; back to Brooklyn; Brockport, New York; back to Brooklyn... To Boston, Massachusetts, where I met Jerry... To Marina del Rey, California; Washington, DC; New Haven and Guilford, Connecticut; San Diego, San Francisco, Palm Springs, and Santa Barbara, California; Las Vegas, Nevada; Irvine, California; Sevilla, Spain. And Fuengirola, Málaga..

36 thoughts on “The Ketchup Song / Aserejé”

  1. Whatever that fun-fair ride your friend tried, I’ll keep both feet on terra firma, thanks!
    But I loved the elegant ladies. The scruffs, not so much.

    1. dinahmow:
      I have enjoyed rides at times, but if it went backwards or upside down, I skipped it.

  2. The cat hit “send” too quickly! Those women doing the ketchup song were brilliant! OK, Sporran, you can walk on the keyboard now!sjdbfcoIEWHYR[ON

    1. dinahmow:
      Sporran is a very bossy editor. The women doing The Ketchup Song were having such a good time. It was contagious.

    1. Jon:
      Too bad it’s rare for the men to dress traditionally, too. Khakis and a white shirt and they think they’ve done it.

    1. David:
      In Sevilla, it was much more common to see the men doing things up, as well. Not so here.

  3. Some fabulous looking dresses on the women followed by men dressed as … goddess knows what!

    Thank goodness for the joyful noise at the end!

    1. Bob:
      I wish I could remember the lyrics to The Ketchup Song, but the chorus is almost entirely gibberish. And still those women memorized it.

  4. From now on I think most residents should take note of those lovely women in the ruffle dresses. It’s all about matching and color coordination! Brava to them. I still wonder if some people have mirrors in their home?

    1. Mistress Borghese:
      So many of these guys obviously have given thought to those outfits.

  5. So good to see that there are places in this world that still have happiness and joy to celebrate.
    Lovely and colourful dresses! And that smile! Just for you and the joy you gave her in wanting to photograph her. I think you made her day as she did yours.

    1. Jim:
      I think you’re right about that. I told her she was beautiful and looked so elegant. She beamed.

    1. Debra:
      You’re right about The Ketchup Song. I’ve tried to memorize that chorus but haven’t gotten past “Aserejé-ja-dejé.” Apparently the chorus is almost entirely nonsense lyrics. I’ll have to keep at it. I know the entire lyrics to Witch Doctor, after all.

    1. mcpersonalspace54:
      Those shared smiles changed my entire mood that day. Great therapy.

  6. Love the beautiful outfits! (Well, the womens’ outfits, anyway.)

    Some of the “ketchup” performers were more into it than others. That woman on the left looked like she was going along begrudgingly.

    1. Steve:
      That woman on the left posed for a photo and then just didn’t leave. She looked quite tipsy to me.

    1. Sasssybear:
      We had a wonderful annual agricultural fair in Guilford, Connecticut. Tried going to the annual fair in Orange County our last year in California. What a sleazy-feeling disappointment. Here they’re always fun.

  7. That is a beautiful, warm smile. She looks lovely in her colorful dress. What is the ketchup song about, other than ketchup? How delicious it is with a hamburger or how tomatoes are smooshed to make it?


    1. janiejunebug:
      Something about a guy named Diego who likes to sing and dance to Rastafari-Afrogypsy music and is kind of cocky and joyful. The chorus is apparently almost entirely gibberish… I’m trying to learn it. SIng with me “Aserejé-ja-dejé…”

      1. janiejunebug:
        I mastered “Ooh ee ooh ah ah ting tang walla walla bing bang.” I need to master this.

  8. Why oh why do people ride those things? Just looking at it practically makes me loose my innards.
    And I like the beautiful women. The rest have good attitude.

    1. Robyn:
      I like rides but not backwards or upside down. Alyson is a daredevil. The wilder the ride, the more she likes it.

  9. Apparently the song is about a drunk Spanish man in a nightclub who loves “Rapper’s Delight” but doesn’t speak English, so he makes up gibberish words to sing along with it. There’s an interesting thread on Quora where some people try to explain it.


  10. Only the last attractive girl has the right figure for those flamenco dresses. We are all (myself included) putting on too much weight these days!

    1. Anon:
      I love any shape enjoying the opportunity to dress up like that if it makes them happy. I just wonder how some people breathe in those dresses.

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