Unraveling The Mystery

Having lived here in Fuengirola for more than 4 years, I recognize many of the people I see on my walks around town. One man always stands out when I’m on the Paseo (the boulevard that runs for miles alongside the beach). I have never yet seen this man without a book in his hands. I’ve always thought it’s great that he’s out walking in the fresh air but I’ve been concerned about his poor posture and lack of natural motion caused by his reading (as if it’s any of my business).

I’ve wondered what books keep him so absorbed. Obviously some kind of beach reading. But the books always look like workbooks or user’s manuals. Way too big for “Fifty Shades of Grey.”

Sunday, I managed to catch a glimpse of the cover of his current book. Let’s call it a murder mystery — because I know reading it would kill me.


I got a [big] bang out of my discovery…