Horse sense and pleather / Sentido del caballo y cuero sintético

La versión en español está después de la versión en inglés.

I love the horses and carriages at our fairs, and it makes me happy to see art least some men in traditional clothing along with the women. Last night, I went with Nick and Alyson to get hypnotized by the lights. But, even before 9:00, it was too crowded and noisy for our tastes. Fun to see, though, and less than an hour later we were sitting and enjoying dinner at Tapa y Tai with San Geraldo. I still haven’t made it to IKEA. Maybe next week.

Today is Spain’s National Day, also known as Día de la Hispanidad (Hispanic Day) which celebrates the “discovery” of America in 1492. Most people aren’t even aware of that, which is fine by me. But before all that, it was actually Día del Pilar which, according to tradition commemorates a day in the year 40 (which is before San Geraldo was born) when the apostle James, who was tired and discouraged, was preaching in Zaragoza and the Virgin appeared to him, standing on a pillar. She encouraged him to continue preaching. Since Christopher Columbus and the Catholic Church are not on my favorites list, let’s just stick with Spain’s National Day.

Large shops and supermarkets are open, but many small shops are not. It didn’t help that the supermarkets are open because the one that sells smoked paprika was all out, so San Geraldo is making do with sweet paprika in his pulled pork dinner we’ll share tonight with Nick and Alyson.

My video call with The Kid Brother didn’t work Tuesday. He was unable to pick up the call on his mobile. So we talked on his home phone instead. At first I tried to talk him through the process while we stayed on the phone. But he was annoyed he couldn’t get it to work and then said, near boiling, when I asked him something about what he saw on his phone, “I’m workin’ on two damn phones. I got dis one and I’m talkin’ and I’m tryin’ to fix dis one at the same time as dis one. It’s too much!” He had to have been near an explosion to use the word “damn.” I told him to not worry about the damned mobile and we’d just talk the damned old-fashioned way this damned week. I told him the damned phone is a mini computer and computers can make me damned nuts. He snickered and said, “Tomorrow, it’s back to the office” [the residential office for help with the phone]. Then he relaxed and we had a nice conversation. Well, I at least had a nice conversation. He gave two-word responses and was then Ralph Cramden to my Ed Norton, Chico to my Groucho Marx, and he finished with Perry White to my Jimmy Olsen. “And don’t call me chief!”

Me encantan los caballos y los carruajes de nuestras ferias y me hace feliz ver al menos a algunos hombres con trajes tradicionales junto con las mujeres. Anoche fui con Nick y Alyson a hipnotizarme con las luces. Pero, incluso antes de las 9:00, estaba demasiado lleno y ruidoso para nuestro gusto. Sin embargo, fue divertido verlo y menos de una hora después estábamos sentados y disfrutando de una cena en Tapa y Tai con San Geraldo. Todavía no he llegado a IKEA. Quizás la próxima semana.

Hoy es el Día Nacional de España, también conocido como Día de la Hispanidad, que celebra el “descubrimiento” de América en 1492. La mayoría de la gente ni siquiera es consciente de ello, lo cual me parece bien. Pero antes de todo, era el Día del Pilar que, según la tradición, conmemora un día del año 40 (que es antes de que naciera San Geraldo) cuando el apóstol Santiago, cansado y desanimado, predicaba en Zaragoza y la Virgen se le apareció de pie sobre una columna. Ella lo animó a continuar predicando. Como Cristóbal Colón y la Iglesia Católica no están en mi lista de favoritos, sigamos con el Día Nacional de España.

Las grandes tiendas y supermercados están abiertos, pero muchas tiendas pequeñas no. No ayudó que los supermercados estuvieran abiertos porque el que vende pimentón ahumado estaba agotado, por lo que San Geraldo se conforma con pimentón dulce en su cena de cerdo desmenuzado que compartiremos esta noche con Nick y Alyson.

Mi videollamada con El Hermanito no funcionó el martes. No pudo atender la llamada en su móvil. Así que hablamos por el teléfono fijo. Al principio traté de hablar con él sobre el proceso mientras estábamos hablando por teléfono. Pero le molestó no poder hacerlo funcionar y luego dijo, casi hirviendo, cuando le pregunté algo sobre lo que vio en su móvil: “Estoy trabajando en dos malditos teléfonos. Tengo este y estoy hablando y tratando de arreglar este al mismo tiempo que este. ¡Es demasiado!” Tenía que haber estado cerca de una explosión para usar la palabra “maldita”. Le dije que no se preocupara por el maldito móvil y que esta maldita semana hablaríamos a la antigua usanza. Le dije que el maldito móvil es una mini computadora y que las computadoras pueden volverme loco. Él se rió y dijo: “Mañana volveremos a la oficina” [la oficina residencial para que le ayuden con el teléfono]. Luego se relajó y tuvimos una agradable conversación. Bueno, al menos yo tuve una buena conversación. Dio respuestas de dos palabras y luego fue Ralph Cramden para mi Ed Norton, Chico para mi Groucho Marx, y terminó con Perry White para mi Jimmy Olsen. “¡Y no me llames jefe!”

• Crowds, noise, and some friendly people waiting in line for the ferris wheel.
• Multitudes, ruido, y gente amable esperando en la cola para subir a la noria.

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Author: Moving with Mitchell

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33 thoughts on “Horse sense and pleather / Sentido del caballo y cuero sintético”

  1. Sometimes I wish my phone was screwed to the kitchen wall – like the good old days. So pretty there.

    1. David:
      So, do I. Problem? Call Ma Bell and get the runaround. Life was so much simpler then.

    1. Bob:
      Sometimes I get off those damned chats and sit and laugh. (Other times, I hold my head to keep my brains from falling out.)

  2. Oh, how I wish I was there! We’ve had the greyest, grimmest murk all day today – I could do with some warmth, colour and twinkling lights. Jx

    1. Jon:
      We’ve had glorious summer weather all week. A chill and rain are supposed to be coming Monday. We’re hoping it hits us here on the coast.

  3. Parades were part of my youth and I did enjoy them, however not so much any more. Give me a good coffee and scone and IU will be hap hap hoppy! Winkles

    1. Ron:
      Yes, a good coffee. I’ll have to find a British cafe in town that serves scones… and lemon curd!

    1. Debra:
      Yes, that woman in black and white was beautiful and elegant — and also very pleasant. Poor shot of the other woman unfortunately. She saw me with the camera, tapped the other woman, and they posed for me.

  4. Perry White and Jimmy Olsen! You ARE going back a ways!

    More great photos! I’d never have guessed the Apostle James made it all the way to Spain. That’s a schlep from the Holy Land.

    1. Steve:
      I, too, have been fascinated by how many of these bible characters were here. Maybe it was a popular place even then for a holiday. We watched Superman on tv in reruns through the 60s, and I’ve been performing for The Kid Brother since then.

  5. There was a year BEFORE San Geraldo was born? I thought everything occurred beginning with the year of his birth.


    1. Judy C:
      After some conversations, I immediately write it all down just so I can retell them.

  6. (FYI, Safari still works to allow me to comment without all of the rigamarole. I haven’t found the “allow cross website tracking” setting on Chrome so far, though I’m sure I did it last time.)

    1. Judy C:
      I found instructions just for Chrome, but it of course doesn’t look like that when I follow the instructions:

      On your computer, open Chrome.
      At the top right, click More. Settings.
      Click Privacy and security. Cookies and other site data.
      Turn Send a “Do not track” request with your browsing traffic on or off.

  7. Am I just too old for this world? The tattoos on the women in those beautiful dresses spoiled the whole effect for me. And I am old.

    1. sillygirl:
      Not too old at all. It’s a different sense of style and taste. I see 85-year-olds walking around with that many tattoos and the art doesn’t often age well. But it makes them happy. And it does often ruin the effect for me, too. But I’m not sporting the tattoos!

  8. I loved all of those photos! You always seem to capture the spirit with your pictures. And I love a parade! You are very kind and thoughtful to your brother. He is lucky to have you.

    1. mcpersonalspace54:
      My mother used to say “You have children to take care of you in your old age.” I’ve been taking care of this next generation for a long time and I love him and am grateful to have him in my life (and to be here for him).

  9. Your blogs are always illustrated by the most colourful and lovely photos , it’s a bit like being hit in the face by a rainbow

    1. John:
      Thanks! I love the idea of hitting people in the face with a rainbow. I didn’t start off with the intention of sharing photos, but it makes it more fun for me to tell my stories. You hit us in the face with rainbows just by telling your stories. Your photos are just a nice bonus.

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