How To Make Strawberry Jam / Cómo Hacer Mermelada De Fresa

La versión español está después de la primera foto.

IN 1986, SAN Geraldo and I moved from Washington, DC, to New Haven, Connecticut. San Geraldo had grown up “canning.” It was unheard of in my family; that’s what country folk did.

Since we were now living close to “the country” and had lots of farm stands nearby, San Geraldo suggested we make strawberry jam. He knew exactly what to do. When the jam was all cooked up and ready to go into the jars for preserving, San Geraldo gave me a taste.

“Wow!” I exclaimed. “That tastes just like strawberry jam!”

San Geraldo roared with laughter and said, “What did you think it would taste like?”

I phoned my parents. My Mother The Dowager Duchess (before she was a dowager) answered.

“You won’t believe what we just made,” I bragged.

“What?” she asked.

“Strawberry jam!” I said.

“From what?” she gasped.

“From strawberries!!!”

The next year we moved 15 miles west of New Haven to a more rural location in Guilford, and we got serious about canning. For 150 years, Guilford had been hosting an agricultural fair. We canned peaches, tomatoes, Kosher dill pickles, bread and butter pickles, and a variety of jams. And, every year, we won lots of ribbons and purple rosettes (for best in show).

Even our Kosher dill pickles tasted exactly like Kosher dill pickles. I still can’t believe it.

(You thought there’d be a recipe, didn’t you?)


EN 1986, SAN Geraldo y yo nos mudamos de Washington, DC, a New Haven, Connecticut. San Geraldo había crecido “enlatado”. Era inaudito en mi familia; eso es lo que hizo la gente del campo.

Como ahora vivíamos cerca de “el campo” y teníamos muchos puestos de granja cerca, San Geraldo sugirió que hiciéramos mermelada de fresa. Él sabía exactamente qué hacer. Cuando la mermelada estaba cocida y lista para meterse en los frascos para su conservación, San Geraldo me dio un sabor.

“¡Guau!” yo exclamé. “¡Eso sabe exactamente a mermelada de fresa!”

San Geraldo rió a carcajadas y dijo: “¿A qué crees que sabría?”

Yo telefoneé a mis padres. Mi Madre La Duquesa Viuda (ántes de ella era una viuda) respondió.

“No vais a creer lo que hicimos”, me jacté.

“¿Qué?” ella preguntó.

“¡Mermelada de fresa!” Dije.

“¿¡¿De qué?!?” ella jadeó.

“¡De fresas!” le dije.

El año siguiente nos mudamos 15 millas al oeste de New Haven a una ubicación más rural en Guilford, y nos pusimos serios con respecto al enlatado.

Durante 150 años, Guilford había sido sede de una feria agrícola. Conservamos melocotones, tomates, encurtidos de eneldo kosher, encurtidos “pan y mantequilla”, y una variedad de mermeladas. Y, cada año, ganamos un montón de cintas y rosetones púrpuras (por Mejor de la Exposición).

Incluso nuestros encurtidos de eneldo Kosher sabían exactamente igual que los encurtidos de eneldo Kosher. Todavía no puedo creerlo.

(Pensaste que habría una receta, ¿verdad?)

1988 Best in Show, our blueberry lime jam. It tasted exactly like blueberry lime jam. Really! / Mejor de la Exposición, nuestra mermelada de lima y arándanos. Sabía exactamente como mermelada de lima y arándanos. ¡De verdad!

The Sea And Cake

Paula, the daughter of our friends Elena and Tynan, celebrated her 14th birthday Wednesday along with a bunch of her friends at an afternoon party on the beach. San Geraldo told Paula he would bake the birthday cake. What did she want? Chocolate!

As is always the case when San Geraldo bakes something, it was beautiful and mouth-wateringly delicious. Adorned with fresh strawberries, the cake had two layers with strawberry preserves between. It was covered in two layers of chocolate frosting (a “dirty” layer and a finish coat) made with nearly four large Lindt Supreme Dark Chocolate bars (and, of course, butter and sugar).

But don’t worry, it was better than it sounds.

(If you click the images, you can almost taste it.)


San Geraldo made more than enough frosting to put between the cake layers, as well. But he then decided to use strawberry preserves instead. So, we have a bowl of left-over frosting.

What ever shall we do?